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Submitted: April 05, 2012

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Submitted: April 05, 2012





Once again, Ichigo and Renji were arguing.

“You’re the weakling, you can’t even use kido!” screamed the redhead. Three pairs of eyes glanced at him.

“…Neither can you, Renji. You suck at kido.” Rukia, who had been silently enjoying the entertainment on the walk home from school, piped up. She was walking beside her best friend, Hotaru, also known as the newest student at Karakura High/freeloader at Urahara Shoten.

“Hnn…shut up…” Renji tried to brush off the comment.

“Rukia and I are great at kido! Maybe one of us could help you!” Hotaru offered, still smiling widely at the recent argument. Rukia nodded.

“We could practice tomorrow under Urahara’s shop. Tomorrow is Saturday, after all.”

“Oh, uh…okay, I guess…” Renji didn’t seem too excited about learning kido so late and from two girls, but he blushed slightly as Hotaru smiled at him.


As the four arrived at Urahara Shoten, they promptly discovered that the entrance was locked. Hotaru made a face as she let go of the door handle.

“Dumb Kisuke…there’s a key around back, I’ll go get it. You guys wait here.” As soon as Hotaru turned the corner, Ichigo broke down in laughter and Rukia giggled behind her hand, elbowing a staring Renji in the ribs.

“Pfft…heheheh…you’re so obvious…how stupid can you get?!” Ichigo was leaning on Renji’s shoulder now to keep himself from falling on the ground in laughter. Renji just blushed and tried his best poker face [You would think he would be a master at this, being in Squad 6 with Byakuya. Not true.]

“I…I dunno what you’re talking about…” Renji struggled to cover his weak moment.

“Awww, is Renji embarrassed of his little crush? It seems tomorrow will be quite interesting…” Rukia said smiling. Ichigo tried his hardest to straighten up and scowl like normal as Hotaru appeared from around the building.

“I got the key!” she exclaimed triumphantly, smiling as she opened the door to let the others enter before entering herself. “I wonder where Urahara is?” she wondered out loud, walking toward the kitchen to get a snack to share with the others. As she entered, she beheld the small figure of Ururu gathering a bit of a snack for herself as well.

“He’s under the shop…” she said in her quiet, adorable voice.

“Ah, thanks, Ururu! I’ll go ask him about tomorrow.” Hotaru said as she advanced toward the hatch to the training grounds.

“Eh, I think I’ll go home. I’m tired.” Ichigo waved as he walked out the door with Rukia following him.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Hotaru!” Rukia said, smiling at her good friend before leaving.


“Okay, so you’ve got the basics now, right?” Hotaru asked a determined looking Renji. He nodded.

“Why don’t you try a simple incantation now? Like…this one?” Rukia pointed in the book of incantations she had confiscated from Urahara earlier. Renji read over the words and nodded, cueing the girls to back up a bit so he could try.


“Knights of the black moon draw your swords,” he recited. “Birds fly at sunrise, cats sing in the night, dark tree sink your roots into…aw damn…I think I messed it up…” He turned to look at the book for the words.

“NO! Renji, you can’t just stop in the middle of an incanta-“ Hotaru was cut off as the shimmering ball of energy he had been holding shot towards her, enveloping her in shining yellow light before releasing her and fading away. Renji and Rukia looked on in horror, almost not believing what had just happened.

“Ah, dammit! Hotaru, are you okay!?” Renji rushed over to Hotaru’s body lying on the ground. Rukia had to shake her a bit before she opened her eyes.

“Ah, thank goodness, you’re okay…” Renji exhaled.

“Nya?” Hotaru looked up at them curiously, pulling herself into a sitting position on her knees. Making cat noises was a fairly common thing with Hotaru, and the other shinigami thought nothing of it.

“Are you okay if we practice some more?” Renji directed the question at Hotaru. “I think I’ve got it this time…” But instead of a normal response, Hotaru licked the back of her hand and ran it over her hair, like a cat cleaning itself. Both Renji and Rukia blinked in disbelief.

“Um, Hotaru?” Rukia asked with a tone that was obviously questioning her friend’s sanity. This did not disturb Hotaru from her cat-bath.

“Heh…you’re really funny, ‘Taru, but that’s enough…” Renji said shakily, fearing that his kido may have done something to her after all.


His worries were proven as she crawled over to him on her hands and knees and started rubbing against his legs. And, was that purring he heard?! His face immediately turned bright red as he tried to move but found that the new neko-‘taru followed him wherever he moved to. Rukia stared with a dropped jaw for a moment, then started giggling when she saw how embarrassed Renji was. Her giggling soon turned to full out laughter as she watched Renji desperately trying to get away from Hotaru, to no avail. Finally, a huffing, out of breath Renji gave up and looked at Rukia for help.

“Geh, stop laughing and help me, will ya? How’re we gonna stop her?” Rukia straightened up enough to reply.

“I’ve never seen this kind of thing before. We should probably get Kisuke to help.” She replied.

Renji grumbled as he walked to the ladder going up to the shop, Hotaru at his heels the whole way. He started climbing the ladder when he realized she couldn’t climb up on all fours.  His face reddened even more as he climbed back down and picked her up, doing his best to climb with one hand, and a human-cat rubbing her face against his chest.


Thirty minutes later, a still blushing Renji sat on the couch in front of the TV, with Hotaru casually lounged on his lap, purring away. When the two shinigami had presented the problem to Urahara, he had sat there with amused eyes [the rest of his face was hidden behind his fan] and a usual smartass reply.

“Oh, really? How interesting ~<3” His eyes had wandered from Renji to Hotaru for a fleeting moment, and Renji held her a bit tighter when he caught it. “I’ll start working on a cure,” Urahara continued “But I don’t know how long it’ll take. Besides, if we give her a few minutes, the effects may wear off. For now, I would say the best thing to do is to treat her as if she is a cat~<3” So, Renji had escaped to the vacant main room, to dull his brain with the magic of television. Hotaru had, of course, followed, and, it seemed so far, that the effects were NOT going to wear off any time soon. Renji’s findings so far were: It WAS as if she were a cat; she did not seem to realize that she was, in fact, human [well, a human soul stuck in a gigai].  She also did not seem to understand him when he spoke. She heard him talking, alright, but obviously because she didn’t understand, she tuned him out for the most part.


After a few hours of mind-numbing TV, Renji decided to go to bed. He got up and started entering his room when he realized that Hotaru was still following him. He sighed, blushing a little again as he turned on his heel, leading Hotaru to her room and placing her on her bed. She tried to follow him out, so he closed the door. Finally free of such embarrassment, he got changed and went to sleep.


The next morning during breakfast, Ichigo and Rukia arrived. They stood looking down at Renji in his spot on the floor, with Hotaru sitting at his side, drinking some milk from a bowl. Ichigo started to laugh.

“Haha, Rukia told me you screwed your kido up, and it hit ‘Taru, but I wasn’t expecting this!” He was having trouble breathing as he held his stomach, cackling uncontrollably. Rukia stepped forward.

“Has she been following you this whole time?” Renji blushed a bit and rubbed his temples.

“Eh…I had to lock her in her room last night so she’d leave me alone…” Rukia bit her lip to keep from laughing, and Ichigo started rolling on the floor. What he didn’t notice was while he was ‘ROFLing’, he bumped into Hotaru, getting milk on her face. She was not pleased. Swiftly she turned around and in one fluid motion, slashed at the strawberry’s head with her hand [even though she didn’t have claws, this still inflicted some pain].

“Ow!” Mr. Strawberry immediately stopped laughing to rub his throbbing head. “You would think after fighting Kenpachi that something like this wouldn’t hurt anymore…damn she hits hard! Renji, control your girlfriend a bit, would ya?” Renji blushed and glared daggers at Ichigo, but said nothing. Ichigo noticed and started chuckling again. “ Heh, aren’t you a sensitive idiot. You’ve gotten so soft.” Ichigo sneered, looking at Rukia. “Hey watch, I bet this’ll make the little softie CRY.” He mocked, reaching to hit Renji in the head. The second his palm made contact with the tattooed forehead, Ichigo’s arm was almost yanked off as neko-‘taru pounced on it, biting his wrist and snarling quietly. “Wahhhhh! Ow! Hotaru, would you-OWWW! Hey, quit! Renji, help me! OW!” Ichigo tried to shake his arm free, but the more he moved, the harder Hotaru sank her teeth into the flesh on his hand. After a somewhat bloody struggle, Rukia decided it was enough and stepped in, gently picking up her friend and placing her back in front of her milk bowl beside Renji. She instantly forgot about Ichigo and curled up, purring, next to Renji. The group watched her quietly, amazed at how easily she had forgotten her prey.


Later on in the day, Ichigo and Rukia went underground to train, while Renji sat on the couch once again, eating a bowl of popcorn. Hotaru sat purring on his lap, and his blush had diminished, he was getting used to treating Hotaru differently.  The current program went off, and Renji turned off the television and yawned.

“I’m bored. Why don’t we go outside, Hotaru?” She tensed a bit, and jumped onto the floor, crawling over to the door. Renji sauntered over and opened the door, leading them both to the outside world. Hotaru sat on the ground beside where he was standing, quietly purring, before standing [on all fours], and running off into the road.

“Gah! Wait…Hotaru!” The redhead ran after her to keep her from getting run over, but suddenly felt a spiritual pressure that he should be much more worried about. A hollow appeared around the corner, and attacked Hotaru, knocking her to the ground, though with minimal damage; she got back up on her hands and knees almost immediately. Renji stepped in front of her.

“You big bitch! How dare you attack someone who’s defenseless?!” he roared, running at the hollow preparing to attack. He slashed at the hollow’s mask, but didn’t cut it enough to kill it. The hollow and Renji fought back and forth for a bit, before the hollow disappeared from Renji’s view for a brief moment before reappearing behind him. Without giving him time to turn around, the hollow knocked him out of consciousness and down the road a ways. Hotaru watched him fly through the air, and, just as before when Ichigo had ‘attacked’ Renji by hitting him on the head, anger flared in Hotaru’s eyes. She lunged onto the back of the hollow, biting at the back of its neck. An angry blue aura flared up around her as the hollow whipped around trying to get her off its back. The aura was that of her Zanpakutou; though she couldn’t sword fight while she had the mind of a cat, she used the icy powers of her Aisu Tora to form claw-like icicles over her hands, slashing and choking the hollow with them.


Meanwhile, Rukia fired off one more blast of kido before deciding to go upstairs for a drink. As soon as she got upstairs, however, she felt the spiritual pressure of the hollow. She went to the door to see it, and there she beheld the ugly beast, being attacked by Hotaru. She realized Hotaru couldn’t kill it without Aisu Tora, and went to get Ichigo. As soon as the two rushed back upstairs, Rukia went to wake up Renji, who hadn’t been hurt very much from the attack, while Ichigo slashed the Hollow right through its mask, killing it. Hotaru had fallen from the back of the hollow, and now laid on her back in the middle of the road. She, unlike Renji, had many cuts and wounds from her experience with the hollow, and was bleeding all over the street. Rukia healed the worst of her wounds with kido, and when she was able to stand on all fours again, Hotaru limped over to Renji and rubbed against his legs, happy for him to be for the most part unhurt. She still had a few injuries left, though, so Renji picked her up and brought her inside to rest on her bed, and to get more thorough medical treatment from Tessai. Renji went to sleep that night knowing that she was almost completely healed, and despite some scrapes and bruises, was just as hyper and energetic as ever.


The next morning was Monday, and Renji had to go to school. Hotaru could obviously not go with him, given her current condition, and this state of being away from him didn’t please her at all.  At the door, on the way out, Renji fought with her, trying to keep the flailing cat-girl inside. Finally, he successfully closed the door with her on the other side, and began to walk away, as he heard a loud screeching sound coming from inside the shop. Hotaru was yowling, lonely since she was quite used to being right at Renji’s side for the past few days. He sweatdropped, then went on his way again, assuming that she would get bored soon and stop all the racket.


But, while walking back to the shop after school, he heard the yowling becoming progressively louder as he neared Urahara Shoten. He opened the door, only to be tackled by a very happy Hotaru, who knocked him over and rubbed against him while purring loudly. He got up and walked back toward his room, only to find Urahara, crouched in a dark corner of the kitchen, shaking and holding his head.

“Urahara? Are you alright?” Renji asked cautiously. The blonde man looked out from under his hat shakily.

“H-H-Hotaru…she’s been y-yowling…ALL…DAY…” He slurred. Renji looked down at neko-‘taru, who was still rubbing against his legs happily, and sighed.

“Ya know, ‘Taru? You can be a real headache sometimes…” Renji stated, rubbing his temples. “But I guess it’s not really your fault, is it?...It’s mine…” He frowned, and looking a bit depressed, walked off to his room and laid on his bed, just thinking. Hotaru followed him, jumping up on his bed and laying at the end of it. Renji barely noticed; he was in a daze, thinking about how he had done this to her. Eventually, his thoughts, along with the purring from the bottom of the bed, put him to sleep.


That night, Renji had a dream in which a small calico cat played with a ball of red woolen yarn. He recognized this cat as Hotaru in his dream, and watched, amused, as the calico tumbled around, tangling itself in the yarn.

‘How cute,’ he thought, as the kitten bit a piece of the yarn that had been stuck on its ear. He continued watching, but not long after, he felt a sudden pain on his head…


“Ow…” Renji woke up, and with his eyes still closed, reached up to rub the sore spot on his head. His hand hit something, though, and he opened his eyes to investigate. He looked up and jumped slightly in surprise, as he beheld Hotaru, with a bit of his long red hair in her mouth, and her hands tangled in the rest of his hair. She looked very concentrated as she patted at the red strands that were strewn across the pillow. Renji blushed deep red, he had forgotten to put her in her room last night before he fell asleep. He sat up and untangled Hotaru, putting his hair back up in a ponytail and leaving the room to go eat breakfast, with neko-‘taru following him.


A few minutes later, Ichigo arrived at the shop to walk with Renji to school.

“Hurry up, dumbass, we’re gonna be late!” Urahara looked, panicking, up at Renji as he stood up to leave.

“Where do you think you’re going? You can’t go to school, Hotaru drove me insane yesterday with her yowling, I will not put up with it again! No, you’ll have to stay here today.” The shop owner ordered.

“But he’s gotta come, he’s in trouble with the teacher already!” Ichigo argued, jabbing a thumb towards Renji. Urahara hesitated a moment, looking frustrated. Finally, he took something out of his pocket and handed it to Renji.

“I was going to keep it for a bit longer, it was amusing to watch Hotaru acting like a cat. But I’m afraid I can’t deal with another day of her yowling. Give that to her, it’s the cure. She’ll have to swallow it.” Renji took the antidote and looked at it a moment, before turning to Hotaru and offering it to her.

“Here, ‘Taru. Take it,” he ordered, but she sniffed it, and smelling the medicine, ran away. “Aw, come on...ah! I bet I know how to get you to come!” Renji smiled a huge fake smile, as he sat on the couch and leaned down, clapping. “Come on, kitty! Here, ‘Taru! Here, kitty kitty! ~<3” Ichigo stared blankly at him as if he were insane. “What?” asked the redhead nervously, seeing as his performance hadn’t worked. “…Urahara told us to treat her like a cat! Besides…it worked before…” Ichigo just stared, smirking at the fact that Renji had called her in such a way before.

“I can’t believe you’ve called your girlfriend like that before…”

“What!?” Renji’s face grew red, partly from blushing, partly from anger. “Would you shut up and help me catch her, please?” The redhead snapped, getting up and slowly moving toward Hotaru. She ran right in between his spread out legs, which turned the situation into a high-speed chase. Finally, after a few minutes, they had her cornered. Renji picked the squirming girl up into his arms and stuffed the pill into her mouth, and after a bit of fighting, got her to swallow it. She seemed to black out for a moment before re-opening her eyes. She blinked sleepily, before realizing her surroundings.

“Hmm…wha…Renji, what the hell? Why are you holding me?!” The now back-to-normal girl asked, as she began to blush profusely. “Put me down! We’re gonna be late for school!” She yelped, jumping out of Renji’s arms and running into her room to change into her uniform from the clothes she had been wearing since Rukia helped her change after the hollow attack. Renji stared speechlessly after her as she zoomed back out after changing, and out the door towards the school. Ichigo followed at a slower pace before Renji snapped out of his trance.

“Gah! Wait for me, you guys!”

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