Experiences of Pain

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Pain is such a phenomenal word. It has many meanings, good, bad and ugly! Yet each meaning dealt with differently these are but a few of my very own experiences.

Submitted: January 01, 2009

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Submitted: January 01, 2009



Experiences of Pain

by: Chiqui


Pain is…. loosing your puppy you so loved

When you were very young

You couldn’t even face going to school

After you hearing the vet over the phone say

“sorry my dear she didn’t make it,

we have a little graveyard at the surgery

Shall I have her buried for you?”

“Please do, I will bring flowers!” she answered.


Pain is… as a teenager finding out the truth

That in actual fact you were adopted

Was it necessary to leave it till now

She asked herself over and over again

It was very hard to comprehend

Yet the out come turned into the positive

Realising that the parents who raised her

Were the only she knew and always would love.


Pain is… when you go into labour

Labour pains increasing with every contraction

When contraction reaches its peak

The clock stops it doesn’t seem tick

Then comes the push, pant push part

So scared now, yet you know its’ all the way now

Then amazingly you hear that first cry

Your baby boy a miracle, a joy.


Pain is… when your 2nd child is born

So perfectly formed, 10 fingers and 10 toes

A face so angelic a tiny little nose

In your arms you lovingly hold her

For the very first yet very last time

Her little face turns blue she breathes her final breath

As angels take her to heaven above

All left now the tears that wet your face.


Pain is… when your baby boy disappears

Don’t know where his gone

The you learn of the medicine man

Way up in the hills who needs to brew

Frantic, beside yourself you on the search

Please Dearest Lord hear my cry

Let no harm to this innocent child of mine come

Thank you Father for hearing my call.


Pain is… loosing your father

The one you always depended on

He who showed you the right from wrong

Your Santa Clause and tooth mouse

Who taught you to drive

Your hero and friend

Never forgetting your birthday

The best grand pappa ever



Pain is… fighting in that deep Atlantic ocean

All four my young in trouble

As the current takes them deeper and deeper

Many stand and watch my fight against this hell

Mommy will we all drown today asks my daughter

If ever I prayed I prayed that day

All prayers answered from above

We all got safely back to shore.


Pain is… when a marriage for better or worse

Comes to a sudden halt

The love of your life, your first love

Loves you no more

He says it is greener on the other side

No longer by my side will he abide

And so suffer the children even more

No words can comfort their broken hearts.


Pain is… loosing your mother

Your best friend and story teller

Who catches you when you fall

Giving just the very best

Teaching you to live in truth

The best babysitter ever

A love ending at never

Mom I will always miss and love you.


Pain is… loosing a granddaughter

To a killer disease menengitus

Only 13 months old this little sunflower

Like a thief in the night

The angels came to take her away

Her daddy and mommy so broken

All tattered and torn

Having to wear this crown of thorn.



Pain is… a marriage 2nd time around

Till death do us part it is supposed to be

Used and abused you so I am told

“I only needed you to grow up my 4 young

You did a pretty good job,” says he

Thank you Mam you services needed no more

Daggers into my heart one more time

Inside just an empty space very hard to face


Pain is… waking up from an operation

Doctor at your beside

Worried look on his face as he says

“you will be back in surgery tomorrow

cancer is the name here,  sorry my dear.”

But next to me the Girl who took me into her heart

Showed me a new and different world out there

Not knowing what destiny had in store for us.


Pain is… when you pushed aside by those

By those you love with your heart and soul

Those you would give your life for

Your 3 boy children

Acceptance of a new life and world for me

Simply nil on a contract

Judged, convicted and sentenced

Where to from here?


Pain is… the worst pain ever

Being parted from the one you love

Body, heart and soul

The one who knows you best

Who brings comfort in stormy skies

For life is just a moment in time

Surely to goodness happiness is allowed to all

Why me Lord, why? This is pain!


© Copyright 2017 Chiqui. All rights reserved.

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