Only You and Me

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It was to be a day that would last forever....
dedicated to: My Valentine Girl 2009

Submitted: February 16, 2009

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Submitted: February 16, 2009



Just You and Me
By. Chiqui
Can you remember....
A year ago to be exact
The night I tried so hard to win you heart
Believing that we would never part.
Can you still see....
All them pretty balloons
Gold, white and 40 red ones to
Remember the ones I blew up for you
Do you still visualise….
The candle lit room
A lovers table set just perfectly for two
What about the song that was playing
Do you recall the name
Candles of red burning bright
Rose petals and incense of lavender
Filled the whole lounge and dinning room
Do you still see….
All them little red hearts
Perfectly cut and decorated with gold
These very hands that knew no art
Do you remember….
Sitting and sipping champagne
As I danced for you to the tune of
If The World Crashes Down
Do you ever read the book….
I wrote for you that night
Telling you just how very much
You mean to me, each page with love
I guess you forgotten….
The little green box wrapped and tied with a bow
A gift that was meant to make the tides to bind
Then down on my knees
Begging you please
Wear this for me on your finger
Asking be mine forever and a day
Then I fetched 23 red roses
One white one to
To show you the purity of my heart
Do you still hear the laughter and joy
As we exchanged out Valentine gifts
We even got in a hug and kiss
I still remember so well
That feeling so awesome and warm
Seeing the ring on your finger
And thinking life had just begun
Little did I know how wrong I was
And soon in my soul I knew
I’d never be quite good enough for you
Then came the day you handed me back
The rings all three I had bought for you
You will never know how my heart did bleed
‘Twas then I had forgotten how to sing
To smile was even harder
Knowing that life would go on for you and me
No matter….….
How hard, long or dusty the road ahead may be
A whole year has now gone by
365 days I did cry
Knowing always I’ll wait forever
Even if it takes until the end of never
Then I decided…
To wish upon a falling star
And this time my wish did come true
‘cause for Valentine… 2009

 It will be just you and me!

Happy Valentines Day Baby Girl!

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