She takes her coffee with a cigarrette.

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Submitted: February 26, 2008

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Submitted: February 26, 2008



5:00 am.

That annoying reminder that I actually have a purpose in life today awakens me in my sweet slumber with a fright that even scared my dream. It never fails. I hear most people stare up at their ceiling for half an hour reflecting on the day and how it's gonna slide. I just get out of bed. Nick at Night is the first to wish me a happy day. Bob Saget seems so happy in the morning. So first things first. Wash my face and apply my 50 spf sunblock. I'm the only high schooler I know who's actually concerned about their face and keeping it in tip top shape. Most girls just pack make-up on to hide watever it is they hide. It's all about the way you do your eyeliner. Mines pretty badass. I even spread my eyelashes out with a needle. It takes me forever for some reason. I'm like an old man crossing the rode or something. By 5:30 I prepare my usual bowl of instant oatmeal. It's so good. It goes down nicely with a warm cup of tea. I brush my teeth and stare at myself in the mirror. I don't know exactly what I'm starring at. Eventually my pants and shirt make their way onto my body and my keys end up in my hand. I grab my bag and stand in front of the last mirror I pass in my house. Shaking my head around is the closest way of even doing my hair. It doesn't matter, I won't need good hair for where I'll be going. My piece-of-shit car awaits my commands. It's bitter cold outside. I pop in a cd of my choice and begin my drive.


Something cool better happen today. That psychic better be right.


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