Yum Yum, Hee Hee and Tequila!

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Again, further or more adventures in a haunted house. You will never get enough, until you have had enough. This is the first time we heard the yum yum ghost.
Sorry but these are true stories...............

Submitted: March 06, 2009

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Submitted: March 06, 2009



My wife and I were setting on the couch
We were talking about nothing and had some Cheetos
I believe that we gat thirsty and so we got up to go into the kitchen
Our living room is tall with 10”+ ceilings
The house used to have a floor furnace, but we closed it off and had a decorative cover
As we went towards the kitchen, I was in front and she was behind
She said the chips were really good and as I stepped across the grate
And she was not yet to it, I heard a voice say Yum Yum
I stopped and said “what did you say?”
She said she heard it too “but it came from you”
I said no it came from behind me and she said in front of her
So I turned and started towards the kitchen again
And she followed me towards the kitchen too
But I did not stop in the kitchen, I kept on going
Out the side door and into the yard, where she followed along
We talked about it and clearly decided that it was neither of us that had said “YUM YUM”
And we went over it again just to be sure
And so it is until this day, we know the Yum Yum has a two syllable vocabulary
I say this because two days later, the wife was upstairs and in the tub
And we said something to each other and then
I hear a laugh, but I do not grin.
I ask her if she was saying HEE HEE
But it wasn’t her shouting with glee.
It was the voice in the can with the two word speak
Making me aware but not wanting to seek
Making me aware but not wanting to seek
The last tale to tell is about the voice
It loves to sing too I do believe
Wife was singing, was stuck in her head
Tequila! She sand the dum dum dee dum te dumm dumm, de dumm dee dee dum de dum
And as she kept going and started again, she would pause at the time of the shout of Tequila!
But the last time she hummed, or de dummed, she stopped as before, but instead of silence
We were not bored
The voice made a blunder; was not two words but one
When she stopped singing the de dumms, I clearly heard an outcry in a can
Oh man oh man I thought not more and again!
It was Tequila! The voice said quite clear, Tequila! at the approriate time
Tequila! I heard and asked her if she said it, but she had not
So again we both knew, it had to be Yum Yum enjoying the tune.
This is sound but no sight. Those tales come later…….

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