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The hope of a new tomorrows wishes....

Dedicated to:Dedicated to: The wish for this Girl to be part of my life!

Submitted: February 18, 2009

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Submitted: February 18, 2009



by Chiqui


Wish I could take away….
All pain in your heart
And tell you everything will be alright!

Wish I had the answers to…
All the why’s, what 4’s,  yes’s and no’s
What the future is holding for 'YOU and ME!'

Wish I could take back…
All spoken words of hurt
And 'YOU'only hear those beautiful and dear!

Wish I could say…
So sorry one more time
And know 'YOU' accept my pardon!

Wish I could turn all….
Wrongs into rights
Instead of 'US' landing up in fights!

Wish I could give you…
The one you miss most
I’d bring 'HER' home to her Mamma’s arms!

Wish I could help…
Help with making up your mind
Just to know how long I must wait!

Wish I could hand you…
Diamonds and pearls
Instead of all these awful tears!

Wish I could put…
Rainbows in your everyday
And take 'YOU' to where the angels play!

Wish you could…
Forgive me one day
For the agony I put 'YOU' through!

Wish you could understand…
The need within me
Just to 'HOLD' my childrens hands!

Wish you may know…
I love you just as you are
I never want 'YOU' to be any other way!

Wish you want to…
Look into my heart
And see the pages encrypted within!

Wish you could feel…
All the regrets I have
Of hurting 'YOU' so much!

Wish you could see…
The girl I want to be
Just for 'YOU' to be proud of me!

Wish you would take…
This hand of mine
And hold it forever and ever!

Of all the wishes I have…
Are of  ‘YOU and ME’
To be happy when day is done!

And if all these wishes…
Do come true one day
Then it will be just ‘YOU and Me!’

© Copyright 2019 Chiqui. All rights reserved.

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