There is You and I

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“YOU and I!” will always be no matter how near or far, we are just a heartbeat away form one another.
dedicated to: “YOU and I!” with love for you Baby Girl

Submitted: January 07, 2009

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Submitted: January 07, 2009



There is YOU and I!

By: Chiqui


One cold and wintry night

 You stepped into my dream

Just like a “Once upon time!”

So this fairytale was born

Through two windows with miles between

Across the land and over the sea

There is YOU and I!


Sharing songs and having fun

This fairytale had just begun.

Soon you claimed the pages of my heart

In yours my name you encrypted there

We danced on cloud where angels feared

Flew high in skies where eagles dared

Finding our Shangri-la of paradise

There is YOU and I!


Igniting fires deep within our souls

In the mystic land of Neva

Filling in the pieces miles between creates

We have painted pictures in our minds

Where roses bloom all seasons through

Leaving footprints of near and far

While sharing same stars under the southern skies

Looking together at the waning moon we know

There is YOU and I!


Our bodies feel and touch in whispers of the wind

A gentle breeze blows through our hair

As we cascade on a rainbow coloured just for two

Reaching heights of unbeknown passionate explosions

Leaving each other quite breathless

A love so phenomenal and pure as gold

Two hearts that beat each beat for each other

A song that is sung by only two

And promises made to last forever

There is YOU and I!


Fairytales have sad chapters to

The saddest day was when we had part

Not knowing how, where, when or what to do

Magic wands are scarce and rare

Our pain and aching so hard to bare

Longing to harbour in each others arms

Becomes a dream a tale once more

All we have now two windows at night

And in our hearts knowing

There is YOU and I!


We’ve spoken to the magic man

In castles high up in the sky

He told us not to question why

That our love will surely never fade

For together we are meant to be

A lucky charm he gave us both

And then reminded us so clear

“Remember” he said with his deep voice

“There is YOU and I!”


Now if dreams were made when sleeping

And fairytales never were

If love was but an illusion

And songs were never sung

And stars did not fill up the night sky

Then answer me this question

Why is there still a

“YOU and I!”



  dedicated to: “YOU and I!” with loveBaby Girl!

© Copyright 2017 Chiqui. All rights reserved.

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