A piece of me

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It is normal that friends take and give each other a piece of themselves,
to show they are indeed friends.
Sometimes the more they mean to you the more you give.
Soemtimes you give too much...

Submitted: June 28, 2017

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Submitted: June 28, 2017



A piece of me


Every day we spent together

I gave you a piece of me

So I'm writing this letter

Just for you to see



When we first met I gave you my name

and you did the same


When we first had a long conversation I gave you some of my opinions

It was here that I thought we could be companions


When we finally became friends I gave you all of my trust

Our friendship was to me worth more than gold- and stardust


When we first sought for love I gave you my very blessing

Even though at the time a lot of things were depressing


When you made a mistake I gave you my sincere and loud laugh

We sat on stairs and took a photograph


When you were stubborn I gave you every second to spare, all my time

When ever I struggled with writing a poem you would tell me a rhyme


When you said something crazy I gave you my fantasy

We both told each other we would make it reality




When I made my only mistake you vanished out of my life

The only thing you left me with was a wound from a knife


And if you come back, the only thing you'll ever see

Is a broken shell filled with the last piece left of me


A scar that tells everyone just how close I was to someone once

But they just don't know the truth, that I was a fool, a dunce


And no matter how much it hurts to say

I would have given you more that day


Until every piece of me was yours

And I would be nothing but a corps

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