Oh, destiny!

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A short imaginative piece on the day Tsunami struck thousands of people.

Submitted: June 12, 2010

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Submitted: June 12, 2010




This is a short story about the picture shown above.

Brook and his family were on a vacation at Phuket. They were enjoying the much deserved break from the strenous routine. Brook had saved every penny possible, to take his family across the goble from their teeny tiny house in Zambia. Little did they know what was about to happen. The day started out bright and beautiful. "Shall we go for a swim, guys?", Brook asked his children who had just woken up and rubbing their eyes and stretching a little and murmured, "What time is it, daddy?". It's 8 o'clock, said Brook. Tao and Tub scampered from the bed and stared at the breathtaking view of the ocean, squealing and stomping their feet in absolute delight. God knows how long it was since Brook saw his kids so happy. Brook and his wife Louise, exchanged looks of sheer joy.  What could make them more happy? "Alright guys...why don'tcha all head out for a swim, while Mamma makes some hot breakfast?", said Louise. Tao and Tub gave her a high-five and scurried behind their Dad to keep pace with him.
The suite they stayed in had a Kitchen and Louise hurried to the grocery stores to get some bread, milk and eggs.Meanwhile, at the beach, Tao and Tub were happily floating on their surf boards. Brook was in the water too. After an hour, they plonked themselves on the sand and made this beautiful sand castle, picked shells and were chasing after crabs. Brook was watching them have a totally splendid time.

And then, it happened. Nobody saw it coming. A huge wave, as tall as a 10 storied building came gushing towards them, enveloping everybody on the coast and sucked them into the middle of the ocean. The force was so strong that part of the resort was wiped out.People were running from the wave, but what were they thinking? That they could just scamper to the shore and take a bus and go away somewhere far? Would the wave wait while everyone was off to somewhere safe? Some of them were slashed against the wall and died on the spot. Some of them just disappeared into the ocean. Like Brook. And, Tao and Tub. And the beautiful sand castle.

It happened in a matter of few seconds. Louise was returning from her grocery shopping when she heard the huge roar and could not understand what was happening. Would she ever have thought that that day would be the last time she would ever see her family? Can she stop grieving for her husband and children? Won't she wonder what's the point of living anymore when she has lost everything in life?
There were thousand other such Louises who went through the exact same emotions. There is just one answer to all this - Fate! No one can fight it.
Nature, can be calm and serene and make everyone happy and at the same time, she can put on an evil disguise, as though she were dressing up for a Halloween Party, and cause complete desctruction! Enjoy every moment of today. God knows what will happen tomorrow. For all we know, we may be swept away by another tide or may sink into the ground in an earthquake! God speed!

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