Beyond the Looking Glass

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A 3rd grader, Cheryl Lin meets a sprixie from another world, who needs her help to save the kingdom from the evil fairy named Eve.

Submitted: February 10, 2014

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Submitted: February 10, 2014



Beyond the Looking Glass

“Oh Daddy, I’m so excited!”

Cheryl Lin, a 3rd grader who started off her third year at Winchester Elementary School, was on her way to the pet shop, known as “Wild Pets!” with her father. She couldn’t wait to get a pet, especially if it was a dog. Cheryl bouced up and down in her seat and was always constantly asking, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

At last, after tons of questions from the boucy 3rd grader, the car arrived at “Wild Pets!” Cheryl’s father parked the car at the curb and locked it. Cheryl was already running as fast as a cheetah to the front door. She pushed on the door with her minature hand and stepped into the shop. It was quite noisy, if you’ve been there. The first thing Cheryl did was glance around the shop. Parrots of all colors and sizes were screeching loudly, cats were chasing balls of yarn, fishes of all beautiful colors were swimming near the Elodea (type of plant), and hamsters were running around in their playpen. There were so many other types of pets that can be named. But the one animal that immediately directed Cheryl’s attention was the dog pen. Little and big dogs of all sizes were running around excitedly. Some were chasing each other or barking, others were standing on their hind legs and pressing the little paws on the glass, leaving permanant paw marks. But one little puppy was simply lying down and sleeping peacefully. It was a Welsh Corgi and had a beautiful coat of brown, a bit of gold, and white colors. Cheryl tugged her father’s sleeve and annouced, “I want that one,” pointing her index finger at the corgi.

Her father kneeled down and smiled. He said,”Sure honey, wait just one second.”

He set off and was already taking out his wallet. Cheryl turned her attention back to the puppy and hungrily stared at the puppy. She was so close her face was squashed againist the glass. She lightly raped the glass and, almost immediately, the puppy awoken. Cheryl waved her hand at it and smiled. The puppy stared hard at her with its brown dark eyes. Then it smiled a little. Cheryl was a bit shocked. She shook her head and thought, Was that my imagination?

“Cheryl, I’m back!”

It was Cheryl’s dad. Cheryl turned her attention away from the puppy and back at her dad. It seemed that he already paid. This time, he had brought with him the caretaker. She was a pretty woman with long, blond hair which was tied into a ponytail. She was holding a blue leash covered with pictures of dog bones and a cage. She set them down and put her hands into the dog pen. All the dogs froze what they were doing and were very still. The caretaker wrapped her arms around the corgi and lifted it out of the pen. Strangely, the puppy didn’t fuss nor bark. The caretaker gently placed the corgi into the cage and locked it. She stood up and instructed,”Feed him three times a day; give him enough water. Give him enough room to play and walk him more often then other dogs. Corgis require a lot of training and exercise, as they easily get fiesty and can get grumpy.”

She bid them a farewell as Cheryl and her father exited “Wild Pets!” reciting loudly,”Visit anytime, as “Wild Pets!” sells the best and wildest animals!”

On the car back home, Cheryl’s dad was telling Cheryl,”You must take care of the dog as the caretaker instructed. Most of this will be your responsibility. Understand?”

“I understand, Daddy,” mumbled Cheryl.


Cheryl zoomed into the open door of her house and climbed the stairs at lightning speed. She reached her room and closed the door behind her. She set the cage that held the dog and unlocked the door. The corgi stepped out and paced back and forth around the room. Cheryl laid down on her bed and said, wondering,”What should I name you, you little adorable doggie?”

“I’m really fine with anything, if you ask me,” said a voice that Cheryl never heard.

Cheryl bolted up and exclaimed,”Who said that?”

“I did,” came the voice again.

Cheryl looked down at the puppy, which was wagging its tail. She squinted at it and said,”You?”

“That’s right.”

Without warning, the puppy started glowing. A blinding light shoot out suddenly and Cheryl covered her eyes. She couldn’t see. “What’s happening?” Cheryl shouted.

Finally, the light disappeared and Cheryl opened her eyes. She was shocked, lost for words. She goggled at the sight she saw. The Welsh Corgi was gone. Cheryl looked around the room, trying to figure out what just happened. She stroke her chin and thought, Well that leaves two mysteries: Where is the dog and what just happened?

“Um, up here.”

Cheryl looked up and was petrified with confusion. High up near the ceiling, covered in sparkly dust, which Cheryl assumed it was pixie dust, was a pretty green fairy. She was beating her wings so fast, it looked like a blur of whiteness. Her face was pale and she wore a pretty green dress that covered her legs and feet. Her hair was curly and also green, to Cheryl’s surprise. She was smiling, but something told Cheryl that she was in trouble. Finally, to break the silence, the fairy answered, “Oh, I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Princess Clover. My parents named me that since I’m green. I’m from the Sprixie Kingdom. You may think I’m a fairy, but I’m actually a Sprixie. We are descandants of the pixies.”

Cheryl, quite stunned, answered, “I’m Cheryl, Cheryl Lin. I’m a 3rd grader at Winchester Elementary School.”

The Sprixie smiled.

Cheryl added, “I’m sorry to be rude, but why are you here?”

Clover’s smile disappeared and she hung her head, sparkling tears running down her face. She gathered up her courage and answered, tearfully, “I escaped here. See, I have five other sisters that live with me in the Sprixie Kingdom. We rule together and try to keep our people and land happy. But, suddenly, out of the blue, an evil fairy named Eve that we’ve banished long ago revived and is trying to take over the Sprixie Kingdom. She is extremely powerful with dark magic and trapped my sisters in glass jars so they won’t interfere. I was lucky enough to escape her grasp and land in this world. I was thinking of finding help, but I don’t know if you can help me.”

Cheryl stared at Clover with terror and sadness. She suddenly smiled and said, “I will.”

“You will?” asked the surprised Sprixie.

Cheryl nodded.

The Sprixie started laughing and said, “Well, come on, please help our kingdom!”

Cheryl then suddenly frowned and grumbled, “But, I’m probably too big to fit into your castle.”

“Not to worry Cheryl!”

Princess Clover sprinkled pixie dust onto Cheryl. She suddenly found herself shrinking to the Sprixie fairy’s size. White pretty wings sprouted from Cheryl’s back. The princess then exclaimed,”Off to the Sprixie Kingdom!”

“You can open your eyes now, Cheryl.”

Cheryl opned her eyes and looked around. The land was beautiful; flowers were sprouting around and green plants were everywhere. However, when Cheryl glanced at the castle, she could sense and see a strong amount of black, dark aura. The princess, however, was heading for the castle without fright. So Cheryl followed. Clover pushed open the door and they stepped in. There was a moment of silence. Then Clover screamed. Cheryl wished she wasn’t seeing this. Five faries of different colors were inside glass jars, using their fists to try to break free. Clover cowarded near Cheryl and said, “No, no! This can’t be happening.!”

Cheryl tried to help the princess to her feet, but she was like glued to the floor.

Eve was seated on one of the golden throne (there are six for each princess) and smirking happily. She rised up and said, “Well, Clover, would you like to join your sisters as well? You’ve come to join, I expected?”

Suddenly, Clover, too was inside a glass jar and was lifted away from Cheryl. Cheryl lunged forward to try to grab Clover, but it was too late. Eve turned her attention toward Cheryl and said, “Well, who are you? I’ve never seen you before.”

Cheryl stood up and said, “Whoever I am is none of your buisness. Release the Sprixies, now.”

Eve pretend to give a scared face and said, “Ooo, I’m scared. Like I would.”

She gave a high, false, and girly laugh.

Cheryl was really mad. She flew toward Eve and punched her right in the face. Eve was taken by surprise and touched her cheek. Cheyl smirked and said, “Well, I didn’t tell anyone, but I have a black belt in karate. Would you like me to show you more tricks?”

Before Eve could answer, Cheryl used her hands and feet to break open the glass jars. The Sprixies fluttered out happily and thanked Cheryl. Cheryl smiled and said,”Well, let me finish off Eve for you.”

And it was just like that. Cheryl had badly beaten Eve so much, she was bleeding uncontrollably in every part where Cheryl touched her. Cheryl, fists raised, exclaimed, “If you want to try to take over the Sprixie Kingdom, I’m their new bodyguard. So try to get past me!”

The Sprixies cheered and clapped. Eve glared at her and said, “I won’t forget this, you evil wretched witch!”

“Oh, really? You have to remember this. Because this is your last time. It will be quite an enjoyable memory.”

Cheryl punched Eve again and the evil fairy went flying out the window, pieces of shard went flying every direction. Some of them hit Eve and scraped her skin. She was surely not to survive. The Sprixies cheered loudly and said, “Oh my gosh, thank you!”


Clover flew toward Cheryl, a little stunned, but happy, and said, “You are a great hero. For your reward, I give you special permission to visit the kingom anytime to want. Just simply step into your mirror and you turn into a Sprixie and you will be in our land.”

Cheryl questioned,”Really?”

Clover nodded and answered, “Also, let me introduce my sisters to you. Blue Sprixie is Sky. Yellow Sprixie is Goldy. Pink Sprixie is Bloom. White Sprixie is Pearl. And Purple Sprixie is Lavender.”

The Princesses waved happily at Cheryl.

Clover turned back at Cheryl and said, “Now, I must say, It’s time for you to go back to your own world.”

The six Spixies waved a good-bye to Cheryl and she found herself being whisked away, the faces of the princesses vanished.


Cheryl opened her eyes. She was back in her room, back to her normal size. No more fairy wings. Cheryl stood up and stared at her mirror. Was it true she could step into her mirror without crashing into it? Cheryl shook her head and thought, It has to be true.


Cheryl turned around and saw a Welsh Corgi at her feet, rubbing its fur gently across her leg. A note was attached to its back. Cheryl ripped itt off and read it.

We’ve created another puppy as it’s our fault that you don’t have a dog anymore and also so your parents won’t be suspicious. Thanks. ~Clover ~Sky ~Goldy ~Bloom ~Pearl ~Lavender

All of the princesses names were written on the note.

Cheryl was amazed. She smiled secretly. I can visit the Sprixie kingdom anytime I want. The Sprixie Kingdom Beyond the Looking Glass, which is my mirror.

© Copyright 2020 ChibiSwimmerForever. All rights reserved.

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