The men in black

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a boy was forced to have sex with his mother...find out what happens..

Submitted: January 05, 2015

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Submitted: January 05, 2015



22ND DECEMBER 2011………5.00a.m

The plasma TV in the living room was released from his palm to hit the ground. You watched as it moved slowly, rotating until it smashed on the floor. Then, your father was slapped, the slap echoed and re echoed and you were sure that your father was deaf already. Nobody could have survived that slap. It wasn’t enough. One of the men whose eyes were like that of a tennis ball blew your father in the face and you watched helplessly as blood danced down his nose to the floor. “What are you watching boy? You need something to watch? Huh! Okay, watch this,” one of the men in black said to you after which he pulled your mum at her hair, dragging her towards him. He inhaled her scent; you thought it was definitely refreshing because your mum had used ‘Eva soap’ that night. It was her first time; she had told you that that was the soap reigning in Enugu at that time. “Your scent alone makes my d*ck rise,” the man who grabbed your mum said. He tore her night gown into pieces; your mum’s breasts were exposed. She was wearing only a white lace pant. “Look what we have here,” Kelvin, one of the men in black said. His eyes widened and it was as though he was going to devour your mum. You knew his name was Kelvin because you had seen him in school, he was one of the security men that safe guarded the school premises. You weren’t really shocked when you saw him because he had told you on one occasion that he liked your mother’s breasts, stating that they were as big as pawpaw fruits and he always had a severe look on his face. You covered your eyes immediately you saw your mother’s nakedness, but Kelvin slapped you and told you to watch unless he would shoot your father before your eyes. Your heart pounded wildly and you found it difficult to breathe. The man who tore your mother’s dress loosened his belt and pulled off his trousers. He had a mischievous grin on his face. You neverforgot that grin; it haunted you, even in your dreams. Just then there was a scream, a loud piercing scream from your sister, ngozi. She wasn’t in the room when the men in black came, she slept often in the bathroom, your parents weren’t aware. She told you to keep her secret. You didn’t consider it a secret since she never had a good sleep with you in the room; you found out that she slept more comfortably in the bathroom. Now she walked into the living room, only to see her mother naked. She was silenced by the third man in black. You closed your eyes at that point, because you knew your sister was in trouble. Then you were slapped again by Kelvin, your father stood just abruptly and rushed at Kelvin with an infuriating anger. A gunshot boomed in the air and your heart skipped a beat. You saw your father bleeding in the head, he fell flat to the ground but you could still see his eyes open. You didn’t think he was dead, dead people always had their eyes closed as they drift to the afterlife. The red curtains lifted gently as a result of the impact of the cool breeze that swept into the living room. Suddenly, the living room became too large, perhaps your eyes were spinning, fear had gripped every bone in your body and you wondered why other tenants hadn’t woken up, even after the gunshot. Then a voice whispered to you that it could just be a dream. You were slapped again the third time and you screamed, the slap was different. You looked up and saw that it was the man who tore you mum’s night gown. You directed your gaze at your mum; she was still standing at the same spot, naked. She was freezing, you could feel it. She was shivering and you could see her nipples become so taut. The third man in black asked your sister to strip off her dress slowly, while pointing a gun at your mum’s head. You wanted to rush at him, you wanted to take his gun and blow his head open. But you were too afraid to move, too afraid to talk, too afraid to even close your eyes. You were just eighteen years old, a year older than your sister. Kelvin rushed at your sister and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them roughly. You saw tears welling up in your mum’s eyes before she was slapped by the man who tore her night gown. You watched the tears dry up from your mum’s face immediately after the slap and you became too scared to even cry. The third man in black was stark naked now and looked like an Hausa goat, brown, long and lean. You thought he looked more like an ape but you didn’t tell him. He caught you staring at him and told you to stand. Your entire body trembled and you felt your heart slide into your stomach. He was naked and you thought he was going to rape your mum but you were wrong. He ordered you to strip off your clothes, and then he told you that you would insert your banana into your mum’s tomato. Your head exploded and hot shivers crawled down your spine. 5.30. A.m………….. “Pull off that rag before I blow your mama’s head,” the third man in black ordered. You looked into his eyes and you could see the ice cold moistness in them. You obeyed him because you couldn’t lose your mother. Your mother stared coldly at you as you approached her naked. Just then, you became terrified as her eyes darkened. Your sister was watching you with teary eyes; even your father had his eyes on you. He was dead but you still felt his gaze being so intense. You clenched your fists and Just then you blew Kelvin on the face, you blew him hard and watched as blood dripped down his broken nose. Your mother gasped and your shocked eyes met hers. Then a gunshot exploded in the air, and the blood spilled on your face. A hot slap woke you from your slumber and your eyes opened to see your sister smiling at you. “Its dawn already, wake up sleepy head,” she said smiling tightly. You told me your dream during break time in school and I laughed uncontrollably. “Seriously, men in black. You really should stop watching crazy movies.”

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