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This article is based on a true crime and investigation that happened back in January of 1970 in Potomac, Montgomery County, MD. One month later it went cold case deu to a lack of evidence. It remains unsolved to this day.

Submitted: May 30, 2011

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Submitted: May 30, 2011




A Story by ChicagoLady55"

This story tells about a terrible murder that took place in January 17, 1970 in Potomac, Maryland


This is a true crime story it went cold case in January of 1970

It was a very cold dreary night on Sunday, January 17, 1970,  fifteen year old Sherry Kennedy went to visit her friend, Lisa Levine, who was baby-sitting for a family at the Montgomery Apartments in the up-scale neighborhood of Cabin John Park, in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Lisa told Sherry she could not stay on the phone as the people she was baby-sitting for would be calling her every hour to check on the children.  Sherry and Lisa got into an argument, and Sherry stormed out of the apartment where Lisa was doing her baby-sitting and from what Lisa gathered, she would go back home. She had no idea that Sherry was on her way to see my former beau, Doug Daily, that lived in Bethesda, Maryland. She had been talking to him on the phone over where Lisa was baby-sitting from 9 PM to 10:30 PM because by that time my girl friend, Debbie Poole and I could  get through to Doug's telephone number, and we asked who was he talking to and he said a girl he met at a skating rink name Sherry Kennedy. He had met her in December of 1969. Now, Doug told this girl he already had a girl-friend in Virginia. Sherry did not take to this very well, and she continued to call Doug

She told Doug she would be there by 11:30 PM, and he said he would wait up for her but when she did not arrive by 11:30 PM, he took it She went home just as Lisa thought she went home after their argument.  Somewhere between 10:30 PM and 11:30 PM Sherry Kennedy was murdered and thrown into a ravine not five miles from her house in the Cabin John Neighborhood with her throat slit and an ice pick in her head. She was not molested. Her clothes were intact, and they found her purse. Her parent's called  the Montgomery County Police at 5:30 PM on January 18, 1970.  Everyone got their wires across where Sherry Kennedy was to go next - Lisa thought she was going home and Doug thought because she did not make it by 11:30 PM that she decided to go home in which case she did not make it at all. When Sherry's parent's called Lisa the next day to find out if Sherry had stayed at her house Lisa told them she thought she had gone home after they had that argument where she was baby-sitting on January 17, 1970.  Sherry Kennedy's case went cold case due to a lack of evidence, although the Kennnedy's put out a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the person or person's arrest on their daughter's terrible murder. The Kennedy's left Maryland after Sherry's murder to try to pick up the piece's of their lives after who was cut  it short.   Sherry Kennedy's murder was in the front page of The Washington Post and Washington Star and  Several of my girl friends, and I remember it and where she was  buried at Lincoln National Cemetery in Washington D.C.The following Day was snowy in Virginia, and I was terribly upset that Doug even knew this girl, and I told him over the pone he had to go to her funeral. It was the least he could do as he did know her, to some extent. Lucie A. Wesson

Chicago, IL 60626

The Washington Star is no longer a newspaper, however, The Washington Post is still the main newspaper in The Washington Metropolitan Area and I have a friend who is a reporter for the Washington Post and he emailed me every thing on the Sherry Kennedy murder as The Police in Montgomery County had no more evidence or clues to go on. The case was placed into the State of Maryland Cold Case file.

It is unfortunate Lisa Levine doesn't want to remember who she talked shortly after Sherry's murder but my girl friend Debbie Poole and I remember all to well. Sherry nor Lisa lived in Bethesda, Maryland but they lived in the the upscale Cabin John Neighborhood  Of Potomac Park, Montgomery County, Maryland.  That was where every one was moving to right before I left to move overseas in Brazil with my late mother and family. The houses were larger and it was a brand new neighborhood. So many of our neightbors moved there that had big families.

Doug Daily lived on Bellhaven Road right off of Old GeorgeTown Road and Lone Oak Drive in which case I lived far down on Lone Oak Drive between two of streets where some newer houses were being built. Our family doctor lived not far from our house.

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