Chii The Cat

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A pampered and spoiled cat has always been inside. She wants to see what it’s like on the outside.

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



A pampered and spoiled cat has always been inside. She wants to see what it’s like on the outside, so she sneaks out when her owners aren’t looking. However, she gets lost and it starts raining, so she is forced to seek refuge. She meets some alley cats who change her life forever. The ally was dark and dangerous but she didn’t care. Her name was Chii. Chii met the others on her way to find shelter. She had never been in a fight in her life, well except with the carpet. The alley cats wanted to see if she had food, sadly Chii didn’t have any food. She was starving and wanted some cat food and to see her owners, but she told herself to be strong. One of the alley cats named Marvin came up to Chii and asked where she was from. Chii eventually said, “I’m from the city of Picklesberg.” Marvin asked,” Picklesberg I heard there was a great cat shelter there can you take us there?” Chii didn’t know if she knew the way back. She told the alley cats the problem with their plan. “We know the way to Picklesberg, we just need to find the shelter,” Said Marvin’s kittens. All the cats were happily on their way to Picklesberg to get to the shelter, when a big dog jumped out of one of the yards. The cat and kittens ran for their life. As they ran they knew they were close to the city, but didn’t know which path to take. They came to a fork in the road. Next thing the cats knew there was a nice lady standing in front of Chii. Chii realized that one of her owners was standing right in front of her. The lady wasn’t old but she was middle aged, and never let Chii out. The lady said,” there you are Chii we’ve been searching for days. We will take your friends to the shelter, maybe keep a few.” Chii knew her owner, named Mary, would do the right thing. She meowed thanks to her owner and kept asking her to let her out in the backyard more. Chii knew things would be different. Mary kept Marvin and gave the kittens to the shelter. Marvin and Chii had kids later, almost three years later. Their kid’s names are Anne, Mary, Yuki, Marv, and Kalona. THE ENDalt

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