Her New Birthday

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Dreams of playing with my deceased beloved dog ended with this......

Submitted: September 04, 2009

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Submitted: September 04, 2009



I’m riding a bus full of passengers.

I don’t see them, but I know they are there.

It’s like an RTD bus, but we are all standing.

I can’t see a driver.

A voice, presumably the driver of the bus, booms

“This is your stop”


My deceased dog Bailey appears out of nowhere and gets off the bus.

I try to follow her but the bus door is closed in my face and the bus starts moving.

I start screaming for the bus to stop and pounding my fists on the windows as I look out at Bailey who is valiantly trying to keep up with the bus.

She is running as fast as she can but there’s a ravine on the side of the road, which forces her to stop following the bus.


My bus just keeps moving.


The other passengers and I are all crowding around the bus windows and looking for Bailey.


We don’t see her.


What we do see are a multitude of intersections and other busses.

On a particularly large street I see a large bus similar to the one I’m riding on.

Somehow I know that Bailey had boarded that bus.



I’m panicking


My bus just keeps moving.


A large black dog begins to run along side my bus.

Bailey must have gotten off the other bus somehow because there she is.

My bus stops to let the large black wolf dog aboard.

As soon as the dog gets on I begin hugging it and kissing it and calling it Bailey.

The wolf dog is completely unresponsive.

That’s when I realize that this dog is not Bailey.


I am heart broken.


When I wake up I realize there will be no more dreams of playing with Bailey.

She had died four months ago, but she was still a part of my life, if only in my dreams.

Our journey together has reached its end.

She has moved on to a new life, a new adventure.

Today Weds Aug 29, 2007 is her new birthday.

Somewhere someone has been waiting for her and is elated to meet her.

I wish her well, but I will miss her always.


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