Two of the most important things my father taught me about driving in a car.


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Some of the most important things I have ever learned outside of school were the numerous driving tips my dad gives to me while we are in the car together. I will only share two of these tips.

The first one I hear over and over again from my dad, but the first time I heard it was in 7th grade he and I were driving to the mall. We left the house on the cool fall afternoon, just like any other. It was breezy; there was an open blue sky with puffy cotton ball clouds in the distance. We were headed to the mall to browse around and to kill a couple of hours. We pulled into the mall parking lot, in front of Barnes & Noble, because that’s always been the most convenient spot. It was a pretty crowded day at the mall, and there weren’t very many spots open. But as we are driving around the lot, three cars almost backed into us! So my dad told me, “Son, if there’s one thing I want you to remember about driving, remember this, a parking lot is the most dangerous place to drive, so always be alert because people don’t think when they’re driving here. People think there aren’t any speed limits or real roads so they can do whatever they want.” This is one of the things I will always keep in mind for as long as I live and drive.

Another driving tip my father taught me was just last Sunday (9/28). We were driving back from my basketball game in Hartford. It was raining profusely and we wanted to get home. So we got off the highway and we were stuck behind two other cars at a red light. The first car was way before the white line so the censor couldn’t read that we were there waiting for the light. So my dad told me, “If you’re ever at a red light for a long time and you know the light isn’t usually a long wait, shake the car a little bit by giving some gas then braking to wake up the censor a little bit.” The car ahead of us didn’t quite understand this, so after a good five minutes the red light finally changed automatically.

So these are the two most important driving tips my dad has taught me. They are also the two most important things I have learned outside of school.

Submitted: October 16, 2008

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this is really cool, and a creative topic. I like it, it's very nice! :)

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