The Boy Who Fell For Autumn (Sample)

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The Boy Who Fell In Autumn is a remarkable story about young boy who is falling madly in love with a girl.


Submitted: August 30, 2012

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Submitted: August 30, 2012



Chapter 1: Autumn

His dark brown eyes are like little ghost that are staring deep into my soul. When I mean “he”, I’m referring to the new kid who won’t stop looking at me. I tried hiding behind my long blonde hair, but he seems to always get in my vision. Maybe if I stare at him, he’ll see how annoying it is. I turned my head to his direction and he quickly faced forward. He ran his pale fingers through his jet black hair and then pulled his dark brown jacket over his head. I laughed quietly to myself, making sure no one else hears me. I was stuck in yearbook, because it was either detention for a month or this. Let’s just say I don’t make the brightest choices in life. Mrs.Sanchez started passing out papers with pictures of random people on it. Beside the pictures were names and their grade number.

“Find a partner to help you put the students in alphabetical order” Mrs. Sanchez ordered. Sadly, I didn’t know anyone here so I was pretty much screwed. I stood up from my desk and started walking towards the boy who couldn’t stop looking at me. I might as well partner up with him, because everyone else here seems...uninteresting. I knocked on his desk and he lifted his jacket from his head. He looked up at me; his right leg started to shake.

“Do you want to work with me?” I asked the boy. He nodded his head and pulled out his paper that Mrs. Sanchez had given him. I pulled out two pairs of scissors from my book bag and placed them on his desk. His shaky hand reached for the pair of scissors, picked them up, and started cutting out the different pictures.

“What’s your name?” I asked him. He pulled out a blank sheet of paper and wrote “Travis” on it. It seems that Travis doesn’t talk much. I picked up the other pair of scissors and started cutting out the student’s pictures.

“I told you my can you tell me yours?” He said in an unusual voice. He grinned at him; he smiled back. I kind of like how this guy is so shy and quiet. He makes me feel so relaxed and calm.

“I’m Autumn” I told him.

“Like the season?” He asked.

“Yeah, like the season.” I explained. The school bell rang and all the other kids fled from the room. I walked back over to my desk and gathered my things. As soon as I turned around, Travis was gone.

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