"I Am From Incredible Things"

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The classic "I am From" poem. I'm in eighth grade and this poem explains my life in a few stanzas. I hope you enjoy & please don't be afraid to make suggestions down below! Thanks:)

Submitted: December 13, 2014

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Submitted: December 13, 2014



I am from

The home of the brave, and the land of sushi.

Born near Atlanta city and raised in the mountains,

From friends, family, and support.


I am from many personalities.

Grandpa’s salty popcorn and movie nights to

Dad’s ten-mile hikes.

Grandma’s rich, eye-catching desserts and

Mom’s gentle hands,

A family full of caring people.


I am from holiday get-togethers.

The Almond Roca toffee bar tradition,

To staying up late with my only brother.

Swiftly running our hands down Christmas stockings

to see if Santa has visited.

Annual Polar Express movies with creamy,

eggnog milk nights.

A place of pure bliss and comfort.


I am from high expectations.

Edgie-Wedgies at age 3

on frigid, early morning ski runs.

Grueling backpacking trips in

pine needle scented forests.

4.0 report cards from 3rd grade on,

From parents that only want to see me succeed.


I am from sibling conflict,

with my best friend and worst enemy.

From the boy who has two more years of wisdom,

used for annoying remarks,

but also for the caring things older brothers do.


Crafting snug blanket forts,

A safe haven protecting us from the things

We did not see coming.


I am from a broken family.

A divorce that shattered my bliss and comfort,

Forcing me to live two lives instead of one.

From late night talks by the crackling campfire.

Only to later realize that this is life…

and life goes on.


I am from the Big Sky state.

From caring people and “bonding time.”

To parents that drive me towards happiness and success.

From a brother-sister relationship like no other.

A broken family.

I am from support.

I am from love.

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