A Bad Summer: My Adventurous Summer

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A story about a smart students horror journey though the world

Submitted: February 08, 2008

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Submitted: February 08, 2008



School has just ended and I attained straight “A”s for the entire year and my GPA is a perfect 4.00. My life had never been better. The fresh scent the lush grass that thrived in the front of the lawn told me to do nothing, but to stare at its beauty. The colorful flowers that grew were extremely attractive too. They had the brightest of colors the scent can be comparable to the most expensive of Parisian perfumes. The sweet nectar of my flowers attracted bees and insects of various sizes and nature. The cool morning breeze made me forget about all the stress and the anxiety I had experienced during the school year. The first day of summer vacations, I woke up early and exercised and then consumed some healthy breakfast (not McGriddles as I usually do) this is the first time I had done it in months now, since I took spring break. My professor told me that vacations are not really vacations for the students, but really a vacation for the teachers. He was correct, the first day of spring vacations was amazing, but on the second day the thought of all my work piling made me more stressful when activities were supposed to relieve me of all discomforts. The time had finally came -- two months of pure leisure since I had not taken any summer courses this time so that I can get some “real” rest.
One of in early summer my friend from New Hampshire called me to visit his house. He was a television show producer and that wanted to film a television show that talked about the various lifestyles of animals in the desolate islands of the Indonesian archipelago. He had already gotten a contract from XYZ Television Company to create the show and also received generous subsidies for the creation of the show so that it goes smoothly. Other than this he also had planed to take photographs and write articles to be sold to prestigious magazines such as the National Geographic and possibly discover something new to sell to either Time or Newsweek magazines.
Next Saturday I departed from New York to New Hampshire in my small car. En route I had a really bad journey; my tires leaked while I was driving over a large nail in the highways and then the restaurants where I ate at made me get an upset stomach. Finally after much hardship, I arrived at my friend’s house. Immediately after arrived there, I saw that an aura of sadness has befallen his house. The windows were unclean; the grass was uncut and looked like a small swamp with tall grass. The flowers in the flower pot were dead, and everything this time was the opposite of what I had seen the last time I came here about two years ago.
My friend was a rich fellow who has inherited a million dollar estate and also another several million dollars in stocks. These financial securities gave him the chance to pursue his dreams. He could afford a lot of things that I could not even dream about. We met because both our parents were involved in the stock business. Obviously, my parents have the luck to expand their capital exponentially, but nevertheless, they worked hard in giving me a good education and a comfortable childhood.
“Hello there Jack Sellers,” said my friend at the first sight of me.
“I am fine Jimmy Johnson, how are you today?”
“I am okay, but you don’t look like the person that I know, I mean you look like ten years older and a whole lot skinnier!”
His skin was pale, and his hair was white and his hair was thinning out so fast that you could see his scalp. His eyes were more cavern than before and there were veins poking from his skin. There had to be something that he was hiding from me. What could he be hiding from me; after all I am his best friend and if he did have something to hide, it had to be really serious.
“Uh, I am fine.”
“No you are not, and you are going to tell your best friend what is going on in your life… dude are you okay?”
“I am fine,” said Jimmy in a tone that looked like he was going to cry, his eyes looked watery.
“Okay, you are not okay… I can get the feeling that you are not okay.”
“If you really want to know the real story, I will have to tell you. I don’t know what to do, but I have this addiction for gambling and an intense craving for drugs and alcohol. I know it is bad, but I can’t do anything about it -- I am addicted to it. And I have lost all my money in a bet… I am a poor pauper.”
His story of his loss made my eyes water and all the plans of having a good time with him here in New Hampshire was lost. He also added that he is in heavy loans and the bank might take away all his property if he failed to pay them back in two months, in just two months. He was going to lose everything, everything if his new show did not come out to be a success, so I decided to help him with his new television show so that he could get out of debt and possibly lose his taste for alcohol and putting money into uncertainty by gambling.
I knew that my summer of pure relaxation had just been lost. He called me to come here because he was lonely and needed company. Everyone in his neighborhood was scared by a “wasted” person like him. He lived in a small island in the middle of the mighty ocean with no ships in sight to rescue him -- except me. Seeing him made me depressed again. I was now feelt a sense of loss in my heart. How could this happen to a person like him, he was one of the most friendliest and careful person on this earth. I felt both sad for myself and him. My summer was lost… he was lost… could I be the keystone to solving this problem I told myself. I had acquired good writing skills from taking English courses at Columbia so that I could make his script more appealing to the viewer.
We both bought out tickets to go to Jakarta and then a flight to Celebes Island. From there we bought another set of tickets to board a small ferry and reached our destination to any uninhabited island. Boarding the plane was a hassle as usual and we had to pay extra because our photographic equipment was heavy. The flight was long since there was a delay at our transit in London; the plane was eight hours late. After a while we landed in Jakarta and then boarded a smaller plane to a small private airport in the Celebes. Then out boat ride started with us embarking a small wooden boat, it was the most noisome thing in the entire world. I asked the skipper if he had enough fuel to take us to our destination, he just told us to rest assured. I had some reservations with believing a small skipper.
The time had come, the skipper really did not have the sufficient amount of fuel need to reach the destination… and then there was a storm that formed that could be seen clearly. I asked him why he lied, but he exclaimed that he was said that the meter told him, I gave it a quick glance and to my astonishment, it still said that it was full. Not knowing the local language just added to the difficultly. The translator that was hired has problems himself understanding what I was saying. There was the constant thought of how I could have better spend my summer instead of boarding a small wooden boat that did not have any fuel. The skipper coolly put up his sail and then he told me to relax. How could I relax when my heart was throbbing faster than ever and my hand palms became filled with sweat. The fear of losing my life in this storm made me unable to stand and I sat down on the boat. My hands were trembling and also bottle of water that i held firmly in hand slipped of. This was the single scariest moment that I had ever experienced.
After some time, the storm did hit. It completely wrecked the small wooden boat in the middle of out journey, and it was leaked with water. The skipper’s assistant just put some rags to stop the water from coming in. The waves were taller than the highest thing that I ever saw in my entire life. The small boat rolled constantly in the high waves and I felt like a surfer. As a naturally scared of heights, riding on waves was equivalent to being in a bucket full of vicious snakes. I was terrified at this sight and also the constant fear of dying in the waves loomed me. Could this be the last that I was to live? Could this be the last day that I was to live? This thought destroyed all the happiness that I had experienced in my life and I had the thought that if I had not studied as had, then I would not have come here to celebrate and relax.
Boom, one large wave crashed into my boat and immediately the boat break into small boards of wood floating in the water. The boat turned into a puzzle with all the puzzle pieces scrambled. SCRAMBLED! I myself was floating because of the help of my life jacket. If floating in the barren water was not scary enough, then the sight of jellyfish and sharks around you was like fainting at first thought. They all swam around me in a way that the policemen would surround a criminal -- I had nowhere no move. Suddenly I heard a scream from nearby and I saw that my friend had been attacked by vicious sharks. There was blood everywhere and then entire water turned red. Water was going into my mouth and I tasted blood in it. The foul taste of the blood persuaded my brain to through up. This time it was my own blood for a shark just bit my thigh. By blood immediately filled up the water around me, along with the saltiness of the seawater, the pain of the shark bite multiplied by a million times.
The storm has creased and my friends body was no where seen. My GPS cell phone triggered my whereabouts after I clung onto a piece of wood from the boat. The entire experience was horrendous. The water splashed onto my face and the bitterness of the salt water entered my eyes and sometimes I would be not able to see anything. Being blind for some time worsened my distresses since I could not see anything around me. There could have been bloodthirsty sharks or poisonous jellyfishes around me. Suddenly I felt that the entire world was spinning around me with different colors. The dizziness made me see purple, red, blue and green everywhere. At times there would be dead fish floating around me and without letting the opportunity pass by, I caught hold of the fish and was forced to eat it raw. The taste was bitter, and the slipperiness of the made it hard to swallow. The smell was awful, the uncooked fish sometimes not only tasted bitter but at times acidic too.
As stated earlier, my GPS phone signals was caught many miles away and one day I was surprised to be rescued by a small fishing trawler to find me in the desolate, barren, quiet sea. They admitted me to the hospital and my entire summer (of with I still had 6 weeks) left was spent on the hospital. As school started again I could not go because of my injuries. My friends and my education was everything that meant in life… and it was all lost. I was in the hospital bed for months after which I could return to my studies, as for my friend, he was lost forever.

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