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We all have been judged.. Been thrown away because of the scent we give off. The world closes it's eyes to the reality of the energy that every single human being has. We are all the same. We breathe until the oxygen evaporates. Then why do we still hate those that differ?

Submitted: December 01, 2007

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Submitted: December 01, 2007



The tears cry me to sleep
You wonder why i hate you so much
every word you speak destroys our trust
the pieces of my love you steal
you say the truth of me isn't real
I've been driven to the bottom again
still you hate and take my only friend
Should i make myself bleed again?
because the pain you give will never end
I'm so good to you now
it's suppposed to make you proud
My only want was a chance
A chance that will make my lifeless heart dance
You have no idea what this simplicity does to me
I promised everything you asked
I promised to let go of what happened in the past
I swear you smile at the thought of my rolling tears
The same tears for the same 2 years
How can you not trust the following of my heart?
When you take me away, you break me apart
Because i wouls sit in my own prison forever
Just so that you could realise that we are
We are meant to be together
I'm not lying to the truth
those feelings you had were once true..
But now it's the biggest battle,
the hardest thing to do
Because i'm not a liar, not even to myself
I cut the cancer before it affects my health
That's why everything i am is so sure..
So sure that it will be good
You wouldn't understand that - even if you could
I wish you could be me
Feel these things i see
You would die inside from the guilt
You would know that you are the one causing the hurt
The reason i can't let go of this -
I have never felt such pureness
I know exactly what you are doing now
You're not even listening, putting my emotions down
It's fine - you say you want what's best
Well you wouldn't know if you haven't heard the whole story..
If no one left out the rest
One plead I cry
Can you just try?
One understanding thought, letting go of your pride
What can i do to reveal the truth?
Kill the things that hide
It will be revealed someday, somehow
Too bad it has to happen now
Is that too much to ask?

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