The Tree Full Of Wonders

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It was a normal day in my hometown and then i saw it, i asked myself is it a tree or is it a magical place?

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013



It was a normal day and i was just walking down the path thinking to myself with anything magical happen today? And later on it did, i found a tree but it was no odinary tree it had a door it was a type on cyan colour. I went to get my friends Alicia and Niamh as i couldnt go in without them. I took them to the tree we all went in me first Niamh following after me then Alicia after Niamh. When i opened the door there were stairs leading downwards i walked down to find a room it was like a kitchen infact it was a kitchen this tree was like a house there were other doors we went through one it lead into a bedroom there were pictures on the wall it seemed the family were fairies there was a woman fairy a man fairy and a little boy and girl fairy. The family came back through the door at first they thought we were intruders but after we explained ourselves they were very happy to invite us for dinner so we accepted, it was a lovely dinner we had cucumber sandwiches where the cucumber was nice and crunchy and the bread nice and soft we also had a cup of tea which was nice and sweet like honey. The family had a name it was Brown they were the Brown family there was the mother Katie Brown, the farther Ben Brown and the little boy and girl Lucy Brown and Zac Brown. After that day we went back to there house every afternoon for some dinner! 


The End!

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