A Dream of Time

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Imagine, your walking home one dark night, you decide to take a rest and suddenly you find yourself in another time well that might sound like a make believe story but thats what happened to Kate Ross.

Submitted: February 07, 2015

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Submitted: February 07, 2015



It was a pitch black night, one that made you wonder if light even existed, that's exactly what I Kate Ross was thinking as I walked through the dark streets of Manhattan. I sighed frustratingly and tossed my light, brown hair over my shoulders. I narrowed my deep, green eyes 'why did the power have to go out tonight of all nights!' I thought angrily. The only light came from my dimly illuminated watch face, even the stars seemed to give no light, I wondered if mum had called the police yet  as I was supposed to be home hours ago but the subway train I had been on stopped in the power outage.

As I rushed through the dark streets I tried to fight the panic and worry that threatened to engulf me, I didn't recognized anything, it wasn't surprising though as my mother and I had just moved to Manhattan 3 weeks ago. ''well at least this cant get worse" I muttered, but not long after it started raining, hard. ''Oh come on!" I shouted angrily as I got drenched, I quickly got under a doorway overhang to a 7-eleven and stood there shivering, as I stood there I wondered if it was actually a city wide power outage, 'if so I wonder what caused it' I thought.

I woke to the sound of rain pattering around me and dim light on my face, I groaned and sat up rubbing my face, looking around I noticed I was still huddled in the shop entrance and also the storm was easing. I stood and stretched, looking at the shop behind me, I frowned, the sign read 'Harry's Cobb & co. ' I was certain I had fallen outside a 7- eleven, besides there were no Cobb & co.'s any more. I turned and walked out onto the cobblestone street..... 'wait a moment!' I thought 'cobblestone? streets are tarmac' I walked along the wet streets feeling more and more confused and scared. I came to a corner where I saw the first person, he was dressed in a weird cloak with long pants, black shoes and a bowler hat handing over some coins to a boy carrying papers. Not far away stood two women in long dresses talking, one wore a hat with two feathers on it. As I walked towards them I saw the man through me a disgusted look, "I do say what is a young lady like you wearing trousers!?!'' ''its a disgrace" added one of the women, I felt my face go bright red and I was burning in humiliation. "And look how muddy she is" exclaimed the other lady, "if ya asked me I would say she was an escaped orphan disguising herself as a lad" the boy commented, I glowered at him, "stuff your mouth" I said angrily "HOW DARE YOU" the man shouted angrily, "THAT'S IT! YOUR COMING WITH ME" "oh yea and how do you know that"I retorted angrily. The man whistled loudly and I saw a horse drawn cart being driven by a young man coming towards us, I was too shocked and surprised to see an actual horse drawn cart to move but as the man reached for me adrenaline kicked in and I turned and ran, I heard shouts behind me and then the sounds of pursuit "GET BACK HERE GIRLY"the guy shouted, I heard the clatter of hooves against the cobblestone street and pushed myself to run faster. I flew along the street with the sound of my pursuer coming closer, my heart was racing and my mouth was dry when suddenly I felt myself falling forward, time seemed to slow even as the ground came up at me, a hand grabbed the back of my T-shirt and yanked me up and suddenly I found myself upon a horse.

The cart was horribly uncomftable due to the fact it was one that carried coal, I sat on the hard, dusty floor and was thankful it was empty bar one sack of coal. I had no idea where I was going only it was somewhere bad.

I was jolted awake as the doors were opened and I was hauled out rather harshly, I opened my mouth to protest but immediately closed it when I saw where we were, the sign read 'Jefferson Orphanage for disobedient children' est. 1789 I fought back the wave of terror as I was no longer worrying about where I was but rather when. As the guy pushed me into the front room I scanned my surroundings for any  escape routs but before I could move a lady came into the room, I immediately felt my fear raise as she looked at me, I could feel an air of authority an cruelness surrounding her, the man explained how he found me but I hardly heard it, suddenly I found myself being marched don several corridors and up some stairs before being pushed into a room "this is your dorm room"she said icily, she handed me two dresses one to sleep in one to wear during the day, I stood in shock as she told me all this but as the door slammed shut behind her as she left I came out of it to find five other girls looking at me "so how did you get here"asked the oldest looking one, I told them everything that had happened since I had woken up ".....and I still don't know....err remember the date"I finished my story " well" the oldest one, Klaire, said " its the 19th of June 1850" I sat in shock for a few moments '1850!' I thought ' how is that possible!?' "anyway, we should head to bed we have a lot of work tomorrow" I didn't understand what Klaire meant this was an orphanage not a workhouse or prison..... wasn't it?

Over the next few days Klaire and I became best friends and I also quickly learnt it was indeed more like a workhouse than orphanage, two weeks passed and one evening as I was tending to all the sores I had acquired over the last few days I knew what I had to do, I had to escape. That night at dinner I put my one roll in my dress and when we returned to our rooms I put it in a small bag I had taken, as I prepared to leave I said goodbye to all my new friends especially my best friend, Klaire, "I really wished you'd come with me" I said sadly as Klaire had refused saying she needed to stay here and look after her little sister who was in the next room, "we will meet again" she promised squeezing my hand quickly, tears sprung to my eyes as I said goodbye one last time to them all before climbing upon the window sill. I brushed my tears away before opening the window, all of a sudden the door opened behind me "WHAT IS GOING ON?!?" Mrs Jefferson shouted angrily I jumped and nearly fell out the three story high window, "RUN KATE" Klaire shouted from behind, as I began to quickly scramble out the window, I felt a large hand clamp firmly around my ankle causing me to yelp in fear and pain, I kicked out franticly with my free foot as she pulled me in and felt my foot connect with flesh, behind me came a muffled cry of pain as she let me go and held her face in obvious agony, I turn and scramble out the window, my heart racing I slid down the water pipe and hit the ground running.

I had been running for five minutes before I collapsed under a tree at a park, I lay there struggling to catch my breath and waiting for my heart to settle, after what felt like an eternity I realized I was starving and reached into my bag for the roll, I felt my hand brush against something hard and small, I pulled it out and saw it was a beautiful shell on a piece of string, the shell was amazing and it shone different shades of pink and blue in the light of day. I suddenly noticed it was wrapped around a piece of paper which I quickly unwrapped and opened, it was a note which read:

Dear Kate

I hope you find safety and happiness

out in the world. hopefully we meet again

your best friend


p.s. this necklace will give you luck!

There were tear marks on it and I suddenly wished I wasn't alone, "hold it there girl" a males voice jolted me back 'ah well I got my wish' I thought sourly I looked up to see a man in police uniform looking down at me 'a police officer' I thought fearfully, I turned and bolted but didn't get far before he caught me, I stood there trembling as he pulled his gun out, in my hand I held the necklace tightly, as his finger rested on the trigger I knew he would shoot any moment now, "now come with me calmly or I will shoot you" he said empathizing the word will. Fear raced through me making me lose an rationality, without thinking I rushed at him meaning to knock him down but he pulled the trigger and the world turned black..........

I woke with a start to find myself lying in a puddle, a hand shaking me, "hey there are you ok?" a voice asked me I groaned and looked up into the face of......Klaire but she slightly different "huh?" was all I could croak out as she helped me up.

An hour later I was sitting on the couch at my house while the police talked to my worried mother, beside me sat Clair the girl who looked like Klaire actually now I thought about it she was a lot like Klaire.

I had told the police officers what had happened but they said I had dreamed it all, but I knew I hadn't, I don't know how it happened but I had proof...the necklace and note had came back too, they were now resting on my desk plus I had all the bruises from the orphanage.

I also wondered if Klaire came back as Clair but who knows....we did end up best friends.

I told no one else what happened but Clair knows, she saw the necklace and note and believes me.





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