Diary Of A Space Traveler

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This short story was written for an Inter-School Competition, the topic being 'A Space Odyssey'.
-Marcus Phillips is thrilled to be on his first inter0galactic cruise. The story unfolds the wonders of the universe as he travels to different planets, meeting all sorts of races.

Submitted: May 24, 2012

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Submitted: May 24, 2012





19th March, 11:02  a.m.


I am aboard the flight E64600. After years of hardwork and saving money, the thought that I have finally made it, gives me immense pleasure. The fact that my boarding pass boldly reads ‘MARCUS PHILLIPS’, makes me swell up with pride. Everything around me fascinates me, opposing much to my fellow passengers. They seem to all sit with completely bored looks, they’re probably used to all of this. So I’m struggling to mix in with everyone else.

I have done much research about everything before even packing for my first inter-galactic cruise ever. Being the Physics lover I am, the technology used behind space travel awes me.

Space travel has progressed immensely ever since Volansium was discovered in Eastern India. Volansium, commonly known as the “flying element”, has defied all physical and chemical laws of nature. This element has a property which can captivate energy and remain moving in a particular direction until the energy lasts.”, this is the information my travel guide had given me. On further research using my ‘A-Z, Complete Encyclopedia of the Universe’, I also learnt the following:

E=mc^ à Einstein’s formula, where E = energy, m = mass and c is the speed of light.
à Derived formula, where h = speed of hevy.

(1 hevy = 1 ly/ s = 1.5706 x 10 (^17) km/s)

According to the above derived formula, the lesser the mass, lesser the energy required

All passengers, pilots and flight attendants are shrunk relatively to a microscopic size (using Halvig beams) to reduce the mass, reducing the amount of energy required. They are then led to the spacecraft (also microscopic), which is covered by VTN (Volansium Tri Niobate- the most powerful isotope of Volansium) and literally “shot” into space at the speed of hevy.

The VTN due to its captivating property travels, along a straight path, to its destination with the energy.

This whole technology seems so interesting.

My first destination is Stilkosonia, in the Andromeda galaxy. It is about 2.54 million light years away. We are seconds away from landing.



March 20th, 9:45 p.m.


I reached Stilkosonia yesterday; I shall be leaving in the morning. Since the time of my arrival, I have been in the company of my humble guide and friend, Saki.

Saki is a translator by profession and one of the very few Stilkosonians who understand English. Saki arranged a guestroom for me in his hometown, Stilamphi, from where I am presently writing. I spent the whole day with him and his family learning about the Stilkosonian culture and eating their delicacies. Saki taught me how to play Sy, a popular sport played by the Stilkosonians. We had a terrific game with the neighborhood children soon after. The first time I met him, however, I was terrified.

-I was walking out of the Terminus, emerged in my tourist guide when I feel a tug at my shirt. I turn around and before I could even react, this tiny bobble-headed creature takes both my hands and shakes them vigorously. He then bows deeply and on arising, he smiles a very toothy grin. I, clueless about how I was supposed to react, nodded back uncertainly. -

Stilkosonia is a planet, which is too close to a powerful dying star. Therefore, it is hard for these little creatures to survive on the surface. They have built a huge inter-connecting tubular system underground in this enormous planet, where they live. The Stilkosonians are very true to their nickname, “the friendliest in the Universe”. I enjoyed my stay here and I hope to come back someday.



March 22nd, 6:03 a.m.


After bading a teary farewell to Saki and his family, I reached Humanbeigeia yesterday around noontime. Citizens of this planet in the Large Magellan’s Cloud are known as Humandroids. A very advanced race, the most advanced in the Universe. Every creature here has a personal hologram. These holograms answer every doubt, stores every piece of information and helps their androids to reach places safely.

As I was trying to get into a Humering, I saw my hologram forming in front of me.  Humi, then showed me around by giving instructions to the humandroid driving the elevated taxi.

Last afternoon, I rode the Hakiae, accompanied by Humi. Hakiae, is a highly heat resistant elevator-like thing which takes you down to the core of Humanbeigeia.

I am now on my way to Viglanid in the Milky Way Galaxy. This is comparatively closer to home. We had a little space turbulence a while ago. It made a lot of passengers panic but luckily, it is all back to normal now.

I am eating Humanbeigeian food right now and the microscopic model of Stilkosonia, gift from Saki and his family, is still wrapped in my bag. So far, my inter-galactic cruise is going brilliant.



March 23rd, 7:08 p.m.


Viglanid is not at all what I expected it to be. The citizens here, Villans, live in a liquefied substance—Vynisum. All creatures live in this substance ‘cause their surface temperature is too cold for them to survive.

The Villans are culturally and academically very strong, which in my opinion, is the reason for their highly arrogant behaviour. These 7-footed super-smart creatures roam around their planet with a certain pride, which would make you suffer from insecurity.

My only company here was my tourist guide and my encyclopedia. I am so glad that I’m leaving in the morning. Given an option, I would probably opt to visit Stilkosonia than visit Viglanid.

Tomorrow, my flight leaves at 4:37 a.m. I cannot believe my cruise has finally come to an end. Hopefully, I shall be able to save some more money and travel to the outer extents of the Universe.



March 25th, 12:03 p.m.


I’m back home. Everything seems the same. I must go to work tomorrow, my boss already called and asked me to prepare a report for him. To think of it, I really did need a vacation. Life is satisfying but back to the same stress. 



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