Jake Lake - He Knew It All

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A Story about being true to yourself for Children

Submitted: July 04, 2012

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Submitted: July 04, 2012



Jake Lake, he knew it all

Jake Lake knew it all. In fact anything Jake didn’t know wasn’t worth knowing at all. His Geography was worldly wise. His Math always added up and his English was fit for a Queen. Top of his class and admired by all, it really did seem that Jake had it all. However Jake had a secret he dared not tell, for if it was to come out his world would fall. You see Jake bullied Samuel Hurst the real school knowledge and stole his books to pass as his own. Poor Sam did not have the courage to stand up to Jake and sank in a well of his own fate.

Then one dark day Jakes world collapsed as poor Sam was sick for a whole two weeks. He floundered in a sea of no knowledge and shocked the class with his fall from grace. He ran out of the classroom in tears of rage as his own dark secret was unleashed in shame.

You see if Jake had been himself instead of Sam there would have been no shame in being his own true man. However Jake Lake thought he knew it all. 

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