Dont give up

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true story about a young girl who finally gave up

Submitted: January 09, 2017

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Submitted: January 09, 2017



Long,painful dull days pass as were trying to impress the people around us. No one ever understands why their feeling down- why their scared to trust. Except one girl in the middle of everyone. Lied to, cheated on. beaten she never felt like she belonged. However, she never stopped herself from trying, from beliving. Anna never let anyone tell her she wasnt good enough.. she already knew she wasnt- until now.

as she scrolled down her social medias wondering why she couldnt have all the things everyone else has got, a messaged popped up in the left corner. Anna was shook up - how could anyone want to message her? Who would put the effort in. She slowly opened the message from a boy called Jordan. It was just a simple message asking how her day had been, however, the boy didnt know that he was the first person to ever care.She had never heard of Jordan before but this just made it more exciting. She could have a fresh start -  be herself. He never judged her on her past and was always their for her to message - she felt so secure.

Five months later they were still talking as if it was the first day, she felt so lucky to have him in her life. Anna was only fourteen and Jordan was twenty, another reason she should of felt insecure but she belived in him - belived in love. Jordan told her how beautiful she is and how he could never replace her everyday. they decided to meet for the first time.However, she would have to go to his because he had a young boy which theyd have to pick up from nurcery. Anna didnt mind,she got the first bus and couldnt of felt happier. Nerves, butterflies, exitment... she was about to meet the person she thought she loved.

As soon as she got to his she felt like she didnt want to leave, they didnt keep their eyes of each other. All the self-hate, sadness, nerves dissapeared. She felt safe. Maybe, she shouldnt have, maybe she should have never gone, maybe she should of ignored that fist messsage. That day Anna lost her inoccence. He made her feel like she wanted it, made her fall inlove. Jordan took advatage of her. Everything he ever told Anna was a lie. She couldnt see that.

That night Anna got a message she didnt want to recieve.Jordan told her he didnt have a use for her anymore now that she isnt pure, he told her about all the wasted words, the tricks to her to lay down with him...

Anna was heartbroken. Why her? What was wrong with her? For the first time she gave up. She couldnt deal with anymore hate. She looked around and grabbed the knife from the kitchen side. All the pain, self-hate, everything was going to go away - she wanted the easy way out. As she place the knife to her throat and fell to the grown their was one thing Anna didnt consider. Her five year old sister loved her, looked up to her - found her... The firt memory of a five year old was proof of the cruelness of this world.

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