Emily's Guardian Angel

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Emily has had a hard life for the past four years, what happens when a new kid enters her high school? Could everything change in the blind of an eye?

Submitted: May 23, 2010

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Submitted: May 23, 2010



There once was a girl that lived a very stressed life. She had never wanted a boyfriend because she knew her mom wouldn't approve of it and even if she did Emily didn't want to bring him into her stressed life and hateful mom. All her mom did was scream and yell at her about how she wasn't good enough for anything she wanted to do. So she felt all alone in the world until one day at school there was a new kid. But it wasn't just any new kid it was a boy and he was so sweet and handsome or at least that is what she thought. He was in all of her classes and even sat next to her in most of them.  Their lockers were even next to each other.  But that wasn't what shocked her, what shocked her was that he seemed to be attached to her, anywhere she went he went except when she went to the bathroom of course.  They hadn't even said hello or hi to each other but he followed her around everywhere.  He even sat next to her at lunch which really shocked her because no one had sat next to her since last year when she still had "friends". Well after that nothing really happen they just went through the rest of a normal school day.  But on his second day there they had to do a report in English and they had to work in pairs, normally Emily would be the last one to be picked by someone because no one liked her as a partner. But this time it was different because the teacher was going to pick the partners instead of them getting to choose. Emily was shocked when the teacher picked Jeremy, the new kid, to be her partner. Emily expected Jeremy to ask the teacher if she could put him with someone else but instead of that, he said ok and the teacher picked the rest of the pairs. By the time she was done it was time for the bell to ring. When it did she asked Emily and Jeremy to stay after class. After all the other students left she called them over to her desk and explained to them why she had picked them as a pair.  She said that since Emily had the highest grade in the class that she would be the perfect one to help Jeremy with the project.  With that said she dismissed them and on the way to lunch Jeremy asked Emily when they would start on the project and she said that they would start tomorrow but they would have to do it at his house, not hers.  He was going to ask why they had to do it at his house but then he look at her eyes which were filled with sadness so he just said ok and asked her what time she could come over and she said that she would come over right after school.  So with that out of the way they went to lunch.  After lunch the day went by pretty fast and when Emily got home she asked her mom if she could go over to a friend’s house tomorrow to do a project for school after thinking about it for a few minutes her mom said yes but then started to yell at her for no reason at all.  After the little feud with her mother Emily went to her room and did her homework then laid on her bed and started to cry, she cried so much that she cried herself to sleep.  When she woke up it was seven in the morning which was an hour later then she needed to get up and once she realized that, she jumped out of bed and got in the shower and when she got out she grabbed some clothes and put them on, then ran out the door and down the street to her school.  What she didn't notice was that she had forgotten the stuff she needed for their English project.  She didn't notice this until 5th period which was her English class when she told Jeremy about it he said that it was ok and asked her if she could run home after school and get them then they could go to his house without thinking she said yes.  When the bell rang at the end of 8th period Emily noticed what she had agreed to do.  After the bell rang she went over to Jeremy and asked if they could wait until tomorrow to start their project and he said no because he was busy tomorrow and he also asked why she wanted to wait until tomorrow to start the project.  Emily said that she didn't have a reason for asking so with that said they went to their lockers and got what they needed to take home.  On the walk to Emily's house neither one of them said a word to each other until they got to Emily's front porch she asked him to stay on the porch and wait for her to come back out with her stuff he say ok. He stayed on the porch while she went in but as soon as Emily opened the door her mom started to yell at her.  When she heard her mom she hurried and closed the door behind her but she didn't do it fast enough because Jeremy heard it all. Her mom was yelling at her for coming home when she wasn't suppose to she was suppose to be at a friend’s house. When he heard her mom yelling at her he instantly regretted asking her to go home and get her stuff so they could work on their project he should have just said ok to them working on it tomorrow. Inside Emily was trying to hurry up and get her stuff so she could get out of there but her mom was still yelling at her.  Once she got all the stuff she needed she looked at her mom and said, “Ok I'm leaving just give me a minute to get out the door then I will be gone for most of the night.”  Once out the door she looked at Jeremy who hadn't moved since she had told him to stay on the porch but once he noticed that she was out of the house and standing in front of him he said “I'm sorry.”  All Emily did was say, “Don't be and she put on a fake smile“, Jeremy could tell that it was fake but he didn't say anything to her he just turned and started down the stairs once she saw him turn around the smile went away and she started down the stairs after him.  They started toward Jeremy's house. The whole way there neither one of them talked to each other. When they got to Jeremy's house he said, “We're here” and then he turned to face Emily.  She had been looking down at her feet until she had heard him say something and then she looked up and what she saw shocked her.  He lived in a beautiful house compared to hers.  When she noticed he was looking at her she pulled her eyes off of the house and looked at him. Then he started towards the front door so she walked after him.  When he got to the door he pushed it open and he was greeted by his mom and little sister.  Emily was amazed by that because her mom hadn’t  done that for a long time so she kind of felt jealous of Jeremy. Jeremy walked in and they hugged him but after that he turned to Emily and said, “Mom this is Emily the girl I told you about she is here because we have to work on a project for English class.:  His mom held out her hand and said, “Hi my name is Kara and this is Jeremy's little sister Sophie.” Emily hesitated but then reached out and shook Kara's hand and said, “Hi it is nice to meet you.”  After that Jeremy asked if Emily and him could go to his room and work on their project.  Kara said yes so Emily and Jeremy went up to his room and started to work on their project.  After two hours of working and looking stuff up on the computer Jeremy's mom called them down for dinner.  Emily hadn't planned on eating there but she had to stay there for awhile so her mom wouldn't get mad at her for coming home to early so Emily and Jeremy went down stair and ate dinner.  After they got done eating Jeremy's mom asked Emily when she had to be home and Emily just said that it didn't matter. Then Kara asked her if she needed a ride home and Emily said no thank you I will walk home. So after that Emily decided to start home while it was still light outside.  Jeremy walked her to the door after helping her get all of her stuff from his room.  He asked her if she wanted him to walk with her to her house since it was only a few blocks away Emily was grateful that he had offered to walk her home but after what he saw earlier she didn't want him seeing or hearing anything else.  So she said thank you but I will be all right walking by myself but thank you anyways.  Jeremy didn't like the fact that she was going home and that her mom was probably going to yell at her for coming home but he didn't want to push Emily into letting him walk her home so he just said, “Well your welcome and I guess I will see you at school tomorrow and do you want to work on the project again tomorrow?” She looked at him and said, “Well I guess we can that way we can hurry up and get it done, so I’ll see you at school tomorrow, bye.” Then Jeremy said bye back and with that Emily started home. The next day went just like all the other days at school and just like yesterday Emily had forgotten her stuff at her house so Jeremy asked her if they could go get it after school and then go to his house like they did the day before and to his amazement she said yes.  So after last period that day they meet up outside the school and then started towards Emily's house. After what her mom did last night she really didn't care if Jeremy heard her mom yelling at her because last night when she got home she had expected her mom to yell at her but she didn't just yell at her for the first time her mom hit her.  She even had a bruise from it so she had wore her hoody all day because it was on her arm and she didn't want anyone to see it so they wouldn't ask how she got it.  So when they got to her house she went in and left Jeremy on the porch again and just like yesterday he could hear her mom yelling at her but this time when Emily came to the door she didn't have her stuff when she got to the door she look at him and said, “I'm sorry but I can't come over to your house today to work on the project but maybe we can tomorrow, ok?” Jeremy answered her by saying, “Yeah ok and I am really sorry you have to go through this all the time with your mom” and then he walk off the porch and down the street toward his house.  When he got down the street some he turned around, looked at Emily, waved then he yelled, “Goodbye see you tomorrow.”  With that said he turned back around and started toward his house again then Emily shut the door and ran up to her room.  She laid on her bed and cried herself to sleep again. The next morning when she got up she started to get ready for school but her mom stopped her and said, “No you’re not going to school today you are staying home and cleaning up while I go out for the day.”  With that all said her mom left the room and walked out the door.  Emily was sad, happy, and mad that she had to stay home. She was sad because if she stayed home she had to clean the whole house and have it all cleaned by the time her mom got home or else her mom would be really mad at her. She was happy because even though she had to stay home and clean at least her mom wasn't there to yell at her.  She was mad because she had to stay home from school which meant that she wouldn't be able to go to Jeremy's after school and work on the project that they had to do for English.  After she got dressed Emily went into the living room and started to clean, once she got that cleaned she started on the bathroom then her room. She left the kitchen for last because she knew it was the one that needed cleaning the most.  She had gotten the kitchen half way clean when her mom pulled into the driveway and Emily knew she was going to get it from her mom. When her mom came in the front door Emily was hard at work trying to finish the kitchen but it was too late her mom was already in the kitchen heading towards her. Emily had turned around and was facing her mom.  When her mom got within arms distance of Emily she slapped her in the face which came as a shock to Emily so she fell to the floor. When she got up her mom started to hit her more and each hit was getting harder and harder by the second.  When her mom got done hitting her she was crying so she ran to her room.  Since Emily hadn't came to school today Jeremy decided to go over to her house and see if she was ok and if she was still going to come to his house to work on their English project.  When he got to her house he went to the front door and knocked on it, Emily's mom answered it he asked her if he could talk to Emily for a minute so she told him to hold on while she went to get Emily and then she shut the door. Emily's mom went to Emily's room and told her that a boy was at the door and wanted to talk to her.  Once her mom said that she knew it was Jeremy and she didn't want him to see her bruises so she told her mom to tell him that she was asleep.  So her mom went to the door and told Jeremy that Emily was asleep and she didn't want to wake her up so he would have to talk to her some other time.  After he said bye to her mom he walked to his house and went into his room and didn't come out until dinner time.  He couldn't get Emily out of his head he had been thinking about her since he had went to her house and didn't get to talk to her but he finally decided that he would get to talk to her tomorrow at school if she even came to school tomorrow. After dinner he went back to his room and went to bed.  The next morning when he woke up he got ready for school like always but this time he left early so he could stop by Emily's and see if she was coming to school today.  He went out the door and started towards her house.  When he got there he went up to the door and knocked. Just like yesterday Emily's mom answered the door he asked if he could talk to Emily again so her mom said, “Hold on I will go see if she is up.”  Emily's mom went to Emily's room again and asked Emily if she wanted to talk to the boy again, Emily still didn't want Jeremy to see her so she said no tell him that I am asleep again.  But this time instead of her mom going down stair she stayed in Emily's room and started yelling at her.  They didn't know it but Jeremy could hear them outside. He heard Emily's mom yelling at her and he could her Emily crying but he just tried to block it out but couldn't so he keep listening to them to try and hear what they were fighting over.  But he was shocked when he heard his name yelled by Emily so he figured that they were fighting because he had came to talk to her and her mom didn't want her to talk to him but by the time he was going to turn around and head to school Emily's mom opened the door and said that Emily wasn't going to be at school again, she also said that her name was Ella then she told Jeremy bye and shut the door. After he realized what had just happen he decided that he should start heading to school.  The day seemed to go on forever or at least that is what Jeremy thought.  It was the last period of the day but it felt like 3rd period to Jeremy. When the bell rang for the end of 8th  period Jeremy was still in his seat, he was looking off into space when his teacher came over to him and told him that it was time to go home so he went to his locker then he started home.  Emily was worried about what Jeremy would do if he didn't talk or see her for awhile but she didn't want him to see her bruises from her mom hitting her so she couldn't go to school or his house until her bruises went away or they weren't so noticeable.  So she had to stay home all day with her mom and she just hoped that her mom wouldn't hit her anymore. Once Jeremy got home he went to his room and fell  asleep when dinner was done his mom came up to get him for dinner but she found him asleep on his bed so she just went back downstairs, Sophie and her ate and they left Jeremy alone.  The next morning Emily wanted to go to school so bad so she wore a long pair of pants, a long sleeved shirt, and a hoody.  She also put on a lot of make up to try to hide the bruise on her face. She walked to school that morning just like every day, like nothing had happened to her at home.  Jeremy woke up and got ready for school he was hoping that Emily would be at school today so he would know if she was ok but he had decided that he wouldn't be around her anymore that way Ella and her didn't fight. To him it seemed like anytime he was around, Emily and her mom would fight so if he wasn't around her, they wouldn't fight, right?  So once he got to school that morning he went to his English teacher, told her that he would like a new partner and that it wasn't because of Emily that he wanted a new partner it was because of him.  So after hearing him out she said that she wouldn't give him a new partner, that they had been working on the project for a month now and that it was too late to get a new partner.  After hearing that Jeremy said ok and walked out of the classroom. Emily had gotten to school right before the bell rang for school to start so she didn't have any time to look for Jeremy and tell him that she would be coming to his house after school to work on the project. Jeremy had just walked out of the teacher's room when the bell rang so he didn't have any time to look and see if Emily was there today but he knew he would find out by 1st period because they had all the same class. He was shocked when he was looking in his locker and a voice from behind him said, “Did you miss me?” He turned around, who he saw shocked him it was Emily and she had a big smile on her face. He said, “I sure did.” Then Emily said, “Well I'm glad you did because I was wondering if it would be ok if I came over after school today that way we can work on our project some more.”  Jeremy didn't know what to say so he said, “I don't know let me call my mom at lunch to see if it is ok and if it is then I guess we will walk to your house and then mine like we normally do.”  But instead of saying ok Emily said, “No we don't have to stop by my house this time I remembered all my stuff so we will only have to walk to your house, so I will remind you at lunch to call her.” Jeremy just said, “ok, well with that done don't you think we better get to class?” Emily just nodded and started to walk to their 1st period class.  For some reason the day seemed to go by fast to Jeremy but he knew the reason it did was because Emily was back so he wasn't worrying about her all the time. By lunch he was ready to call his mom to see if Emily could come over and he was ready to talk to Emily some more.  Once the bell rang for lunch he was out of the room like a rocket.  He went to his locker then into the office to see if it was ok if he called his mom, they said yes so he did. When she answered he didn't even say hello or hi he just asked if it was ok if Emily came over to work on their project together and if she didn't say yes he was ready to beg her to let Emily come over but thankfully she said yes.  So he hurried up and got off the phone that way he could find Emily and tell her that she could come over.  When he found her she was seating on the floor with her knees pulled up to her chin, she had her eyes closed.  So he decided to sneak up on her and try to scare her. He carefully walked up next to her, sat down trying not to make any noise then he grabbed her shoulders and said, “Hi.” When she felt someone touching her she jumped but when they said hi she knew it was Jeremy so she knew she had nothing to worry about. He started to laugh and hearing him laugh just made her want to laugh so she started to laugh too. When Jeremy stopped laughing he told Emily that she could come to his house after school and she was so excited that she hugged him and said, “Yeah I couldn't have waited any longer to go to your house.”  After she stopped hugging him she sat there with a smile on her face and so did Jeremy.  Even after lunch the smiles stayed in place all day long each class period went by fast so when the bell rang for 8th period to be over it seemed like they had only been in there for five minutes but they were glad that it hadn't lasted long because they were ready to work on their project and spend time with each other.  Once they realized that the bell had rang for the end of 8th period they both ran to their lockers, Jeremy was the first one ready because he only had to put all of his stuff up he didn't have to get anything out of his locker so he went to help Emily with her stuff. When they finally got all of her stuff they headed to Jeremy's house. When they got to his house he opened the door and this time instead of his mom greeting him and hugging him she was in the living room watching Sophie play.  So Emily and Jeremy went to his room and started to work on their project. They worked for three hours nonstop and then it was dinner time so they went and ate with Jeremy's mom and little sister.  After they got done eating they went back to Jeremy’s room and started to work on their project some more.  They had a lot to do since they hadn't done anything for almost a week so they were working really hard on it. Emily was starting to get hot so she took off her hoody that she had, had on all day but she had forgotten that she wanted to leave it on that way she wouldn't roll up her sleeves on her shirt. Jeremy saw Emily take of her hoody and start to roll up her sleeves but then she stop and he was wondering why she had stop but he didn't think on that question for too long because they had to work really hard on the project if they wanted to get done with it in time so he started to work on the project again. Emily was really starting to burn up with her sleeves down so without even knowing it she rolled them up but Jeremy hadn't noticed luckily. Jeremy had saw Emily roll up her sleeves out of the corner of his eye but didn't pay any attention to it until he was working right next to her, he noticed some sort of bruise on her arm but at first he ignored it. Then he saw that she had a lot of them on both arms. That is when he started to really look at them and he started to worry about her. He was wondering how she got them but he didn't want to ask her.  Emily realized that Jeremy was staring at her arms then she noticed that she had rolled up her sleeves and that he was looking at all of her bruises. So she hurried and covered them but it didn't help any because he asked her what they were and how she got them. At first she didn't answer him so he figured that she didn't want to tell him but then she said that they were bruises. Well at least he got an answer to one of his questions but he wanted to know how she got them so he asked her again, “How did you get them?” She didn't answer him again but he could see that she was starting to shake so he look at her eyes and they were glossy like she was fixing to cry or she was trying not to cry, a silence fell upon them. But it didn't last for long she finally answered him and said, “My mom did it.“ By now she was starting to cry because she couldn't hold it back any longer. When Jeremy heard who had given her the bruises he was so shocked he knew they fought but he didn't think that Ella hit her too.  All Jeremy could say after that was, “Why did she do it?”  It took Emily a minute to answer but she did. She said that on the first day that she was absent from school her mom had made her stay home and clean the house and that if it wasn't clean by the time her mom got back that she would do something to her.  Emily said that she didn't think her mom would ever hit her but she was wrong when her got home she didn't have the whole house clean so her mom slapped her in the face and knocked her to the floor and while she was on the floor her mom kept hitting her and when her mom stopped that she ran to my room and started to cry. After hearing all of that Jeremy couldn't believe it he had wanted to talk to Emily the same day but her mom had said that she was asleep. Jeremy couldn't say anything because he didn't know what to say so instead of saying something he looked at Emily and saw that she was sitting there crying. He didn't know what to do so he just sat there and watched Emily cry but what happened next shocked him a lot. The next thing he saw was Emily coming toward him and then she wrapped her arms around him and started to hug him. He didn't know what to do at first but then he realized that she needed someone to comfort her so he hugged her back. They just stayed there in that spot for a few minutes until Emily started to calm down. When she started to calm down some Jeremy asked her if she was ok and she said that she was now that she had told him that and had it off her chest. Then Jeremy told her that she could tell him anything that she needed to get off her chest and Emily said that she knew that now. Then they just stayed there hugging for the next thirty minutes and when they were done hugging Emily was no longer crying now she was smiling because she knew she had someone that cared about her. After that they started to work on their project again and this time Emily didn't have to worry about her sleeves now that Jeremy had seen the bruises. They didn't know that it was getting late until Jeremy's mom came into the room. She told them that it was eleven o'clock and that Emily better start home so her mom would get worried about her. Emily knew in her mind that her mom could never worry or miss her so she didn't want to go home. Jeremy didn't know if it was a good idea for Emily to go home because he didn’t know what her mom would do to her if she came home so he looked at Emily to see what she was thinking about. When he saw her face he could tell that she didn't really want to go home so he told his mom that they had to finish one little thing first and then Emily could go home. So Kara left his room and went into the living room. After his mom left Jeremy turned to Emily and asked if she wanted to go home. Emily answer no because she was afraid that her mom would hit her again. Jeremy told her ok he would go ask my mom if she can spend the night here he was sure his mom has some clothes she could wear. So Jeremy left Emily in his room and went into the living room with his mom. He went and sat next to her on the sofa when he sat down his mom looked at him and said yes she can spend the night and you will find some clothes that she can wear on my bed. Jeremy didn't know how she knew what he was going to ask so he said, “How did you know what I was going to ask you?” she replied. “A mother knows everything I could tell be the expression on your face when you sat down.” The only thing Jeremy could do was hug his mom so he did and then he ran to his room and told Emily that she could stay the night. Emily was glad that she could stay the night there that way she wouldn't have to face her mom tonight. Since she could spend the night they started to work on their project again because it was Friday and they didn't have to get up early tomorrow. They worked on their project for another three hours and would've worked longer if it wasn't for Kara telling them that they had to go to bed so they stopped working on the project and got ready for bed. Kara took Emily to her room so she could change into something for bed and Jeremy stayed in his room and changed. When Emily was done changing Kara took her back to Jeremy's room and Jeremy had decided to let Emily have his bed and he would sleep on the sofa in the living room but Emily didn't like the idea of being all by herself. So she asked Kara if Jeremy could sleep in the room with her because she didn't like sleeping by herself at a friend’s house Kara thought about it for a minute then she said, ”Yeah I guess he can but you need to ask him if he is ok with it as well.” Emily looked at Jeremy and asked him if he wanted to sleep in his room with her. At first Jeremy couldn't believe that his mom had said yes and now Emily was asking him if he wanted to sleep in the room with her so all he could say was, “Yeah I guess, you can sleep on the bed and I will sleep on the floor” after hearing him say that he would sleep in the room with her made Emily really happy. With that all done Jeremy's mom left them to get ready for bed.  Jeremy got some blankets and pillows for them and then he made a bed on the floor for himself. After they had gotten everything they needed they told each other good night and then laid down in their own beds. Emily faced the wall on Jeremy's bed while Jeremy laid on the floor in the bed he had made out of blankets. Jeremy was glad that Emily was staying the night but he didn't really want to lay on the floor but as long as Emily was happy so was he. The floor was hard even with the blankets down so Jeremy was having trouble trying to sleep and he let out little moans and groans because he couldn't get comfortable but he didn't mean to let them out because he didn't want Emily to hear him. Emily was having trouble getting to sleep because she kept hearing Jeremy make low noises and she knew he didn't want her to hear them but he was the only one in the room making noise. Emily knew he was moaning and groaning because he couldn't get comfortable on the floor so she was trying to think of what she could do to make him more comfortable. She finally figured that she could ask him if he wanted to sleep on the bed to but she figured he would say no but it was worth at least asking him. So she asked Jeremy if he wanted to sleep on the bed with her he was shocked to hear her ask that but he knew he wouldn't be able to get any sleep if he slept on the floor so he though it over for a minute and then answered with a yes. Emily was shocked she though he would say no but he didn't he said yes so she moved over and made room for him in the bed. After she had moved over and made some room for Jeremy he got on to the bed and they slept back to back but once their backs touched they were both asleep. The next morning Jeremy's mom came into his room to check on them and she saw them both asleep on his bed but instead of waking them up she just let them sleep. Jeremy's mom wasn't going to wake them up until noon because they had both been up at least until three that morning working on their project. So when noon rolled around she went to Jeremy's room to wake them up and she found them in the same stop they were in when she left the first time. So she went over to the bed and woke Jeremy up first when he woke up he saw that his mom was the one waking him up he didn't really pay any attention to it, he just sat up. But when he sat up he realized that he was in bed with Emily, he looked at his mom and started to say, “Mom it isn't what it looks like Emily asked me if I wanted to sleep in the bed with her.” But before he could get it all out his mom said, “It's ok I know you guys didn't do anything and I knew last night when she asked me if you could sleep in here that this is how I would find you this morning.” Jeremy just looked at his mom and nodded because he didn't know what to say all he wanted was to know how she knew all the things she knew. After Jeremy woke up and got on some clothes for the day his mom told him to go and wake up Emily and then take Emily into her room and let her change into some clothes for the day.  So after his mom told him that he went back into his room and woke Emily up.  When she woke up she had forgotten that she was at Jeremy's so she said, “Get your hands off of me!” Then she heard Jeremy say, “It’s just me, Jeremy, my mom told me to wake you up.” When she heard his voice she opened her eyes and saw that it was him waking her up. When she sat up she looked at his clock next to his bed and saw that it was noon.  Then she looked up at Jeremy and said, “Sorry about that I forgot that I was at your house not mine because I thought it was my mom waking me up not you I am really sorry.”  Jeremy looked at Emily and said, “Its ok I understand I have done that a few times when I went to other people’s houses it is normal don't worry about it.”  Emily just sat there for a few more minutes then she stood up and walked towards their project.  But Jeremy stopped her and said, “Nope we’re not work on this until you change into a different pair of clothes and we eat breakfast.”  Emily just looked at him and then said, “Ok then where are my clothes?”  “Follow me,” Jeremy said and he walked out of the room and down the hall towards his mom's room.  When they got to her door Jeremy opened it and said, “My mom said you will find the clothes on the bed so go and change I will wait right out here for you then we can go eat breakfast.”  After Jeremy shut the door Emily walked over to the bed and picked up the clothes on it then she put them on.  After she got dressed she went to the door, opened it and there was Jeremy just like he said he would be.  Once they closed the door they went into the kitchen and sat at the table with Jeremy's mom. They sat there in silence for a few minutes until Jeremy's mom said, “So did you sleep good last night?”  Jeremy looked at Emily so she could answer first and she said, “Yes I did.”  Then Jeremy looked at his mom and said that he did too.  They all sat and ate their breakfast then Jeremy and Emily asked if they could go to his room and work on their project because they only had a few more thing left to do, then they would be done with it.  Kara said ok and they went to Jeremy's room when they got into his room Emily looked at Jeremy and said, “Thank you very much for letting me stay the night with you I don't know what my mom would have done to me last night if I would have went home.”  He just looked at her and said, “You’re welcome it was the least I could do for a good friend.” After that they started on their project again. They worked on it for a few hours and then Kara came into Jeremy's room and asked when Emily needed to go home, Emily and Jeremy looked at each other then looked at Kara. Emily said< “I don't know I guess anytime would be fine.” After that Jeremy's mom went to the living room to play with Sophie. Once Kara left the room Jeremy looked over at Emily and said,“ Are you sure you want to go home will your mom do anything to you?” Emily replied, “I don't know but I cannot stay here again I would feel like I was a burden to you and your family.” Jeremy looked Emily in the eyes and said, “I know I don't feel that way and I don't think my mom does either last night when I went to asked her if you could spent the night I didn't even have to ask she just said yes she can stay the night so I don't think my mom would care if you stayed.” Then Emily said, “I don't know I want to stay here but I don't want to go home tomorrow and my mom be even madder that I didn't come home tonight because I don't want to get her mad at me again and have her start hitting me again.” After Emily had said that she had started to cry again Jeremy had saw that so he hugged her and she hugged him back. They stayed like that until Emily stopped crying. Kara had heard crying for Jeremy's room so she went to his room and cracked the door open a little so she could see into his room what she saw was Emily and Jeremy sitting on the floor hugging, Emily was crying a little. She decided not to say or do anything so she just shut the door and went back into the living room with Sophie. Meanwhile back in Jeremy's room Emily had stopped crying and now they were just sitting on the floor hugging each other. Once Jeremy made sure that Emily was ok he told her that he would be right back, he needed to go talk to his mom about something, Emily just said ok and then he left his room. Jeremy left his room and went into the living room where he knew he would find his mom. Once he saw her sitting on the sofa he headed towards it and then he sat down next to her. His mom said, “Hi I see that you guys are doing good on that project is she going to be spending the night here again?” Jeremy replied, “Yeah I guess we are doing good on our project, she kind of wants to but she doesn't know if her mom will get mad at her and she thinks that she will be a burdened to us if she stays again but I already told her that she wouldn't be if she did stay so I guess she might.” Then Kara said, “So why was she crying earlier?” Jeremy just looked at her and asked, “How did you know that?” Kara replied, “I could hear someone crying in your room so I went and peaked into your room and I saw you two hugging and Emily was crying a little.” Jeremy looked at his mom and said, “Well I don't really know if I can tell you everything about it but it has to do with her mom and her getting into fights and stuff like that.” “Oh well she can stay the night if she wants and you can tell her that if she wants to or if she needs to she can talk to me about it ok now go back to your room with her you don't want her to get lonely,” replied Kara. “Ok mom I will tell her and I guess I will go back to my room and we can work on our project some more,” once he said that he headed back to his room were Emily was waiting for him. When he got back into his room he told Emily that if she wanted to she could stay the night again and he also told her what his mom had said Emily just nodded her head. After that they started on their project again this time they only worked on it for an hour because they only had to do a few little thing to it and then they were done with it. So once they got done with it they went to the living room to just sit and relax. When they walked into the living room Jeremy's mom was sitting on the sofa watching Sophie play on the floor so they went and sat down next to Kara. Once they sat down Kara looked at them and asked them if they were done with their project they both nodded their heads yes. Then Kara asked what they wanted for dinner since it was starting to get close to dinner time they didn't know what they wanted so she just said that she would find something and she headed towards the kitchen. Jeremy and Emily just sat there and watched Sophie play for a while. When Sophie was done playing she went over to the sofa and sat down next to Jeremy and Emily. They all sat there until Kara walked into the living room and told them dinner was done so they all went into the kitchen and sat at the table. Emily was picking at her food, Kara saw it and said, “Emily are you ok?“ Emily looked at her and said. “I don't know,” Kara got up and motioned for Emily to come with her. They went out into the living room, Kara sat down on the sofa and patted the spot next to her motioning for Emily to sit next to her so Emily went and sat down next to her. When Emily sat down Kara turned to her and said, “What is wrong and don't say that nothing is wrong cause I can tell that something is wrong?” Emily just stared at the floor, she was unsure whether to tell Kara about her mom. What would happen if she told her and then someone else found out and then her mom found out she had told someone about it, that would really get her in trouble. But she wanted to tell Kara, over the past month and a half she had became like a mother to her. She was at Jeremy’s house more than her own anymore. Emily just keep looking at the floor. Kara put her hand on Emily’s knee and said “Honey, don’t be after to tell me anything, if something is bothering you please tell me, I can tell you are in pain.” Emily just looked at Kara’s hand for a minute then she started to cry, Kara just gave her a motherly hug. Emily slowly started to speak, she said,” It’s my mom, we’ve fought a lot lately but she never laid a hand on me until about a week ago. She came home and I hadn’t done everything she had asked me to and she just hauled off and slapped me. Then when I was on the floor she just keep hitting me. A day later she started hitting me again. See she left bruises.” At that Emily pulled up her sleeves and showed Kara her bruises. Kara just stared at them with her mouth open, she couldn’t believe that someone could hit their child, what kind of sick person would do that. Emily continued on with saying,” I’ve had to put up with her yelling at me since my dad died four years ago, after he left things just haven’t been the same. We were so happy when he was with us then bam he was gone. Mom went completely downhill after his funeral. I just don’t know how much more of this I can handle. And I’m scared about what might happen next, first yelling at me, now hitting me, I don’t want to find out what could be next.” Kara just tightened her hold on Emily and said,” Don’t worry honey, you won’t have to deal with it anymore, you can stay here as long as you like, from what you’ve told me I doubt your mom would care if you were home or not, it’s all the same to her. Over these past few months you’ve became like a daughter to me, and I know Jeremy cares about you a lot I can tell by how he looks at you. Dear he would give anything to keep you save, and I know he would die if I didn’t help you out in some way, plus I couldn’t stand to send you back there, after everything you’ve told me.” Emily couldn’t believe it she finally had a way out of everything, all she could do was hope that her mom would just move on with her life and leave her alone now that she no longer had to go home. She had somewhere to belong, somewhere where she was wanted and had people that loved her. They just stayed there hugging until Jeremy came out of the kitchen with Sophie tagging along behind him. He looked at his mom and mouthed, is it okay for us to come out here, his mom just nodded her head and continued to hug Emily. Emily was still crying and Sophie heard her crying, being the curious and caring little girl she was, she walked over to her mom and Emily, tugged on Emily’s shirt and said,” Are you otay?”  Emily couldn’t help but laugh and smile at the sweet little girl she then hugged Sophie and said,” Yes Sophie, I’m okay now.” Jeremy just looked at the scene before him and was then snapped out of his daze but Emily saying,” Hello earth to Jeremy, anyone in there, or is everyone asleep?” Jeremy then looked at Emily to see her smiling at him and couldn’t help but to smile back and said, “Yeah someone is in here, I was just busy thinking about something.” After saying that Emily came up to him, hugged him and said,” Thank you so much for being a great friend Jeremy!” He hugged her back and said,” No problem Emily, just trying to do my best.”  Kara just sat back with Sophie on her lap and watched Emily and her son. She knew they both cared about each other a lot, you could tell by how they acted towards each other and by the way they talked about one another. While thinking this she looked down at her hands and found herself staring at her wedding ring. She was slowly going back in time, back to when she was her son’s age. She was the new kid around town and had no friends. But that didn’t last long, on her first day of school she met this one boy named, Cody, they became fast friends. He was just so nice and sweet, they slowly spent more and more time together. You couldn’t find one without the other. Years went by and they just continued to get closer. Over time they started to date. On their Graduation Day he had asked her to marry him, she was shocked. She said yes and they were married the next year. That was twenty years ago, but five years ago Cody was killed in a car accident. Jeremy was ten at the time and little Sophie was only a few months old. At first Kara didn’t know how she was going to survive without Cody but she pulled through it with the help of her son, boy he was so much like his father. Slowly she came back to reality to Sophie tugging on her sleeve and saying,” Mommy can I go pway some before bedtime, pwease?” Kara smiled down at her little girl and said,” Yes honey, you can go play for a little bit before you have to go to bed, but once I say you have to stop and go to bed you better listen okay.” Sophie smiled up at her mommy and said” Otay mommy!” With that she ran off to dig in her toy box. Jeremy and Emily were sitting on the sofa next to Kara, when Jeremy said, “ Mom are you okay, Sophie had been trying to get your attention for five minutes before you finally answered her?” Kara looked at her son and said,” Yes son, I’m fine, I was just remembering something that happened a long time ago. You know you are so much like your father, Jeremy.” Jeremy looked at his mom and said,” It’s been awhile since we’ve talked about him mom, is everything okay?” His mom replied,” I know it’s been awhile but just seeing you with Emily, just reminds me so much of me and your father, when we were your guys age. I can’t believe it’s been so long since we lost him.” At this she started to tear up, Jeremy looked at his mom, hugged her then said, “Yeah I know mom, it’s been hard getting this far but just remember dad would have wanted us to be happy and that’s what we’ve done. I know dad is looking down at us now and smiling. You know he is always with you, remember he said he would never really leave you. He loved you too much to go a second without you by his side. He is always in your heart mom and he is in mine and Sophie’s too.” Kara just smiled up at her son and said,” I swear you get more and more like your father every day. The girl to have you will be very lucky.” She then whispered in his ear,” I think you’ve found her too, I can tell you love her son, she loves you too, I know she does. Don’t doubt your feelings and don’t keep them to yourself for too long. She needs you right now with everything that is going on in her life. Just be there for her son, I know you will make her happy and take good care of her.” Jeremy just nodded his head and released his mother. Emily just sat there and watch Jeremy and his mom talk about Cody, Jeremy’s father. He sure sounded like a good man and she agreed with Kara from what she heard Jeremy was a lot like his father. While sitting there she thought to herself, if only I was lucky enough to find a guy like that, that cared that way for me, wait maybe I have. Jeremy has done so much for me and has asked nothing in return, that has to mean something right? She was knocked out of her thoughts when Jeremy grabbed her shoulder and was saying something, Emily wasn’t sure what all he said she only heard the last part of it. “Hmm?” Emily said. Jeremy looked at her and repeated himself, “Are you ok, you seemed to zone out there for a little while?” Emily could see the worry on his face, this made her really think that maybe she had finally found someone that really cared for her. Then she answered him “Yes I’m fine, just got thinking about some things.” Jeremy just looked at her for a minute then turned to his mom and asked her something that Emily didn’t hear. Kara nodded her head and Jeremy stood up grabbing Emily’s hand, pulling her up as well. He started to head towards the door taking Emily with him. Emily looked at him and then to Kara who had a smile on her face, then she looked back at Jeremy and said “Where are we going?” Jeremy just looked at her and said “You’ll see.” With that finally note they walked out the door and down the road. Once they were out the door Kara called to Sophie and told her it was time for bed. Sophie came running to her ready to be told a story and tucked in. Now back to Jeremy and Sophie on there walk. It was night time so the street lights were on and no one was really out at this time, so they had the outside world to themselves. At first Sophie didn’t like the idea of walking the streets at night, but soon she didn’t care as Jeremy just held her hand tighter. As they walked neither one of them said much just a word here and there. Soon they came to the city park, which was the destination Jeremy had in mind. He led Emily over to the swings and had her sit on one while he pushed her. Emily was enjoying this time with Jeremy, it had been so long since she had just hung out with one of her friends and not had a care in the world. Heck it had been forever since she really had someone to call her friend. Once he got her going pretty high, Jeremy got on the other swing and started swinging with her. After a few minutes of swinging he got to the same height as Emily, this is when he decided to just jump out of the swing and see how far out he would land. Emily almost freaked when she saw him go flying through the air but once he landed safely on his feet about six feet away she was relieved. Looking back at Sophie he smiled at her and said “Come on try it, its fun!” Sophie debated whether or not to jump, she was scared to but yet she wanted to jump. It couldn’t be that bad Jeremy had just done it and he said it was fun, so she decided what the heck, why not! With that thought in her head she jumped. It felt great being in the air for the short time it lasted, she felt like she was flying, like nothing could touch her, but all to soon she landed on the ground. Not expecting to hit so soon, Emily lost her footing and fell, luckily Jeremy caught her before she hit the ground. Looking up shyly at him she smiled and managed a small thank you before correcting her footing and standing up, but Jeremy never let go of her. He just continued to look at her and hold her. After a few minutes of him still holding her in his arms she said “You can let go now, I’m fine.” Jeremy shook his head and whispered “But I don’t want to let go of you,” then he slowly let his arms drop to his sides. Emily was shocked when he said this and just looked at him, she could see the disappointment in his eyes when he let go of her, seeing this made something in her head click. She slowly reached her hand out and grabbed his. When he felt her hand grab for his he looked down at their hands then back at Emily’s face, she was smiling at him, seeing this Jeremy couldn’t help but smile back. He locked his fingers with hers and held her hand tighter, Emily responded by giving his hand a little squeeze. Jeremy then started to walk away from the swings and towards one of the benches, slowly bringing Emily with him. Once in front of one he motioned for her to sit down, which she did, and then he sat down next to her. Neither one of them ever let go of the others hand. They just sat there for what seemed like forever before Jeremy started to speak. He seemed to be chocking on his words some, like he didn’t know what he was saying or he was nervous. Emily just looked at Jeremy trying to make sense of what he was saying but it was coming out in bits and pieces, it was really hard to understand him. Finally he closed his mouth and just sat there again, you could tell he was beating himself up for not being about to say what he wanted to and that he was in deep thought. Emily just continued to sit there and watch his every move, you know a lot of people say actions speak louder then words. Meanwhile in Jeremy’s head he was having a big conflict with himself. He had never been very good with talking to girls so the whole friendship with Emily was new to him, he was shocked at how easy it was to talk with her, at first he had been a little shy but after spending a few days with her he found it easy to talk to her. When talking to her, he never really had to think on what to say it just kind of came to him, well all but this one time. Now he was having a hard time trying to say what he wanted to and it was getting on his nerves. “Why now of all times?” he was asking himself. “Emily is just a girl and I’m a boy, nothing else to it,” then his heart would chime in and say “Yea there is this girl is different, she is easy to talk to and you have developed feeling for her during your friendship. She is more then just your friend now, you know as well as I do that you love her, the thing is does she love you too?” His head then said, “She might, but I doubt she does. I never fall for the one that likes me back.” Jeremy’s heart said, “If she didn’t have feeling for you would she have stayed when you said she could, would she have asked you to stay with her that one night, would she be sitting here holding your hand like this right now?” That caused Jeremy to looked at their still linked hands and slowly he looked up at Emily’s face. He found her looking at him like she was waiting for his next move. She didn’t look unhappy at all, if anything she looked pleased to be out here in the middle of the night with him. Even though he was sitting here like a retard not saying a single word, or at least not a single one that made sense. Somehow that gave Jeremy the courage he needed. Without even thinking about it he leaned forward and kissed Emily, he wasn’t sure how she would react. He figured she would freak out and slap him or something like that. “There went our friendship,“ he thought to himself. To say the least he was shocked when she returned his kiss full force. At first Emily wasn’t sure what to do, no boy had ever kissed her before, she was new to all this, but she did know one thing. She loved this boy and if she didn’t kiss him back now, she would regret it for the rest of her life. So before she knew it she was kissing Jeremy back. Both teenagers were lost in their kiss so they never saw the ghostly figures of two men walking away from the bench next to them. The one, who looked a year or two older then the other, looked at his friend and said “You raised a good son, Cody. I don’t know what my Emily would have done without him these past few months. I can’t believe the way her mother treated her once I left, but hopefully that has changed now. It looks like she isn’t leaving your boy’s side for awhile.” Peter then looked from the teenage couple to his old pal, Henry, and said, “Thank you, you raised a pretty fine young lady yourself old pal. She’s the first one I’ve ever seen Jeremy talk with this easily and I can tell they feel deeply for each other. I think everyone but them knew until now. I’m sorry for how your wife was treating Emily, I can’t believe Ella would do such a thing to Emily, but I guess after you left she went over the deep end. And yeah I think my boy is planning on having her by his side for awhile, I think she’ll be fine now.” Both men took one last look at their children, then they turned and started walked away, slowly fading from existence. As the sun became clear over the horizon the only ones left in the park were Jeremy and Emily, both fast asleep in the others arms.

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