Naruto and the Demigods: The Great Escape Chapter 4

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Percy Jackson and Naruto crossover
One day Percy was sword fighting with a friend when all the sudden a swirling red vortex appears and they all got sucked in.When Percy falls out of the sky face down in another demension and met a lonely boy named Naruto, he saw Grover, Annabeth, and Clarisse but what happened to Nico and Persephone? Later on he finds out that Nico is held in hostage by an evil man and that his other friend Persephone was stuck in a strange village unsure of what to do. Can Percy save Nico in time? With the help of Naruto and friends he is confident that they can.

Submitted: September 14, 2010

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Submitted: September 14, 2010



Naruto and the Demigods: The Great Escape Chapter 4

Narrator's P.O.V

-Heading to the Hokage Tower-

"So what do you guys think of our village so far?" Naruto asked asthey walked past the buildings. Everything was more non technology base here. Everything was so old looking but the demigods stayed nice.

"It's small and comfy looking here. I like it." Annabeth said grinning. Naruto turned his head over to Annabeth.

"Hey you never told me your name yet."

Annabeth grinned.

" My name is Annabeth Chase." Annabeth said.

"How come you guys have such strange names?" Naruto asked.

"Because where we came from it's not strange, you little punk." Clarisse growled. Percy glanced around. 'How come they're staringat us that way?' Percy thought as he glanced at the villagers. He was about to asked but then they were already in front of the tower.

"We're here?" Grover asked sounding a bit disappointed. Naruto nodded.

" Hmph this is it? Well I imagined this place alot bigger." Clarisse said as she wrinkled her nose. They head in the tower and Naruto took them up two floors. They walked over to the door that says 'Tsunade' on it. Naruto knocked on the door over and over again until a lady's voice says to enter. They walked in and saw a lady with blond hair in two ponytails laying on her shoulders and the lady had some jade on her forehead. She was sitting at a desk with wine in a glass in her hands.

Percy's P.O.V

"Naruto did you get into trouble again?" The lady asked boredly. Naruto shooked his head. The lady looked over at us.

"Who are they?" They lady asked Naruto.

" Oh those guys? They're my new friends and the reason why they're here is because they need help with something but I forgot what it was. Oh and they fell out of the sky!" Naruto said.

" Is that true." She asked us. I nodded and I told her everything form the sword fighting to landing here. After I was done she said

"To tell you the truth I belive you." The lady said.

"Because of his shirt." The lady said pointing at Grover's shirt.

"You know Camp Half Blood?" Annabeth asked her eyes widdening. The lady nodded.

"I don't think you guys know who I am yet so my name is Tsunade and I am the fifth hokage of the Hidden leaf village. So how's Chiron doing?"

"The old fart is doing fine." Clarisse said.

"Hey what's camp half blood?" Naruto asked looking confused.

"Camp Half Blood is a place for half human half god." Grover answered.

"Half Human Half God!!!" Naruto shouted. We all nodded.

"So tell me your names and immortal parent." Tsunade said.

"My name is Annabeth Chase and I am the daughter of the goddess of wisdom and battle, Athena." Annabeth said proudly. Tsunade grinned.

"Athena eh? Well if your mother is Athena then you must be very smart. I happen to know a young girl maybe about your age who is very smart. Her name Is Haruno Sakura and how 'bout a little completion with her sometimes." Tsunade asked.


Tsunade looked over at Grover.

"My name is Grover Underwood and I'm just a satyr." Grover said shrugging.

"What's a satyr?" Naruto asked stupidly. Grover sigh and took off his fake feet. Naruto fainted then woke back up a few minutes later.

"What just happened?" Naruto asked as Annabeth helped him up.

"You just found out that I was a Satyr and what they are then you fainted." Grover answered as he put on his fake legs. Tsunade turned her attention to Clarisse.

"My name is Clarisse La Rue and I am the daughter of the great war god Ares."

"W-war god?" Naruto said with his eyes all wide. Clarisse nodded.

"Loser..." She mumbled. Tsunade finally gave her attention to me.

" My name is Percy Jackson and I am the son of Poseidon." I said. Tsunade's eyes widden.

" You mean as in Poseidon the great god of the sea?" Tsunade asked. I nodded. She gasped.

"Oh no why why why? Kids of the big three are dangerous. Chiron onced told me that the kids of the big three are so powerful that more monsters come to get them more than the other half bloods. So many monsters that they could even start a war between them." Tsunade said. She sigh then said

"Well I'll fine a way to keep you guys safe from the monsters so try not to worry. If thats all-" I cut her off.

"We're missing two more demigods." I blurted out.

"Who are they're parents and what are they're names."

"Well their names are Nico Di Angelo and Persephone Rentas and their parent is" I hesitated. "Hades."

"Are you serious!" Tsunade shouted. I nodded

"Oh now I have to worry about more things? If the wrong person gets hands on you guysand those two then ..." She didn't finish. We all knew what she didn't finished. All exept for Naruto.

"What's gonna happen to them?"Naruto asked in a worried voice."And why are monsters after them?"

Tsunade covered her face with her hands. Then she told Naruto the whole story. Naruto's face sadden. At the end he looked as if he was about to cry. For some reason I think he might have something similar except with out the whole god as parent and monsters fallowing after him trying to kill him.

"It's okay Naruto." I said as I put my arm over him. He pushed my arm away.

"No it's not! I know how it feels to be lonely! Why are you ok with it?" Naruto asked with anger across his face. To my surprise Clarisse wrapped an arm around him.

"Because we're used to it, punk. It happens almost every day of our lives." Clarisse said softly. Why is Clarisse being nice? Being nice is really not her thing at all. Naruto just stared at his shoes. I swore that I just saw a tear drop hit the ground.

"Anyway if you guys are going to stay here then you kids must take part of become shinobis. Go to the ninjaacademy tomorrow. Now go. I have to find a way to keep the country safe from monsters. But most importantly I have to find a way to bring those kids back." Tsunade said.

"One more thing."I said.


"How did you and Chiron met?" I asked.

"None of you business!" She snapped. As we walked out of the tower Naruto said

"I'm sorry that you guys have to experience all that stuff."

"Well sometimes it's good because we get to kill monsters!"Clarisse said.

"So where can I go get some training around here?" Clarisse asked with a smirk across her face. Naruto told her the dirrections.

"Heh thanks!" Clarisse said as she was about to go.

"Wait!" I called. Clarisse groaned.


"What about the ramen?" Naruto said.

"Oh yeah. Well can't eat with an empty stomach." Clarisse said as she skipped over to where we were. Naruto walked us to the ramen shop.

"Hello Naruto. How is my number one customer?" An old man asked as we took our seats.

"Good old man!" Naruto said.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that!" The old man said annoyed. He glanced at us.

"Who are your friends?" Naruto introduced us to him.

"Well it's nice to meet you kids."

"Thank you" Annabeth said. We all nodded.

"So what can I get you kids?"

"I'll have three bowls of chicken flavored ramen!" Naruto said.

"How 'bout you guys?" Naruto asked turning his head over to us. We all decied to order the same thing. When the old man handed me a bowl of ramen I tried it for the first time of my life and man this ramen tasted so good...

"Oh my god, its Uchiha Sasuke!" I heard a group of girls screamed behind me. I looked over my shoulders. I saw a group of girls surrounding a guy with raven hair, light skin, blue shirt with a weird looking collar and white pants that goes up to his knee.

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