The Stranded Wookie!

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About a Wookie that gets trapped on a ship that he doesn't want to be on

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



Hello my name is Melefent and I am a wookie like the ones from the movie Star wars. I met Darth Vader, and I was almost killed. But this is a different story about how i got trapped

on the plant earth. It was about two million years from home, good thing there is warp power to get home in a minute.

Me and my buddy Kappo had to stop and fix the warp engine before we got to the sun,so we stoped at earth. Next thing I knew we were in a bar with a bunch of what the aliens call humans. I never met one before,but i was told they were nice. Well not exacly what i got. before the bar we went to a engineer to try to fix the engine. These aliens didn't have warp yet!

"Well I gauss we will leave this to you sir, but please fix it soon. I will get us a hotel room until then,: Said Kappo.

" by the way we are wookie and yes we speak English,'' i Said

Then we left we were at the bar with everything we owned. The bar was nice everyone was staring at us,but we didn't mind because it was kinda cool. Then we went back to our hotel we stayed for ninety-six thousand days. then we left but we came back to visit our new friends on Earth. They come with there new warp engines to see us too. And we lived happily ever after. all except Kappo. Kappo was already old when we got to Earth but he didn't say he had flipflip flu. So he died 15 days after we arrived. Also i go myself a wife. Her name is Hanniea. She and I had exacly 59 children together, because we found a cure to keep her alive that long. our first born is name Kappo Khii after Kappo that died. so yeah every thing is happy and well good.

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