Naruto and the Demigods: The Great Escape Chapter 2

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Percy Jackson and Naruto crossover
One day Percy was sword fighting with a friend when all the sudden a swirling red vortex appears and they all got sucked in.When Percy falls out of the sky face down in another demension and met a lonely boy named Naruto, he saw Grover, Annabeth, and Clarisse but what happened to Nico and Persephone? Later on he finds out that Nico is held in hostage by an evil man and that his other friend Persephone was stuck in a strange village unsure of what to do. Can Percy save Nico in time? With the help of Naruto and friends he is confident that they can.

Submitted: September 12, 2010

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Submitted: September 12, 2010



Naruto and the Demigods: The Great Escape Chapter 2


Naruto brushed the scraps of metal under his shoes until all the sudden two girls and two boys fall out of the sky.

Percy's P.O.V

I fall face down on the ground. I looked around and everything looked different. It looked so old and nothing was the same as where I was before I touched that stupid red vortex. I saw Annabeth, Grover and Clarisse but there was no sign of Nico or Persephone anywhere.

"Nico? Persephone?" I called as I crawled over to Annabeth,Grover, and Clarisse.

Naruto's P.O.V

I looked at the boy who is crawling over to his friends. The boy had durable black combed down hair style, oval shaped face, tan skin and sea green eyes. I looked at him funny because of the way he dresses. He is wearing an ocean color shirt with a green hoodie over it and he has demin blue jeans. I looked over at the girl with blond hair. OMG! That blond hair girl is prettier than Sakura! I looked over at the girl with short brown messy hair, rosy cheeks, light tan skin, golden brown eyes,and kissable lips. She wasn't as pretty as the other girl but something about her makes her seem attractive. I think it's because of how athletic her body is. It goes really well with her white and gold hoplite cuirass armor with a sky blue shirt underneath. I glance at the red hair dude and there was something odd about him. I just shrugged.

I walked up to the boy and stuck out my hand. The boy looked at me with a confused look but he took it anyway.

Percy's P.O.V

I took the hand that belongs to a boy with sun kissed blond hair, something that looks like whiskers on his cheeks, gogles going across his forehead and what was striking about him is how ocean blue his eyes were. The only think that seems odd-really odd is how he dresses. He was wearing an orange and blue outfit.

"Who are you calling for?" The boy asked.

"Oh um..." I looked around. "Just my friends."

The boy pointed to the dirrections of my friends who are here with me now.


"I know their there but my other friends."

The boy's eyes widden.

"You mean your other friends are lost?!" He asked in a worried voice. I nodded.

"Looks like it."

The boy placed a finger on his chin. I glance back at my friends as they got back up on their feet.

"Well how about this. I'll take you guys to the hokage and she'll help you guys out!" The boy said. I had a confused look on my face.

"What's a hokagi?" Annabeth asked. The boy chuckled.

"You mean hokage? A hokage is the leader of this village. Also known as the strongest ninja in the village." The boy answered.

"Doesn't kage mean wind shadow?" Annabeth asked. The boy's eyes widden.

"Yes it does. Hey how come you didn't know what a hokage was but you knew what kage means?" The boy demaned.

Annabeth straighten.

"I happen to know every single human language there is." She said in a proud voice. The boy blushed slightly.

"Well you seem smart...and beautiful." The boy said. Oh no he didn't! Annabeth would never fall for a guy like him I mean come on look at the way he dresses. Annabeth giggled. Grover's stomach growled.

"I'm hungry." Grover moaned. The boy turned to Grover.

"You are? So am I! How about I take you and your friends for some ramen after I take you guys to the hokage!"

"Thanks...but whats a ramen?" The boy's eye widden and his mouth dropped open. Before the boy could say a thing Annabeth said

"Ramen are japanese noodles. They taste really good and I know that you will like it, Grover." Annabeth said.

"And they are the best thing ever!" The boy added. I heard Clarisse groaned.

" Ok I feel really akward talking to a loser that I haven't met or beaten up yet." Clarisse complained. The boy's eyes lit up.

"My name is Uzamaki Naruto and I love ramen and I will become hokage someday, BELIVE IT!" The boy whose name is Uzamaki Naruto shouted.

"Nice to meet you, Uzamaki. My name is Percy Jackson." I said. Annabeth turned to me and looked at me as if I was stupid or something.

"No seaweed brain. His name is Naruto and I belive that people here introduce themselves with the last name then the first." She said rolling her eyes and turning back to Naruto.

"Oh" Was all I said.

"My name is Grover Underwood." Grover said. I saw this look in his eyes and it says great fear. Grover covered his nose with his shirt. Naruto sniffed his armpits then shrugged.

" My name is Clarisse La Rue and if you ever decide to mess with me any time soon, I.Will.Hurt you." She said through her teeth. Naruto gulped.

"Ok how 'bout the hokage?" Naruto  said changing the subject. He turned around and motioned his hand for them to fallow.

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