Adolf's Betrayal

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A Nazi soldier provides a fresh look at Nazi Germany and shows that being on a certain side of the war does not necessarily make someone good or evil.

Submitted: April 29, 2014

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Submitted: April 29, 2014



June 30, 1941


I’ve seen some horrible things since the start of the war. 

At first I supported Hitler and his ideas; we all did. He was going to get us out of this economical mess, give people jobs and set things straight, and for a time all was as it should be. Then everything changed when the Nuremberg Laws were introduced. Slowly and steadily the Jews were persecuted up until the point where they were isolated from the German people in ghettos and then taken away to the concentration camps such as Auschwitz, where they are either killed or put to slave labour. Only a few Germans know of this. To most, the Jews have just disappeared. Nobody misses them: Hitler has convinced everyone that it is the fault of the Jewish people that our economy is in such a mess.
 There’s also the Nazis. They are cruel and near inhumane. When the Jews were in the ghettos  they were brutal towards them. And it looked like they enjoyed it. Only God knows what they do to the Jews at the camps, away from the public eye. It would seem that the Nazis have completely thrown out their humanity to push forward the work of their leader, Adolf Hitler. I’m glad I’m not one of them. 
 Once I saw a Nazi solder beat an old man on the street, the reason unknown to me at first. Although surely there could be no true justifiable reason for such pointless violence, I had thought. From what I heard from the screams of the Jewish elder and the shouts of accusation from the soldier, it seemed to be about nothing more than that his walking speed was insufficient. If only I could have done something. But what can someone like me do to stop such vicious blood lust? Especially when it’s against the people that supposedly wronged our country. Suspicion could arise and there would be trouble. 
 Something needs to be done soon. Hopefully someone thinks like I do and decides that Hitler needs to be stopped. 


There is a knock on the door to my quarters. ‘Come in,’ I say. 
 A solder opens the door. ‘Officer Göring,’ he salutes, ‘The Führer requests your immediate presence in his office.’
 ‘I will be there in a moment,’ I tell him. 
 I try to convince myself that I’m not one of them. I’m not a Nazi. But in reality, I am. Although not in my heart. 


‘Mein Führer,’ I say as I open the door.
 The man behind the war looks at me oddly. ‘Hermann, you know that I would have you call me Adolf, for are we not friends?’ he says. ‘Take a seat and have a drink. I insist.’ 
 I do so, knowing that I cannot deny his will. 
 ‘The invasion of the Soviet Union goes well,’ he informs me.
 ‘Does it? That is good,’ I bluff. 
 He continues, ‘We have taken far more territory than expected in such a short time. It’s been what, a week?’
 ‘Eight days.’
 He nods. Hitler continues to gloat about the invasion for a while before becoming silent. He swirls his drink for a moment as he ponders how to say what is on his dark mind. 
 ‘Herman, I can trust you can’t I?’ he asks all of a sudden. 
 For a moment I am baffled. I recover quickly and reply, ‘Why, of course you can.’
 ‘Good,’ he says. ‘As you know my second in command, Rudolf, was captured by the Scottish. I need someone to take his place by my side.’ 
 ‘Have you considered Himmler?’ I offer, not knowing where this is going.
 He shakes his head. ‘No. I had someone else in mind,’ he pauses. ‘I need you to take Rudolf’s place.’
 I stare at him in shock. ‘My… my Führ… Adolf… Are you sure?’ I manage to get out.
 ‘Yes. I have thought long and hard on it. There is nobody I trust more than you. I know you will serve me well,’ he says certainly. ‘Do you accept?’
 ‘I accept.’
 Little did he know, he had just made a traitor his second in command. 


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