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Ellie needs to help her dieing mother, Edessa, but with the Thrash starving and killing the inhabiters of the town, her life seems more hectic then manigable. This all changes when Ellie meets Smoker, and finds herself happily distracted in his world.

Submitted: January 10, 2011

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Submitted: January 10, 2011



The Thrash
Ellie narrating(Scene of what she’s saying) :This is a place, way outside your planet, galaxy, or even your universe. The universe you know is merely a small part of what there really is out there. And though, you will never be able to see this for yourself that is why I have written this book and sent it to you. So you know. Because you need to know.
You will never leave your universe, and even if you had the chance, you would instantly die. While in-between the two universes’, you bodies particles will shift and spread, and you won’t be able to handle the force. But if you did make it through, then you would be in an even more amazing universe then you had ever thought possible, with so many larger and more planets and galaxies and stars. There are many planets with microscopic organisms, but only one planet with complex organisms. This is the all too real planet I live on.
Scene: Large, two story stone building, with shattered glass windows. Cement and stone floor and room filled with card board boxes and a couple cans of food. Small glass shards scatter over the ground. It is daytime outside but is gloomy, thick clouds shield the sky.
Ellie: (Leans out the only window which looks into a deserted street.)
Edessa: (Sits in a corner with blanket wrapped around her, shivering and coughing.)
Ellie: I should go out.
Edessa: Its getting… dark
Ellie: I’ll be back before the light is gone. (unlocks the door made of wood and bars and runs down the stone stairs leading to the outside, passing sick people in rags and starving children clinging to others for warmth. When she reaches the bottom of the steps she stops, there is a small girl all by herself, sitting against the wall crying. She has ragged colorless hair, caked with mud and soot. The girl wears a long black cloth that clings to her ribs as she breaths.)Why are you crying?
Small Girl: (Lifts her hands from under the robe to reveal a bloody mess. The hand is distorted with several fingers missing and the faint white shimmer of bone hidden under the gushing blood. The girls face is white as a severe amount of blood is leaving her) One bit me- voice trembles
Ellie: (lets out a small cry) Wh-Who bit you, Sweetie?
Small Girl: One of them…
Ellie: (Stands back up, trying to stay calm, hands shaking) Yells- Over here! We have someone infected! I need help over here!
Scene: The sick and weak people come and crowd around the small girl, nodding and agreeing that the girl is infected. One woman starts to scream and cry that that’s her baby.
Elder man: What are we to do with her?
Ellie: We can’t leave her like this.
Woman: We don’t know how long it will be till she changes, it could be mere hours!
Man 1: We can’t let her live, time is of the essence!
Woman: She’s just a girl! She’s just a girl!
Scene: Small girl’s jaw starts to shift, and she twists her neck back and forth uncontrollably. A couple people gasp and everyone shuffles back a few steps.
Woman: Its already too late!
Scene: Small girls back starts to hunch and her face changes and distorts as she becomes one the thrash.
Man 1 and Man 2: Leap forward with knife and rope and quickly start pushing her, trying to hold her down and tie her up.
Scene: Small girl is now beast 1. Beast 1 is strong and Man 1 and Man 2 have troubles holding it down. Beast 1 thrashes and finally man 1 uses the knife and slits throat. There is an ear piercing shriek, followed by dead silence. Blood drips along the cracks in the stone flooring.
Scene: Bird’s eye view. Sun rising over the large stone buildings. Surrounding the buildings is a forest, day is brighter and clouds have cleared. People have started to leave the building’s and walk out into the streets, pulling out small trolleys of food from hidden places and pulling everything out into the open. People going into building’s and finding cleaner clothing to wear. People going to outdoor wells and bringing out water. Children running along the streets. Slowly life comes to the town.
Scene: Ellie wakes from her sleep on the second floor of the stone building. Edessa is still lying in the corner, she is awake. Ellie gets up and looks out the window, she turns to Edessa with a smile.
Ellie: The thrash is over.
Edessa: (Does a weak smile) How long was it this time, Sweetie?
Ellie: Eight days
Scene: Ellie runs down the stairs, everyone is in a better mood and is eating and drinking with cheer. Ellie leaves the building and enters the dirt road. People are sitting at stalls, trading and sharing goods with others; children are laughing and playing on the ground. Ellie goes down to the well that is in the middle of the town and fetches water and washes her face and hands.
Keena: Ellie! (Leaps over and hugs Ellie, knocking over the pale of water as she goes)
Ellie: Keena! I was so worried about you! The thrash was taking so many people, I was scared you might be one of them.
Keena: Eight days, can you believe it? Eight days of sitting in our homes and just waiting for the night to end and the thrash to finally be over! In my home building, three people had gotten infected by them and luckily we found them all before they changed. But I was safe, I never left the home, night or day, I was so hungry!
Ellie: We only had one person that got infected in our home building. It was awful, they had bit off her entire hand, and I found her just a couple seconds before she changed, it was so scary.
Priest Ishmael: ( Stands on a platform in the middle of the town square) I have an announcement to make: Will all members fit enough to leave their home buildings, please come to the meeting tonight at the center building hall. This is an important message and please do not hesitate to tell others. Thank you.
Scene: Keena turns to Ellie with new excitement and she started jumping around.
Keena: A meeting! I’m sure the Priest’s son will be their!
Ellie: Since when have you cared for the priest’s son?
Keena: Since he is choosing a lady for the upcoming harvest dance!
Ellie: Oh… I wish you the best of luck, Keena.
Scene: Ellie walks up the stairs to her room with a cardboard box filled with jars of canned fruit and a jug of water. She enters the room and shuts the door behind her. Edessa’s hasn’t left her cold dark corner. Ellie walks up and places the food beside her. Edessa’s is coughing and a small trickle of blood sprinkles the stone.
Ellie: I’ve brought you food, Edessa.
Edessa: You’re an angle.
Ellie: Even after eight days of the thrash, almost everyone is still fine, only a few people that left the home buildings got infected. Would you like to go outside?
Edessa: I think its best that I stay here, I am very tired.
Ellie: There is a town meeting tonight. Everyone should come.
Edessa: You must go without me; my poor legs can barely hold me up. I will stay here.
Scene: It is later that night and the sun is going down. People are hanging candles up in the streets so everyone can find there way to the town hall. Ellie walks along side Keena, and the small groups of chattering people make their way through the streets. Small children are sticking close to their parents, knowing the night can hold torturous things, and always are worrying that the thrash will come back. Keena is wearing a grey dress, while Ellie wears a wool sweater and leather pants.
Scene: Ellie and Keena take seats along with everyone else. Everyone is looking clean and well fed, so different from just a couple days ago. Priest Ishmael stands in the centre stage, in a black cloak, his head is bowed.
Priest Ishmael: Thank you for joining me today. The thrash that has only just passed had been the longest one yet. From the dates of the thrash, we have found that she time in-between the thrash is getting smaller, and the days having the thrash is getting longer. We are not able to leave here, for the forest constantly holds the thrash, and we can’t leave here without entering the forest. So we must prepare our own way. We must have everyone constantly on the lookout for any sign of the thrash coming back. We must keep large storages of food in every building for we don’t want to keep being surprised at how quickly the food runs out! While the thrash is not happening we must grow and prepare more foods. Any questions?
Woman: Do we have any idea where the thrash goes when its not in the town?
Priest Ishmael: We do know that it hides away in the forest, though we have not found out why. We also don’t know why It comes out and how it started in the first place, we have known of it as long as I can remember. Though we can not study them for they are too strong for us.
Man 3: We need an efficient lockdown for the whole community. We don’t want to be shutting the doors when people and children are still outside, leaving them for the thrash!
Scene: People nod and chatter in agreement.
Priest Ishmael: Every true and this is why we started the home building assessment in the first place. Like I said at the last meeting. You are not to lock your home building doors till everyone from your home building is in the building. I will be sending out checklist to one member from every home building. That member is to make sure that everyone is in the building before they lock the door.
Keena: What about the harvest dance? Do we still have enough crops to put it on now that the thrash is lasting so long?
Priest Ishmael: (nods) we are leaving everything about the harvest dance as planned, though we all know that this is the least of our worries.
Scene: Meeting keeps going on with arguments and questions being asked. At around midnight, people start shuffling home. Keena and Ellie are one of the last to leave; they are heading towards the door. Ellie is tapped on the shoulder and both girls swiftly turn around.
Ellie: Hello
Keena: (Bows her head) Thomas Collin.
Tom: Please, call me Tom.
Keena: Of course!
Tom: May I ask your name?
Keena: Keena Witheright
Tom: And you- (He turns to Ellie) Must be Ellie Vein, I’ve heard a lot about you.
Ellie: Have you? Either then you’re the priest son, I must say I don’t know much about you at all.
Keena: (Shoves Ellie in the ribs with her elbow)
Tom: While I suggest we get to know each other, would you mind taking some time to chat? I mean, Ellie, of course.
Keena: (Pouts and looks away)
Ellie: I’m not sure… I should be getting back to Edessa.
Tom: I’m sure she can wait, now come. (He takes Ellie’s hand and starts leading her back down the hall.)
Scene: Keena stands, tears moistening her eyes, as she watches Tom lead Ellie down the stares.
Scene: The sun is starting to rise by the time Ellie leaves the hall. She runs down the empty streets till she gets to Keena’s home building. She finds Keena sitting at her writing desk in a small stone room.
Ellie: You will never believe what happened, Keena! Tom lead me down to the priests garden, it was so beautiful! And he took my hand, and he asked me to be his lady for the harvest dance!
Keena: (Face is red from crying) How could you do this to me, Ellie?
Ellie: What?
Keena: You knew that the thing I wanted most was to be taken by Tom to the harvest dance, and you took that away from me! How could you?
Ellie: I-I’m sorry! This wasn’t my choice, Keena, he asked me!
Keena: (Throws an old wooden hair brush at Ellie) Just get out of here! (Burry’s her face into the desk)
Ellie: (whispers) I though you’d be happy for me…
Scene: Ellie runs from Keena’s home building, shocked and starting to cry. By The time she gets to her home building, the sun has fully risen and people are starting to come out and get ready for the day. Ellie walks back up the steps to her room. She kneels down beside Edessa who is getting sicker every day.
Ellie: Edessa, you haven’t eaten any of your food, (She brushes the tears from her cheek) your starving
Edessa: (Shifts slightly) I’m not very hungry, sweetie. Now you must listen to me…
Ellie: Okay Edessa, I’m listening.
Edessa: I had a dream… Where were you last night, sweetie? You stayed out later then most.
Ellie: There was the town meeting, remember?
Edessa: You stayed out later then most…
Ellie: Tom asked me to be his lady for the Harvest dance, Edessa.
Edessa: No, no Sweetie… I had a dream…
Ellie: (Slightly angry) Why isn’t anyone happy for me?
Edessa: I had a dream… You shouldn’t be here.
Ellie: Tell me about the dream, Edessa.
Edessa: The Thrash is coming back, Sweetie… (Edessa slowly lifts her hand and touches Ellie’s cheek)
Ellie: The thrash always comes back; there is nothing we can do about it.
Edessa: It is coming back soon, and it will stay longer then ever… You must leave here as soon as possible… So many will die… It’s coming back stronger then ever…
Ellie: It was just a dream, Edessa. You must calm down, you need more rest.
Edessa: No! You must listen to me! Get out of here as quickly as you can or all will be lost!... Take as many as you can! Now hurry, you must prepare!
Ellie: Okay Edessa, I’m listening, but how am I suppose to leave here? The thrash lives in the forest surrounding the town, and it will take days to get through the forest, it will surely get me. The thrash can smell.
Edessa: Get through as quickly as possible! Never fall asleep, for you will awake as the thrash! Once you are on the other side, you will be safe… Please, trust me…
Ellie: I trust you Edessa; you have been right before when you first said the thrash was coming, and there is no doubt that you will be right again.
Edessa: (Closes her eyes) …Please listen… please trust…
Ellie: (Softy murmurs) how much time do I have?
Edessa: No time…
Scene: Ellie wakes up the next morning, curled up against Edessa who is shivering and coughing in her sleep. Ellie is still shocked at the news, and doesn’t know what to do to prepare. She stands up and drapes a scarf over her shoulders, she looks out the glass-less window and sees that it had frosted over-night. Few people are wandering the street, and the ones that are have bundled up tightly in robes.
Ellie: (Whispers) I have to get these people out of here.
Edessa: (appears behind Ellie, making her jump and shriek quietly) yes, you must…
Ellie: (Grabs Edessa’s arm) What are you doing up, Edessa?
Edessa: You must hurry! Your already late!
Ellie: Edessa, your scaring me! Please, I need time to think, how do I get the people to come with me?
Edessa: It is too late for that, Sweetie! You must hurry, leave this place, save yourself!... These people will find a way to take care of themselves…
Ellie: What about you?
Edessa: What about me? Now go!
Scene: Edessa fell back into her corner, her hands shaking, teeth chattering and eyes wild. She hands Ellie the small basket of food and water she had not eaten and softly gives Ellie a kiss on the forehead.
Edessa: Be safe my Angel! And do return… someday and take me with you…
Ellie: (A single tear slides down her pale cheek) I will…
Scene: Ellie runs down the stairs, gliding her hand over the stone wall as she goes. Tears are streaming down her face and she bows her head as she passes people. When she leaves the house and find herself on the street, she stands there a moment, looking at all the people that will soon be taken by the thrash if Edessa is right.
Ellie: (Yells as loudly as possible) the thrash is upon us!
Scene: Everyone stairs as Ellie in silence as she starts running down the road as fast as she can, crying as she goes, and screaming as if in great pain. She’s running down through the harvest fields that soon meet the thick silent trees.
Scene: Another meeting was held that night at the town hall. Keena sat alone, searching the crowd for Ellie, her forehead creased with worry. The Priest entered onto the front stage.
Priest Ishmael: I bless you all for coming here tonight. I have good news! A recent study of the patterns of the Thrash has brought us to believe that, the Thrash is dieing!
Scene: People of the crowd murmur loudly and happily.
Man 2: (Stands up and calls) how do we know it wont just come back as bad as before?
Priest Ishmael: Well we strongly believe that that won’t happen, but just in case, I still want everyone of you to stay in constant lookout, for any suspicious behaviour of anything.
Woman 2: Suspicious behaviour? Well I did see that Ellie Vein girl come running out of her home building sobbing. She was screaming at the top of her lungs that the Thrash was coming back.
Priest Ishmael: That is odd, though I wouldn’t worry about it… It sounds like this person is going mad! (He chuckles deeply)
Keena: (Stand up) Ellie’s my friend, She isn’t mad! Maybe she knows something, maybe we should go find out what she knows!
Scene: Some people nod in agreement and the Priest glares at Keena.
Priest Ishmael: Are you saying you doubt the word of god?
Elderly woman: The word of god? I though you said that you studied this?
Scene: The crowd starts arguing and people fight weather the thrash may be coming back or not. Tom slowly sneaks through the crowd of people till he gets to Keena. She glares at him, then soften up when he takes her hand and slowly leads her through the crowd, he leads her into a back chamber.
Keena: (Looking around, amazed)
Tom: I see Ellie didn’t show up at the meeting today.
Keena: It’s unlike her… Did you here what that woman said about her?
Tom: Ellie seems to have quite the reputation now, running through the streets screaming. You might say she was… Mad! (Tom laughs rather like this father)
Keena: Umm… Sure… I guess you might say that.
Tom: (Takes Keena’s hand) I hope it’s not to late to ask you?
Keena: (Nervously blushes) Ask me what?
Tom: Well, Ellie clearly doesn’t seem fit… to be my lady that is. (Tom takes her hand and pulls her against him) (Whispers) Will you, be my lady?
Scene: Ellie keeps running through the field, its filled with pumpkins and squash. She had been looking at her feet the whole time as she picked her way through, that when she looked up, she was surprised to see two figures at the end of the field, sitting on the fence separating the field from the forest. She couldn’t make out any faces, she could only see the black shadow like shapes of there bodies. At first she stood there frozen in place, thinking they might be the thrash, but they were not moving, so she decided it best to go forward.
Ellie: Who would be out by the forest at this time?
Scene: Ellie kept picking her way through the field until she was about ten feet away from the figures. She could now tell that one was a boy, and the other a girl and they had their arms wrapped around each other. They were both in tight black clothing, of a material that Ellie had never seen before. Both of them had pale skin with spiky black hair and thick black makeup and lips. Ellie stared curiously, seeing that they also wore heavy black boots, while her feet were bare.
Smoker: Look what we have here (Pulls a cigarette out of his pocket and lights it, takes a long drag)
Chic: She’s tiny like a button! (Has squeaky high pitched voice)
Ellie: I’m Ellie Vein—
Chic: Ellie, What a strange name!
Ellie: What’s your name?
Scene: Chic and Smoker jump from the fence and take a step towards Ellie, laughing. Ellie steps back, a little scared; as she steps back she trips over a pumpkin and falls backwards… Everything goes black.
Scene: Ellie wakes up as a hint of light reaches her eyes. Trees are surrounding her from all sides, and she is laying in a pile of shrubs.
Chic: So, you decided to wake up!
Smoker: You were out quite awhile… (He has a cigarette resting on his lips)
Scene: Smoker is sitting at a small camp fire, his back to Ellie. He is carving a stick with a sharp blade. Chic is hovering around Ellie who is lifting herself from the ground and looking around.
Ellie: Where are we?
Chic: Why, you’re in the Pine forest! Not too far in though, just a bit.
Ellie: The Pine Forest?
Chic: Ya! Where your weirdo town thinks the thrash lives!
Ellie: (starts looking around, scared) You mean, this is the forest of thrash?
Chic: Cool it, Puppet! The Thrash ain’t gonna hurt you, not now at least.
Ellie: I wouldn’t be so sure… (Ellie stand up and brushes herself off) I have a feeling I cant trust you…
Smoker: (stands up and turns to Ellie) Well then, you better start trusting us, don’t you? ‘Cause, were not gonna let you head by yourself into that forest. Well, not unless you want to slowly be tortured as—
Chic: (Cuts Smoker off) don’t go scaring the poor Puppet now! I’m Chic and he’s Smoker. Where you headed to, Puppet?
Ellie: Out of the forest, out of this place.
Chic: Well that’s sound like it could be a far walk.
Smoker: (Turns towards Ellie, grinning evilly) I have a feeling that we will be accompanying you.
Scene: Smoker and Chic loop their arms through Ellie’s and start heading deeper into the forest. At first Ellie keeps struggling till Smoker tells her to stop.
Scene: After about half an hour of quietly walking through the woods, Smoker, Chic and Ellie enter a small clearing. Ellie freezes at the sight of a figure sitting in a small pond. In the water is a beautiful lady, softly humming and tracing his fingers over the water. The woman hair is blonde and looping and disappears into the water. Her pale face is blemish less and her eyes are a piercing blue.
Chic: (throws her hands over her eyes) Please, Julia, Put on some cloths!
Julia: (Laughs and twists her finger with her hair) Come here, Smoker.
Chic: (Steps forward, guarding Smoker and growls softly) He’s not going no, nowhere near you!
Smoker: (smoothly goes around Chic and kneels down beside Julia)
Julia: (Leans close and starts whispering something into Smokers ear)
Ellie: (leans towards Chic who is glaring and whispers) who’s Julia?
Chic: She’s the pond lady, she is.
Ellie: Is she with Smoker?
Chic: Gnaw, She’s just addicting, she’s like cigarettes for Smoker. Smoker and I have been together since I can remember. (She looked almost proud)
Ellie: How did you guys meet?
Chic: Its rare people that can wander this forest unharmed, Smoker found me when I was just being ripped apart by the thrash, just gruesome! He brought me to the pond lady; I guess I should be thankful. I fell into the same night look as Smoker. Were very close. (Chic sounded like she was tying to prove it.)
Ellie: Why is Julia in the water?
Chic: Believe it or not, she is actually a part of the thrash, only, a very lucky part, her legs and feet are stuck to the bottom of the pool, she is in constant sitting position.
Ellie: I had no idea the thrash could be so beautiful. In the period when the thrash comes to the town, they are all dieing and rotting.
Smoker: (Laughs loudly then calls) Well, I guess I’ll see if your right! (Stands up and starts to walk back to Ellie and Chic)
Chic: (Bounces over to Smoker) Right about what?
Smoker: Nothing, Chic, lets go…
Scene: Ellie followed behind Smoker and Chic as smoker cut his way through the forest. Thick vines draped in front of them and tall thicket surrounded them. Smoker walked with his arm draped over Chic’s shoulder and they chatted quietly, just out of Ellie’s hearing.
Chic: Where are we taking, Puppet?
Smoker: I don’t know…
Chic: How long are we keeping her?
Smoker: Since when does it matter?
Chic: I like it better when we’re alone…
Smoker: Hmm…
Chic: (Screams) Oh, God!
Smoker: What is it?
Ellie: (Catches up and also screams)
Scene: Smoker looks down and also sees what the girls are looking at. There is a large gooey patch of sand at there feet and inside one of the thrash is growing. Its neck is just reaching out of the sand and its head is flying and twisting. Sand pours off its face to reveal a dried shrivelled flesh sagging over the beast’s cheek bones and eyes. Out of instinct, Ellie tries to make a run for it, but Smoker grabs her.
Smoker: Its okay, Its just in developing stage.
Chic: The poor thing scared the life out of me!
Smoker: I don’t think you were the only one! (He chuckles)
Ellie: (is shaking with fear) Can we please get out of here!
Smoker: Don’t be too loud, Ellie, where there is one, there is many. We should leave.
Scene: Smoker jumps over the sand bank and Chic and Ellie follow closely behind. They walk quickly and pass some trees with bloodied fingers tightly wrapped around the trunks. No one dared to look and see what sort of mess the fingers lead to.
Scene: Tom sits at a large dining table, eating supper with Ishmael and his wife Dyane. They are all eating a supper made up of ham, mashed potatoes and peas.
Priest Ishmael: So Tom, which lady have you chosen to take to the harvest dance?
Tom: Well, Ellie Vein was my first choice…
Priest Ishmael: But you no longer want to go with her?
Tom: Actually, I still do, she is so mysterious and wont let on a single thing about her. But she didn’t go to last nights meeting, and people are speaking of her running away.
Dyane: And do you believe it?
Priest Ishmael: Please Dyane, let our dear boy finish.
Tom: I don’t think she’s run away, but I do think she doesn’t want to go to the dance oddly enough. Maybe she’s avoiding me. So I asked her friend Keena to the harvest dance, and once Keena leads me to Ellie, which will happen sooner or later, I’ll take Ellie and wont let her out of my sight.
Dyane: So you don’t actually like this poor Keena girl?
Tom: (Chuckles) Of course not! Have you seen her?
Dyane: (turns to Ishmael) So Ishmael, I saw at your latest meeting you told everyone that the thrash is gone, for good, right?
Priest Ishmael: I just needed the people to calm down for awhile and hopefully the thrash will hold back…
Dyane: Hopefully?
Priest Ishmael: Well, I have been meeting with someone, and they’re going to help me hold back the thrash awhile, I think.
Dyane: Who is this?
Priest Ishmael: Her names Julia.
Scene: Keena climbs the steps to Ellie’s old room and carefully opens the door. She looks around the room and sees Edessa lying on the floor in a big heap.
Keena: (Whispers) Ellie?
Scene: Keena slowly walks over to Edessa, and turns the body towards her. She jumps back with a shriek. Edessa is limp and sickly on the floor, her eyes are open and swollen and a small trickle of blood slides from her jaw and down her chin. She is barely breathing.
Keena: Oh my god! Edessa?!?! Oh my god, I need to get help… (Stares at the body only a moment longer before running from the building)
Scene: It only takes a couple more hours before Smoker, Chic and Ellie brake free of the forest. On the other side is a large plain of salty water and docks and harbours without boats.
Ellie: Wow… We’re already out of the forest?
Smoker: I know my way around quite well.
Ellie: Where are we? What is this place?
Smoker: (Chuckles)
Chic: Your telling me you’ve never seen a harbour? The ocean?
Ellie: The ocean?
Smoker: You’ve never even left your town, have you?
Ellie: How could I?
Scene: Smoker and Chic exchange a look.
Ellie: What are we supposed to do now?
Chic: No boats here right now, so I guess we’ll have to camp overnight.
Smoker: I’ll start a fire.
Scene: They settled down just at the edge of the forest. Ellie couldn’t take her eyes off the vast open water before her. Smoker started a fire then went to sit out on the dock for a smoke. Ellie and chic stay at the fire.
Chic: (calls to smoker) I’m hungry!
Smoker: Then go get something to eat, for all of us…
Chic: (Leaves into the forest) Fine! I’ll walk into the forest all by myself and find something… (Her voice trails of as she disappears into the woods.
Smoker: (Turns around and pats a seat on the dock beside him) Come sit… (He murmurs)
Ellie: (Gets up and takes a seat beside him, she trails her bare feet in the water)
Smoker: Do you want to know what Julia told me?
Ellie: (Looks at him and nods)
Smoker: She told me that I had no life ahead of me with Chic.
Ellie: (Shyly whispers) And do you believe her?
Smoker: Of course… She also told me to wait at the fence line for a girl to come through the field.
Ellie: (Is kind of creeped out) you knew I was going to be there?
Smoker: (Takes a long drag on his cigarette) When she saw you today, she told me that you were the right one…
Ellie: Right one for what?
Scene: Chic comes running back from the forest, carrying an arm load of colourful fruit.
Chic: (Yells) the damn thrash!
Smoker: (leaps up) are you okay? (He walks over to chic)
Ellie: (follows close behind, looking curiously at the strange fruits)
Smoker: What happened?
Chic: Oh, just a little trouble with a few of the thrash…
Ellie: Are you sure it’s safe to stay here tonight? (She points at a wide grey cloud slowly making its way over the ocean) Those clouds are usually a sign of the thrash coming out.
Smoker: gnaw, we’ll be fine.
Scene: The three of them start to settle down in sleeping places for the night, and the sky slowly starts to darken. They each eat one of the colourful fruits which have a bitter sweet taste, then they go to sleep.
Scene: Ellie lays awake in the middle of the night, she is hearing moaning and shrieks coming from deep in the forest. She can’t get back to sleep and she remembers Edessa’s words, to never fall asleep at all costs.
Ellie: Chic, are you awake? I’m scared…
Chic: (keeps sleeping)
Smoker: Don’t be…
Ellie: How long have you been awake for?
Smoker: Along time… (Ellie can see him light a cigarette for there is a small flash)
Ellie: Is Chic awake?
Smoker: No.
Ellie: Oh…
Smoker: You’d rather talk to chic then me?
Ellie: (ignores the question) I have a family, and friends in the town… Do you think they will be okay?
Smoker: I don’t know, the thrash treats your town badly…
Ellie: Is it wrong of me to leave them like this?
Smoker: Most of them will die… Are you planning on going back someday?
Ellie: Once I find something that will make Edessa better.
Smoker: Edessa?
Ellie: She’s my mother.
Smoker: Oh, I’m sorry.
Ellie: What about you and Chic? Where are you guys trying to get to?
Smoker: Chic and I are travellers, and I like listening to Julia, she tells me what I should be doing next…
Ellie: What did she tell you to do this time?
Smoker: Help you?
Ellie: Help me? How?
Smoker: I suppose I should help find what will cure Edessa.
Ellie: Okay… Where do you come from? I never knew there were people outside of this town.
Smoker: Your town has been wound pretty tightly secured, that little priest of yours is really keeping the town locked up.
Ellie: How do you know about the priest?
Smoker: I know things.
Ellie: Where did you come from?
Smoker: Way across the sea, the towns called Knake; it’s quite the place, though I like the forest better.
Ellie: Are we going to go there?
Smoker: Sure, I know a lad that might be able to help you.
Ellie: Is he a doctor?
Smoker: No, he’s into fortunes and stuff like that.
Ellie: Fortunes?
Smoker: He only sometimes gets it right…
Scene: Priest Ishmael beats his way through the thicket of the forest, cursing as he goes. Trying to stay clear of any signs of the thrash. He hears a soft moaning and jumps, and then tears through the forest at top speed. In a moment or two he bursts through the forest and into a small clearing.
Julia: In a hurry? You’re panting pretty hard. (She traces a finger softly over the water)
Priest Ishmael: Hello Julia.
Julia: You know, a girl from your town came here…
Priest Ishmael: Who? You didn’t let her leave did you?
Julia: Of course I did, she was with my Smoker, I let anything pass for Smoker.
Priest Ishmael: (Glares and is getting angry) you cant do that Julia! The people in the town are not supposed to leave this town! As soon as they find out that other people are out there, living free of the thrash, they will lose all their faith.
Julia: (Pouts) It was just one girl…
Priest Ishmael: Well? Who was it then?
Julia: Her name was Ellie.
Priest Ishmael: (ponders for a moment, murmuring to himself) I think my son knows her… Never the less, don’t let anyone else pass!
Julia: Either then you, (She bats her eyelashes) does anyone else know of me here?
Priest Ishmael: No, no, of course not…
Julia: Because you know, if I get angry, I’ll be sending the thrash again… I know how you just love that.
Priest Ishmael: (Kneels down by Julia, begging) Oh please don’t do that! I told the town that the thrash would be holding off awhile! The town is so weak!
Julia: Don’t grovel now, I don’t like grovelers.
Priest Ishmael: If you don’t mind me asking, why did you send the thrash for an entire eight days last time?
Julia: Sorry about that, I was having a bad weak, Smoker had left angry that I was telling him he wasn’t suppose to be with Chic… I was trying to hint that he was suppose to be with me, but I saw that pretty little vein girl and thought she might do well…
Priest Ishmael: I have no idea who you’re talking about.
Julia: Never the less, why are you here?
Priest Ishmael: I needed to get away from my dreaded family, I thought I could sped a little more time with you, (Kisses Julia softly on the cheek)
Julia: (Pulls away) I’m sorry Priest, but I’m not in the mood, business or nothing.
Priest Ishmael: Fine, what I need you to do is make sure you thrash is ready so no one can get through the forest, I don’t want them getting any idea’s of escape.
Scene: Keena burst through the doors of the towns building of health. The building is also made of cool stone and she quickly runs through the hallways and into the doctors room.
Keena: (Bumps into someone leaving) I-I’m sorry, I-I-I need t-to get Th-th-through—
Tom: Hello there Keena, Pleasure seeing you here to.
Keena: (blushes and stands up straighter) Oh, sorry, Hi Tom. (Is panting from running)
Tom: You look exhausted, why don’t you come to my place for some tea.
Keena: No, I need to—
Tom: No? Why don’t start acting rudely around me. Is there something wrong?
Keena: Its Edessa—I need the doctor!
Tom: You don’t need the doctor, Keena; all you need is a nice of cup of tea to relax. Now, come on now, chop, chop. Come with me.
Scene: Tom drags Keena away from the hospital and wraps his arm around her, he ignores her useless babbles about Edessa.
Scene: Chic and Ellie wake up with a start as Smoker splashes a bucket of cold salt water over there heads.
Smoker: Get up
Chic: (eyes are wide, shocked)
Ellie: (shivering) What’s wrong with Smoker? Does he usually do that?
Chic: Only when he’s in a bad mood… Something must have ticked him off.
Ellie: (watches Smoker make his way to the dock, a cigarette in hand) (Ellie looked beyond Smoker) Look Chic! Look as the thing on the water!
Chic: (laughs) that’s just a boat, my puppet.
Ellie: What does it do?
Chic: You are clueless aren’t you? That’s what we use to get the ocean and to the land on the other side. A friend of Smokers owns that boat, he makes sure he comes here every week to see if Smoker needs a ride.
Scene: The large wooden boat swayed about ten meters from the docks and a small man with a grey beard popped out onto the deck. He wore a blue and white uniform and he had a long pipe in his mouth. He bobbed his head with waves and the wind.
Pradd: A-hoi- there wee sally biscuits!
Smoker: (Calls loudly) Hi Pradd! (Smoker is grinning)
Ellie: (Whispers to chic) This is the first time he seems truly happy.
Chic: (Sighs and runs over to Smoker)

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