My Promise to You

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Promises are made to forever ending at never!

Submitted: December 28, 2008

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Submitted: December 28, 2008



My Promise to You
by Chiqui


I cannot promise you…..
A rose garden without any thorns
An ocean without any tidal waves
A storm without thunder and lighting
A moon without it sometimes hiding behind the clouds
The sun in everyday without overcast days between
A running river because rivers also run dry
To climb every mountain, as some  are impossible to climb
A fairytale, because they are only found in the land of Never
A lifetime because a lifetime is only a ‘Moment in Time!’

But I can promise you...
My hand to have and to hold, my body, all of me
My lips to kiss whenever you wish
My heart, my soul and all its pages
My song for you as you always are and will be my #1
To catch you when you fall and let you stand tall
To encourage and inspire you in all you do
To  be your rainbow in each and every day
The brightest star in your sky and moon by night
The one you can depend on, when you speak I will listen
To always walk beside you. Never infront or behind you
To dry away any of your tears, cast away your fears
To comfort you when you sad and never make you mad
To love, cherish and adore you, forever, always  and a day!
This I promise you!

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Dedicated to: The Girl in my heart!

© Copyright 2017 Chiqui. All rights reserved.

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