A Girl Possessed: Heartbreak

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This is a poem about heartache, unrequited love, grief or any emotional situation.

I use metaphorical language to illustrate how these feelings can affect people in different ways.

Submitted: May 30, 2012

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Submitted: May 30, 2012



A Girl Possessed: Heartache


She didn’t know how or why it happened

It’s not as if she expected it to

Something had took a hold of her heart

It was controlling her mind.

It deceived her, it tricked her

Creating illusions

Like mirages that from afar seemed real

Only to watch them disappear from her grasp

Fantasy and reality distorting the truth

Blurring her vision

Like she was addicted to

Some unknown substance

Giving her intense highs and devastating lows

Making her ill

Like a demon had possessed her

Turning her into an insane being

It fooled her, deceived her

Made her believe in false dreams

But her spirit was constantly battling

Against it all the time

The angels allied with peaceful doves

Tried to rescue her from its savage grip

It clung on tight refusing to let go

Sinking in its claws

And clamping its jaws

The searing pain that taunted her body

And reduced her to an empty shell

But the spirit never gave up

And the Lord who saw her in her distress

Whilst in the peacefulness

Of her sleep and her undisturbed dreams

Cleansed her, released it and set her mind free.

She awoke in the golden sunlight

To find she could breathe, her eyes could see

It will take time for her to fully recover

But wounds hurt the most when they are healing

After being in the darkness

It takes awhile to adjust to the light.


© Copyright 2018 Selina Dee. All rights reserved.

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