The Unknown Soul

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A true story, based on subtlety. Leaves the reader in thought.

Submitted: May 24, 2012

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Submitted: May 24, 2012




As the newly wedded couple entered their new house near Ulsoor Lake, Bangalore, their joy knew no bounds. Married for about three weeks, their plan was to live in Bangalore for a few months and then permanently move to Hong Kong.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, the morning sunlight was coming in through the windows, the chirping of birds could be heard and probably every plant in Bangalore was covered with dew. The man sat reading the paper cross-legged at the table while his wife cooked breakfast in the kitchen.

The phone rang and on the third ring, the lady picked up the receiver. The news must’ve been heartbreaking, for the lady was in tears. She held out the receiver for the man, saying that her grandmother had passed away.

As the man reached out for the receiver, a huge drop of blood splattered the floor in between them. As the pair looked on in horror, another blood drop splattered the floor and again and again and it finally stopped. They couldn’t find a single explanation to this. Not that they didn’t try, they even hired people to figure it out.

The housemaid refused to wipe anything in that vicinity and slowly, it dried and went off. The man and his wife tried to find an explanation to it. However, they found none. And they soon forgot all about it.

There was a period when the lady went to stay with her parents. During this time, the man was completely alone and nothing unusual happened.

The night before their morning flight to Hong Kong, it occurred again. This time, however, it terrified the couple. They desperately hoped for the night to turn into dawn. Their friend, a scientist by profession, scooped the drops up and announced that he would take it to his laboratory to test it.

The man, after bidding farewell to the man and his wife, settled in the backseat of an auto. He hadn’t even gone to far, when the auto unnaturally “burst”. The driver and the man were injured but the tiny bottle with the blood drops was nowhere to be found.

The couple left the following day for Hong Kong, without an explanation.


You’re probably wondering about how I know this story so well. Well, I haven’t made it all up. It happened to someone who is very close to me. Those two people in the story happen to be my parents.

I’ve heard this story atleast a hundred times. It has never failed to make the hair on my neck stand straight, as it has, to a thousand others. This story has been told and retold to thousands of people for about the past seventeen years. Never has anyone come up with a valid reasoning to it.



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