A Fairytale Collage!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Like a silhoutte upon my wall so this collage is encrypted on the pages of my heart

Submitted: December 26, 2008

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Submitted: December 26, 2008




Looking back on the memories of what we once shared

Beneath a starry sky by night,

Underneath a rainbow of colours of yellow, pink and blue by day

Writing  831 on a wet and sandy shore

Only to watch it being washed away

As a wave rushes to the shore and back again

Then to find … it is gone forever!

Picking up pebbles and throwing them into the sea

With the hope they will rush back to shore once again.

Had only we knew it would end this way,

Would that have stopped us?

The world seemed so right for us in every way

Having you I had everything

I was your queen

As you allowed and let me believe and feel.

A fairytale that was not meant to end with a….

Happily ever after!

A dance never to be learned by you,

My dance never to be danced for you.

All them special songs we had accumulated together

One song so special is….

The song I bare within my heart of you!

Fantasies hidden forever

And shared never!

The beautiful dreams of two persons

Only to become a silhouette upon our wall.

Passion so deep, deeper than any ocean can ever be.

Explosions into galaxies far beyond here and heaven above,

With no return just a memory now.

E-mails, sms’s shared and saved in a very special file

A treasure for a lifetime!

Not forgetting little notes and those special day cards

Now stored in box called the ‘collage of my life! ’

A lonely photograph on my beside table

To remind me daily of the Baby Girl that once…

Shared my life so tenderly.

And reminding me of how beautiful you were to me!

Always and forever my fairytale Princess.

Yet when I close my eyes I will always journey

On the back of a white swan,

With you right there in my heart

To a place called ‘Nevaland! ’

A place where angels do fear to tread

And where only the eagle can fly!

I will always be the wind beneath your wings

So fly for me, fly high in the blue sky.

You will always be the call of my ocean

The crest of my every wave

No matter where you are or may be!

Closer to me you can never be than…

Right here in my heart forever and a day!

Although I am running, running to I do not know where?

As there just empty spaces in each corner I reach.

Therefore I’ll put my thoughts back into the Window

I know so well……

Made up of gigs, bytes and ram,

Supported by feeling of comfort, a keyboard

Under my fingertips as I put my thoughts to paper,

Typing a fairytale love story,

‘Cause it will always be a never ending verse

From within my heart!

Seek and you will find the words that……

I would rather have whispered softly in your ear.

There in amongst the world of heartbroken verse,

It will be found written just for you!

For I will always Love You

Until the day after forever!

Your place by my side will always have

Reserved, taken, not available written on it.

No one can ever love you like I do

Or know you the way I knew you!

You are the collage within…..

This broken heart!

© Copyright 2020 Chiqui. All rights reserved.

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