why did I not know? you never said!

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I didnt see it and had no hint.

When you said 'are you gonna stay here?'

I was in shock, I just stared at the clock

You said something more, but the sound didn’t reach my ear

All I could hear was the tick and the tock

Your eyes were burning me as you glared, I felt my skin sear

I could not believe your heart was hard and cold as a rock

Through it I felt that we were always so close and dear

I packed all my clothes, all my shoes and my sock

When the days went by each one seemed like a year

I moved to the country and purchased livestock

To a schedule I wrote down and to which I had to adhere

To bed with the sunset and arise to the crowing cock

I constantly thought of and remembered my dear

I tried and I tried to figure it out, but I am no good at that, unlike Sherlock

The cows gave milk, the chickens eggs and from the goats, cheese and cashmere

But I still moved around, numb as if I were in shellshock

And all this was in my mind and will remain the biggest fear

Like being submerged under pressure in the airlock

Wanting to get out but the water I felt was only my eyes shedding a tear

Submitted: February 27, 2009

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