The Great Outdoors

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A guessing game of some of the wonderful things that can be found in the great outdoors

Submitted: October 05, 2014

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Submitted: October 05, 2014



~~We shake and bounce
To and Fro
We shake and bounce
When the wind does blow
The rustle we make
Can sound like rain
If we disappear
We’ll grow back again
We live up high among the trees
Can you guess what we are?
The leaves!

We sparkle and shine
In the deep dark night
Our twinkly glow
Is quite a sight
When sunlight comes
We hide away
But we’ll be back at the end of day
We might look close
But we’re very far
Can we guess what we are?
The stars!
We’re soft and white
And change our form
If we turn dark
It means a storm
Lay on your back and watch us drift by
As we float across the sky
We’re a silent bunch
No, we’re not very loud
Do you know what we are?
The clouds!

From the ground we grow
When the spring is here
Our colors and scents
Bring joy and cheer
We make a good present
For someone you love
Make sure if you pick us to wear garden gloves
Sometimes we are used for our healing powers
Do you know what we are?
The flowers!

All around you, everywhere
Under the sea
Up in the air
Through the tall grass
Amongst the trees
The great outdoors
Is a wonderful thing!

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