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A girl named Emma thinks she can get away with slacking off. Well she thought wrong.

Submitted: April 22, 2016

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Submitted: April 22, 2016



It was after Emma’s seventh day of fifth grade. She was sick and tired of her homework. She looked over at her desk. It seemed though she was the only one who had homework. Everyone else in her classroom turned it in on time. Emma grabbed a paper sign that said “KEEP OUT” and placed it on her doorknob. “I have to do something!” She told herself. “I want good grades but my brain is useless.” Than she remembered a question she needed to ask her mom. “MOM WHAT DOES DIY STAND FOR???” she yelled. Emma heard a faint voice “Do it yourself!” Emma looked at her door in annoyance. She looked in the mirror. Than she realized something. “Oh. DIY stands for do it yourself.” Just than, Emma got an idea. She grabbed her laptop and went to google and scanned her homework packet. She always had access to computer programs early because her dad was a computer guy. Right in front of her were all the answers she printed them and went downstairs. Sitting at the printer was her piece of paper. The best part was it makes the answers look like pencil. 9 years later, Emma was already graduated from college. She had a job in an office. Everything was fine until something horrible happened. One day, she was given an IMPOSSIBLE question. All she did was enter it in the computer. But the horrible thing happened she turned around and saw an ENORMOUS crowd of people who just watched her cheat. THE COMPUTER EXPLODED. A few years later she had payed for the entire building. But she was also behind bars for as many years she had been cheating people. 9 to be exact. She also was never able to get a job. All because of her reputation she had built. Since she cheated she also had to pay for all the college classes she took. That they gave her for FREE. The end.

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