Then we knew

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When do we really know?
Dedicated to: My WWW lady, never a day goes by without finding you right here in my heart.

Submitted: January 03, 2009

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Submitted: January 03, 2009



As I closed my eyes to sleep
Allowing my thoughts to wander back in time
 …Before "US"
It was destined that our paths someday
Somehow and somewhere should cross......
Little did we know that we were always
So very near to each other
Maybe just heart beat away
Yet so far the miles between us lay
Even so....
We dreamed hoped with each turn of the tide
That here was someone out there
Along the distance white and sandy shore
...for YOU , for ME, 
Sitting on the edge of the ocean
Riding this hidden love on a crest of a wave
With each passing day our instincts grew stronger
Knowing that love was knocking at our door
That we will find each another someday
No matter what ever happens. 
That our bodies will be fused together
In a tranquillity that cannot be explained
Our love will reach heights unbeknown to reality
Each new experience a pleasure indescribable to existence
The fears within ourselves that may be just an illusion
To awake to a world of emptiness of barren and bare
Then..... as if a dream come true
You kissed my mouth with so much passion
As if  I wasn’t gonna live no more
Never letting go for even a minute
Your body rippled beneath my touch
Taking you into a world of no return
Then we knew....
…….this is LOVE....
YOUR love...
MY love
Bursting into flames of eternal ecstasy
Like an avalanche we love! 
To love someone, is to me
The only one to see a miracle invisible to others
The dreams we share with each other
Understands when nothing else does
Sometimes you give and I take
Sometimes I give and you take
Always riding our love on that crest of a wave
As the shifting sand always comes together
May our love always move closer to each other
For I want you to know
This is YOU and I
Our bodies, minds and souls are now fused as one
No one will ever take it from us
Together harboured in each others arms
We'll see it through to the end
Like a  Romeo  and Juliet
Leaving this world together
With dignity in OUR Love
Then we knew
by: Chiqui...

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