101 ways to show the love for your soulmate

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101 ways to show the love for your soulmate... practice and shower with more love ... make your bond more stronger!!!!

Submitted: October 30, 2013

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Submitted: October 30, 2013



101’s way to show the love for your soul mate.



By- chingakham chinglenthoiba

Love is the most wonderful feeling ever I felt. It’s better than losing my sense after I drank my 4 pegs of whiskey bottle……

“Your lips speak soft sweetness

Your touch a cool cares

I’m lost in your magic

My heart beats within your chest

I think you, each morning and dream of you each night……..”


  1. Always have better understanding
  2. Never have the dominance feeling
  3. When you are leaving for job or far away, put a love note in such a place where she can find it easily
  4. Never scold or make her embrace  in front of your friends circle or family member
  5. Never disappoint her by her new recipe cooked for you
  6. Go for moonlight walk around a peaceful area or park
  7. Help her while she is cooking
  8. Sometimes make her surprise by making bed tea for her (even husband can offer tea for wife ;-))
  9. Whenever she is ill or not keeping well try to take her rest for couples of days and make her “princy” feeling.
  10. When she is pregnant never make her the feeling for extra help in her life. You make yourself as the complete PACK.
  11. Surprise her by a beautifully arranged candle light dinner.
  12. Spend your weekends by playing some board games, it will bring more loves.
  13. Take out some old photos album and discuss those moment.
  14. Allow her to have the best opportunity to grow herself.
  15. Always make sure that she has enough money with her.
  16. Have a hot shower together.
  17. Massage her body whenever she desires.
  18. Go for a long drive in a lovely scenery area.
  19. If you are having baby, take care of your baby at mid nite (if baby cries) before your wife gets up.
  20. Plant a wonderful flowers or tree in the name of your love.
  21. Daily give her a bear hug and whisper near her ear “I still loves you” in soft voice.
  22. While coming back home from long journey or office, bring her favourite food or chocolates.
  23. Hold her hand and walks hold it strong, when you are walking in mob area so that she feels safer.
  24. In bed, just keep on stare at her before sleeping and give her good night kiss on her fore head.
  25. Never forget to give a card or flower on some special occasion.
  26. Bring a bouquet of flower or red roses to surprise her(not occasionally)
  27. Share your day feeling with her.
  28. Always be truthful to your better half. If any goes wrong apologies to her, she will appreciate.
  29. Keep her favourite song as your phone ringtone.
  30. Rain  dance  together  J.
  31. Always spray your room with sweet perfume.
  32. Dedicate your wife favourite song on radio or tv.
  33. Behave like kid and play together. (sometimes)
  34. Roll down together in a mud pit on rainy day and have shower together.
  35. Spread some rose petals on the bed on special occasion, before you sleep.
  36. Give a call and spend for 5 mins after a busy meeting.(this shows your love even in critical situations)
  37. Put a note on your bathroom mirror with your saving cream, like “I LOVE YOU”
  38. Put her favourite chocolates bellow her pillow.
  39. Go for shopping together.
  40. Have a juice together in a single cup or mug.
  41. Give a surprise hug from back, when she is busy in cooking or some work.
  42. Respect her family.
  43. Control your tongue when you get angry on her.
  44. Never disappoint her in front of your friend circle.
  45. Practice “even” “odd” dating game.(you love her on even day and vice versa)
  46. Stay together at late night watching the lonely moon under the starly sky.
  47. Blind fold her and surprise her at her favourite spot.
  48. Take a surprise trip for a mini vacation.
  49. Go out for some adventurous spot like hills.
  50. Buy a lottery ticket; give it to her with a note “I hit the jack pot when you became mine”.
  51. Naming your future with blending of both thoughts.
  52. Pick a flower from the road side for your partner while walking.
  53. Give a wink to her. (when you both are in different room)
  54. On your partner’s birthday, send a greeting card to her mom to THANKS her.
  55. Always use her favourite perfume.
  56. Call your partner from work(like cooking ,washing or bathing ) for no reason , then say “I LOVE YOU”
  57. Bring home one small and unexpected gift.
  58. Say “I LOVE YOU” at least thrice a day.
  59. Hold hands.
  60. Make an advance valentine plan.
  61. Walk hand in hand in the rain.
  62. Rather than saying “I LOVE YOU”  use even “I NEED YOU”.
  63. Hide a love note in her purse.
  64. Take her a ride around the city and enjoy the roadside junk food (like panipuri, chat or ice kagola.)
  65. Let her choose the movie.
  66. Give her foot and neck massage.(because they need to distress from all day works)
  67. Buy a pet for your honey.
  68. Read each other horoscope.
  69. Put a sweet name like “ HONEY,HUBBY,DARLING OR SWEETHEART”
  70. Tattoo your mate’s name on your body.
  71. Make an album of your favourite moments spent together.
  72. Be the first one to say “I’M SORRY” and kiss her and make up.
  73. Give massage each other.
  74. Kiss her nearly 20 times a day.
  75. Make a donation in her name for some charity.
  76. Watch an old black-white movie together.
  77. Always remember your 1st date of dating.
  78. Send sms “IM THINKING OF YOU” when you are in work.
  79. Serve breakfast on bed when she is not keeping well.
  80. Garden together.
  81. Spend together the evening sun-set.
  82. Put the photo of her and yours in your wallet.
  83. Do the dishes together and apply the hand lotion to each other.
  84. Decide a secret signal and use them in communicating in critical situation.
  85. Do the laundry together.
  86. Stand outside near the window and sing a romantic song together.
  87. Hide her favourite candy in pocket or purse.
  88. Hold each other hand tightly during the thunder storm.
  89. Keep a secret and funny name for her like(mango,papaya,pie etc)
  90.  Surprise your partner with a big kiss on the neck.
  91. Share an ice-cream cone.
  92. Plan a picnic in your house back-yard.
  93. Draw a picture together and framed it.
  94. Go to church or temple or mosque together.
  95. Whisper near her ear “YOU ARE STILL BEAUTIFUL ”.
  96. NEVER or EVER raised your hand on her for any reason.
  97. Discuss your future plan together and have future policy plan on her name.
  98. Dance together in dim light with soft music.
  99. Always be a good listener and be a good tissue paper when she cries.
  100. Be a TRUSTWORTHY.

Thanks for reading…. Hope you gonna love your mate more effectively ;-)……

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