Naruto and the Demigods: The Great Escape

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Percy Jackson and Naruto crossover
One day Percy was sword fighting with a friend when all the sudden a swirling red vortex appears and they all got sucked in.When Percy falls out of the sky face down in another demension and met a lonely boy named Naruto, he saw Grover, Annabeth, and Clarisse but what happened to Nico and Persephone? Later on he finds out that Nico is held in hostage by an evil man and that his other friend Persephone was stuck in a strange village unsure of what to do. Can Percy save Nico in time? With the help of Naruto and friends he is confident that they can.

Submitted: September 11, 2010

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Submitted: September 11, 2010



Naruto and the Demigods: The Great Escape

Info: Some of the Percy Jackson characters are gonna be different like their age and since they are weak compared to the Naruto characters, I'm gonna make them stronger like give them superhuman strength and etc. Oh and before we start the story there is a new character named Persephone Rentas. She is Nico's half sister in the story.

Narrator's P.O.V (point of view)

There was a clash of metal out in Camp Half Blood at the training grounds. Two demi-gods were sword fighting each other. Their hearts were beating hard and fast and they were glaring coldly at each other. There were two other people sitting on a log watch the fighters nervously. One of them,Annabeth Chase,who is the daughter of Athena, was more nervous than her satyr friend named Grover Underwood who was sitting next to her. You could tell that she was nervous because of the way she watching the fighters and the way she shifted her foot from left to right. Annabeth was a girl that guys find cute because of her round face,tan skin, gray eyes, rosy cheeks and her hair was blond and was curly that was was tied up in a high pony tail. She was wearing a blood red tank top with a black sweater and skinny blue jeans with leather black boots. Annabeth was picking on her necklace. It had a collage ring on it. Grover saw Annabeth and said

"Relax Annabeth. Percy'll be all right."

"That's not what I'm worried about about!" Annabeth snapped. Her cheeks turned pink so she looked away. Grover just shrugged and watched the fight. Grover has red hair,light skin,red freckled going across his nose and light brown eyes. Grover isn't the best looking guy around. Grover is a satyr and he puts on fake legs to hide his hooves in public. The way he dresses drive Annabeth insane but she didn't want to hurt his feelings. He was wearing an orange camp half blood shirt and jeans that looked as if they were too big on him.

One of the fighters named Percy Jackson, who is a son of Poseidon, was observing the other fighter named Persephone Rentas,who is the daughter of Hades, as he was getting ready. He charged at her with his sword. Persephone just rolled her eyes and swung her sword against Percy's. She swunged it so hard that he lost grip of his sword and went flying back twelve feet.

"Percy!" Annabeth and Grover called at the same time.

" C'mon Percy. When are you going to finally relize that I'm better than you at this?" Persephone said with a hand on her hip.

Percy'c P.O.V

I got so mad at her for winning against me at everything. I rubbed the blood off my face and found that my arm was bleeding like crazy. That's it. I pushed myself back up on my feet and I motioned my hands calling for some waves from the creek that was behind me. I heard Grover and Annabeth gasp. Persephone's eyes widden and the smirk on her face faded away. My waves of fresh water came from behind me and headed torwards Persephone. She reacted quickly by stomping one foot and a wall of shadows blocked the water from attacking her. When that was all done, her shadows went back to the grounds but Persephone was gone. Where is she? Then all the sudden I saw a blur then a fist in my face. She punched me so hard and fast that I went flying seven meters. I smashed against a large boulder causing it to crack a little then I heard a crack then the next thing I knew everything went black.

Grover's P.O.V

"Oh Persephone why the hell did you do that?!" Annabeth growled. Persephone raised both her hands up as if to surrender.

"Hey sorry but he messed with me." Annabeth tried not to attack Persephone and I let out a heavy sigh.

"Guys I think we should go find Percy now." I said as I turned my back and walked away to the dirrection Persephone punched Percy into. The girls glared at each other then fallowed me. A few seconds later I turned to Persephone.

"Hey Persephone, can you check where Percy is?" I asked. Persephone bent down and placed her hands against the earth. A few seconds later, she got back up and said

" According to my vibrations it says that we have to continue seven meters."

Annabeth and I let out a groan and since we all have lightning speed, if not faster, we found Percy against a large boulder in less than a second. Annabeth gasped when she saw Percy against the boulder and that he was in a blood bath.

"Percy!" I cried. Persephone glanced at me and said

" C'mon goat boy what is crying his name gonna do?" She gave me a death glare. I ran up to Percy, picked him up and tried to find the nearest river. When I found one I carefully placed him in the water and all his injuries faded away. Percy's eyes slowly opened. Persephone and Annabeth appeared next to me.

"Are you ok Percy?" Annabeth asked, her voice full of worry. He nodded.I sigh and glanced at Persephone. She had this nervous expression on her face so I asked her what's wrong.

"Someone's watching us." She saidn

I gasped as I saw Percy slowly getting back up on his feet.

"Who are you, come out and show your face." Percy said as he stumbled.

"Ugh would you guys just relax and chill? It's just me." A guy appeard from behind a tree. It was Nico Di Agelo. Persephone's half brother. He has olive skin,intense black eyes and shaggy hair that fall in waves over his left eye. He was wearing a black shirt with a skeleton in the middle and a black uni face half zipped sweatshirt. His black jeans are ripped but it's totally his style. Nico sigh then shadow travled to where we are.  Nico smirked at Percy.

"What up with you?" Nico asked Percy emotionlessly.

"Oh it's nothing. It's just that I was sparring with your sister and see the result." Percy said glancing at Persephone.


All the sudden Nico whacked at something behind him. It was Clarrise La Rue, the daughter of Ares.

"Oh you better watch out Di Angelo because I will get you back." She snarled. Nico's smirk grew widder.

"Even though you're one of the faster and strongest in the Ares cabin, you are still no match for me." Nico said. Clarisse threw a fit then said

"Well if you think you're so tough then why don't you just fight me here and now!" She yelled. Nico let out a small chuckle.

"Sory Clarisse but I'm the a fool like your dad to go pick on a random person to fight with."

I tried not to laugh but it just got out. Clarisse snapped her head over to my dirrection.

"What are you laughing at goat boy?'

My face turned bright red.

"I was just um you see I you..."

What i don't like about people with ADHD is that they blurt out things without thinking like Percy.

"He think that you're weak ugly and slow." Percy said in a drunken voice.Clarisse's eyes widden.

"Oh so you think that about me, eh? Find then take this." She reached for her sword and got into fighting position.

Narrator's P.O.V

-Orochimaru's lab-

Orochimara was going psycho because his assistant Kabuto lost his Vortex 1200.

"Lord Orochimaru I am sorry for letting my guard down." Kabuto said looking at his shoes. Orochimaru knocked the books off the book shelf and said

" Why did you have to loose it did you know how important it was to me? Now I can't get my hands on those half bloods because of you!"


Nauto Uzamaki was in the forest practicing his shadow clone jutsu but as always they came out wrong.

"Of course." Naruto murmured. If he could not master this jutsu then he could never pass the genin exams. He decided to just gave up. As he turned to go he stepped on something that is a shape of a rectangle that has a big red button on it and on top it says 'Vortex 1200'.

"What the..." He said confused.

-Camp Half Blood-

Clarisse charged at Percy with her sword but she stopped half way. Her attention was to something else to her left. They fallowed her gaze and saw a swirling red vortex that appeared out of no where. Percy walked torwards it, full of curiousity. His friends, and Clarisse ran towards him.

"Percy, NO! What are you doing don't touch it!" Annabeth shouted. Percy ignored her and placed a find into the vortex. He felt his friends trying to pull him out but it was too late. They all got sucked in.

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