Naruto and the Demigods: The Great Escape Chapter 8

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Percy Jackson and Naruto crossover
One day Percy was sword fighting his friends until a swirling red vortex came out of nowhere and they all got sucked in. When Percy falls face down and met a lonely boy named Naruto, he saw Grover, Annabeth and Clarisse but what happened to Nico and Persephone? Later on he finds out that Nico is held in hostage by an evil man and that his other friend Persephone is stuck in a strange village unsure of what to do. Can Percy save Nico in time? With the help of Naruto and friends, he is confident that they can.

Naruto and the Demigods: The great Escape chapter 8

(Author's note: If you guys have some ideas for when Percy and the others go to save Nico from Orochimaru then leave a comment about it. Oh and if you have some pair up then tell me also but it can't be Lee/Clarisse. Their is a reason why I made Clarisse and Lee have a crush on each other.)


Persephone's Penth house-

Persephone's P.O.V

I couldn't sleep at all. I was too busy thinking about my friends and Nico. Where are they. I got out of my bed and went over to look out of my big window. I saw a guy sitting on top of the roof on a big mansion and I decided to go check it out. When I got there I hid behind a bush. I couldn't see who was on top of it so I got closer. I was now on top of the roof behind the person. It was Gaara. I just stood there and watched. He didn't seem to notice me at all.

"What is love?" He asked himself as he stared at the stars up in the sky.

"Love is when you care deeply for someone." I said. His head turned to me startled. He glared at me but I continued.

"Love is when you have a warm feeling in your heart and have the feeling of protecting the one you love. You can't stand to see that person hurt. The feeling of love is when you feel like you have butterflies in your stomach and you feel like your sick but you also feel happy at the same time." I glanced at him.

"Sorry. Yes I know I'm not good at expaining things." I said as I walked torwards him.

"When I was younger" I started. "Everyone hated me. I didn't know why but now that I am older I finally understand. No one wanted me. Everyone thought that I was a freak because when I was first born my mother abandoned me. Later on I found out why. It was because of who I was. I once tried looking for my mother hoping that she would want me backor something but then I found out that she died. And it was my fault that she died. Everyone found out and stayed away from me. Whenever I asked if I could play with them they would just run away from me and call me a freak. Everyone was so scared of me. Once I asked these group of popular girls that if I could join them theyran away but I don't blame them. So I grew up trying to find friends and I found some."

"Who were they?" Gaara asked. I smiled.

"Theyare Percy,Annabeth,Grover,and Clarisse. Oh and my siblings Bianca and Nico but I can't forget a few others." I said. I didn't want to say camp half blood. But this is another dimension right? I guess I wouldn't be bad to tell him...Gaara's glare started to fade away.

"But when you were younger...why didn't you kill the people who hated you? Why did you just let it go like it was nothing. If you killedthem then everyone will finally realize that you exist." Gaara stated. I let out a sigh and sat next to him. I stared up at the beautiful stars.

"Well I did wanted to kill everyone that crossed me before but I thought...if I killed them then everyone will hate me more. I was already hated enough and I didn't want them to hate me more so I just kept my cool."I replied. I turned my head over to him. He was staring at me as if he didn't understand a single word I said.

"Gaara I know what it feels like to be alone and have everyone hate you and to have no friends but if you fallow my footsteps then you will make friends. Like someone onced told me ' Make friends,become comrades and have fate in each other.'" I got up and stuck out a hand. He just stared at it.

"Would you like to be my friend- best friend Gaara-kun? Please? It would be nice to have friends you know."

Narrator's P.O.V

'Kill her! You don't need friends You have me! Kill the girl rip out her eyes eat her guts make her suffer!!!!' The shukaku yelled inside of Gaara. But for the first time ever, Gaara ignored the demon and took Persephone's hand. He was shocked when Persephone pulled him in for a tight hug.

'I guess I now have a friend...and someone to protect...' Gaara thought as he returned the hug.


Persephone's P.O.V

I decided to visit Gaara today. I went over to his house. I fixed my hair and made sure my breathe smells good. I took out a few mints and popped them in my mouth. I took a deep breate and knocked on the door. It opened and I saw Kankuro.

"Persephone...what do you want? A date?My phone number? Just tell me and I'll give it to you." Kankuro said licking his lips. I chuckled.

"I came over to visit Gaara-Kun." I said. Kankuro looked shocked for a moment but then shook it off.

"He's talking to Baki. Our senei." I nodded. I turned to go but then I heard someone's voice.

"What about Me? Or did you just came for Gaara-san." It was Temari. I turned to see her crossing her arms with a grin on her face. I chuckled and went over to Temari.

"Weel Persephone since you don't know the way around how 'bout Kankuro and I give you a mini tour?" Temari asked. I smiled.

"Sure. Thank you." I said bowing. Kankuro chuckled.

"Aww will you look at that the kid got manners." Kankuro said blinking one eye. Temari nodded agreeing with him. Then we took the tour.

-Konoha Academy-

Pery's P.O.V

Naruto, Clarisse, Annabeth and I walk down the halls and into the class room.

"What's up everyone!!!!" Naruto yelled throwing his arms in the air.

"Show off..." I heard someone whisper. My eyes fallowed the noise. It came from some guy with a gray jacket and a white dog on his head. I Shrugged it off and we all took our seats. I saw the guy Sasuke stare at Clarisse. He then glanced at me then at Annabeth. Sakura,who was sitting behind gave Clarisse and Annabeth a jealousy glare.

"Ok class we have three new students today. Kids please come up." The teacher said as he motioned his hands for us to come up. We all came up very slowly. I glanced at the teacher. He was wearing a gray shirt with a green vest and he had a scar on his face.

"Kids my name is Iruka but please call me Iruka-Sensei." Iruka turned to the class. Clarisse stepped forward.

"My name is Clarisse La Rue and if any of you even think about annoying me you.Will.Die." Clarisse said as she smirked and walked back to her seat. Everyone's mouth was wide open. Annabeth blushed and shyly stepped forward.

"Um... my name Is Annabeth Chase...and it's nice to be here today." Annabeth said with a sweet voice and walked over to her chair. I pumped my chess and try to act all superior.

"I am Percy Jackson...and I like pie!" I said as I went back to my own seat.

"Kids I don't know why you guys went back to your seat. Come back up and please show me how good your Chakra manipulation is."

We all walked back up there.

"What's a Chakra?"I asked stupidly. Iruka's eyes widen.

"Seiously you kids don't know what Chakra is? Well chakra is a mixture of physical energy present in every cell of the body and spiritual energy gained from exercise and experience."Iruka answered. We all nodded. Clarisse went up first. This was the first time that I ever saw her nervous but she shook it off so quickly that no one noticed. Flaming red aura surrounded her. Everyone gasped exept for Annabeth and I. Clarisse just shrugged.

"Now what?" Clarisse asked looking bored. Iruka thought for a moment.

"How 'bout you kids just go back to your seats after you"re done." Iruka said shrugging. Clarisse went back to her seat and gave Annabeth and I a wicked smile.

"This is me." Annabeth said. Bright yellow aura surrounded her body from head to toe just like Clarisse's. Her aura is so bright that I bet you that it could blind someone. I looked around and everyone had their eyes coverd with their hands.

"Done." Annabeth said and with that she walked back to her seat with everyone's eyes fallowing her.

"Here goes nothing." I mumbled. A powerful blur aura surrounded me. I heard oohhs and ahhs. I grinned and tucked my hands in my pockets then went back to my seat.

"Anyway!" Iruka said clapping once.

"Today we will have a friendly spar against each other. Now will you guys fallow me outside right now to get it started." Iruka said as he walked out the door and went outside to the middle of the field. We all fallowed him up in a line.

"Ok first match. Clarisse and Hinata please come up." Clarisse smirked and a shy-eyed girl came up in the middle of the field face to face. The shy-eyed girl whose name is Hinata has dark blue skin, fair color skin, and she is wearing creamed colored jacket.

"She's cute." I whisperd to Naruto. Naruto stared up to me with a playful smile.

"Oh you like her?" Naruto asked as he elbowed me in the ribbs. I blushed and said no.

"Okkkkaaaayyyy..." Naruto said as he turned his head to the fight.

"Begin!" Iruka yelled as he got out of the way.

(Author's note: Okay so the next chapter is gonna be about fighting and stuff. Chapter 10 will be Orochimaru and Kabuto vs. Nico. We are getting closer to the part where Percy and friends go save Nico! Please leave a comment.)

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