Winning & Struggles

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A poem written during a tough phase, urging readers to never lose hope and to never give up.

Submitted: May 24, 2012

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Submitted: May 24, 2012



'You must be a slave to everyone,
And please them with all your might.
Don't care if you lose yourself,
But make the others happy.'
Is that what the world's taught me?
I hope not.


I'm struggling to resurface from all the pressure,
Struggling to find myself,
But as I reach out for a hand,
No one pulls me to safety.
I'm all alone, I realize.

During this fight, I soon want to give up.
I'm tired, exhausted,
From this weary battle,
But I still hold on, with all my might,
For a little voice in my head says,
'So you're GIVING UP, are you?'


And that puts me back to my senses.
Flashes of fond memories pass before my tired eyes.
And I think to myself, 'NO'.

I kick my feet all about in the dark depths,
And suddenly, something catches my foot,
It tries pulling me down with it,
Into its dreary home.
I desperately manage to shove my wrist above the water, for the last time.


I'm still fighting but I can't anymore.
I'm too tired, all I want to do is sleep.
Sleep through all of this.
Skip it all to the happier parts,
Until suddenly, a firm hand catches my wrist,
It's warm yet strong.

The creature pulling at my feet is gone.
And all I can feel is a warm light.
All I can feel is happiness, like eternal bliss.
No worries, no pain, just happiness and I.
'Is it all over then?', I ask.
And a boomingly soft voice says, 'You won.'

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