Better Than What?

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About that boy (or girl) that everyone around you doesn't like, but you love.

Submitted: February 05, 2013

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Submitted: February 05, 2013




I don't want to believe it.


That there is someone supposedely "better" than him.


In my mind, no one could be better than him.


Everyone says that there are plenty of people that are better than him.


But there is one thing that everyone forgets to question.


That is the fact that maybe I don't want anybody "better" than him.


Maybe I like his faults and the way he deals with them.


Maybe I love every little detail about him and don't want any of that to change.


What my friends see as a defect in his character, I see as one more thing that makes him different.


They all think that I've seen the good in him and that's ALL I see when I look at him.


But, no, that's not ALL I see in him. I see his mean side and all his faults, I just CHOOSE to see past them.


Because it's all an act, what they see. It's not real. They all subconsciously choose not to look past what's on top and see the actual good in him that's there.


Everyone thinks I'm crazy for not looking for anybody "better" than him. But, maybe I don't want better. Maybe my better boy is already here. Did you ever think of that?

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