A Ruined Moment

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best moment of her life and it is just her luck that this would happen..

Submitted: December 24, 2011

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Submitted: December 24, 2011




Big brown eyes looked down at me with long curling lashes. “Would you like to go outside?” his beautiful voice asked me. His dark brown hair fell in front of his left eye and he instinctively tossed his head with perfect poise.

I nodded my head quickly. “Uh huh,” I said like an intelligent person.

He smiled at me with white teeth and pulled at my right hand as he turned around toward the café’s door. My head spun as Chad navigated the both of us threw the Café’s thick crowd.

We passed by a lone mirror covered with coffee beans and I saw The refection of tall, built, young man pulling a damp, stumbling, girl with curling blonde hair. Good God I look like someone dragged me threw damp grass and spun me around on a rollercoaster. I glanced at the man in front of me holding my shivering hand. And he looks perfect. Lucky me.

We reached the front door of the Café and Chad pulled me in front of him. I glanced outside at the gray sky and pouring rain with disdain. “You do realize it is raining right Chad?” Chad looked outside and tipped his head in mock curiosity. “I’m being serious Chad! I seriously had just come inside from that nightmare out there. It is literally poring down buckets of water!”

Chad looked back at me and grinned. “What? Don’t you think it would be fun if we went dancing in the rain?”

I glanced to the window beside us. “Umm… Yea. It would be fun. Too bad I can’t dance.”

Chad grabbed my hand. “That is a bad excuse and you know it,” he said looking outside again. “Besides,” he said looking back at me with a smile, “I will lead.”

“But I-!” I said to him in hurry.

“But nothing!” he yelled with a smile. People around us glanced over at Chad and I, but Chad took no notice of them. Instead he held my hand tighter and ran outside in the rain, pulling me in behind him.

Rain beat down at us with savage hatred when we got outside, but Chad pulled me close to him and twirled me around as soon as he had stopped running. Laughter rang out from the Café behind us and I laughed out loud with them in sheer joy.

Chad smiled wider and hung his head close to mine as he slow danced with me in the freezing rain. Minutes went by and with every minute that passed, the cold did not touch me and the rain did not faze me. All that I thought about was my man, dancing me in the rain.

“I have a question to ask you,” he whispered to me quietly. The rain beat down on us harder and I only heard the last of what he had said.

“What did you say??” I yelled loudly at him threw the rain.

Chad smiled with amusement and shook his head. “No really, what did you say!” I yelled.

“Nothing Tianna!” he yelled back at me.

I tipped my head at him then grabbed his hand. Two can play at that game. I pulled Chad toward the Café with all my strength. The plastic roof right outside the door was getting closer, when I noticed that the roof was caving inward with the weight of the rain.

Instead of heading toward the restaurant next door, I continued to pull Chad toward the café. We both stopped in front of the Café door, underneath the plastic roofing above us. “So what had you said?” I yelled at him forgetting we weren’t underneath the rain anymore.

Chad winced at my loud voice but then grinned and took both of my hands. “I have a question for you,” he told me with his brown eyes.

“Okay?” I said laughing shaking my shoulders from the cold wind and the rain.

“It’s a serious question Tianna,” he warned me.

“That’s fine Chad. Ask away, but I’m freezing!!” I said now shivering. I couldn’t feel my toes anymore and my cheeks felt like ice.

“Okay,” Chad said nodding his head to himself.

“Chad, what is it?” I said putting my hand on his face pulling him toward me.

Chad looked me in the eyes and swallowed. “Tianna.”

I raised an eyebrow with mock curiosity like he did earlier. “Yes Chad, that is my name.” Chad laughed with shaky laughter. “Chad… What is it?” I asked getting uncertain. Is he going to break up with me??

Chad’s Brown eyes met mine and he sighed slowly. His head started to move downwards and I noticed that the rest of his body was going downward as well. Chad held his weight on one knee and put the other leg in front of him, bent. He was kneeling in front of me. Oh. My. God. Is he really going to…

“Tianna Lucy Hallsworth, will you marry me?” he said to me pulling out a small, black, velvet, box.

My jaw dropped as he opened the small box to reveal a small ring with a shinning diamond wrapped in black satin at me.

He looked at me expectantly with nervous eyes and a shaky smile. I raised my eyebrows, speechless.

“I – I –,” I stuttered with wide eyes. I breathed out shaking my head at my self. Speak!!! I looked him straight into his chocolate eyes and said, “Chad, of-,”

And then suddenly, the plastic roof above both of us collapsed with a “BANG” and gallons of water was dumped onto me and Chad.

The ring in Chad’s hand was thrown away from him as the water smashed us to the ground. Water filled my ears and open mouth. I fell to my knees from the impact and held my breath till the pounding stopped.

Eventually, the pounding did stop, and by that time every part of me was wet and freezing. I felt hands on my numb cheeks and I looked up and my almost fiancé with wide eyes.

“Tianna?” he asked me.

“I- I-,” I said swaying on the ground.

Chad put me on my feet with a grunt and strong arms. “Tianna honey?” he asked with worried eyes.

“I- I-,” I saw steam rise from my mouth and my lips refused to work properly. “I – am really- c-cold,” I said shivering.

Chad burst out laughing with water on his eyelashes and on his perfect cheeks. He tipped his head upward and his laugh rang out threw out the plaza and Café next to us. I stared at him uncomprehending, and then suddenly I started laughing as well. Giggling at first, but then turned into a full fledged roar of laughter from the both of us.

The Café’s spectators laughed along with us as the rain swamped us from the outside. “Chad,” I said between my laughs.

Chad looked down at me with shinning eyes and his drop dead gorgeous smile. “What is it Tianna?” he said yelling above the laughter from the Café beside us.

I nodded up and down with a stiff head. “Yes Chad.”

“Yes?” he said wrinkling his eyebrows.

“Yes I will marry you,” I smiled with clogged ears and nose.

Chad looked down at me for a beat with no expression and then suddenly his mouth split open in a huge smile. “You will?” he asked unbelieving.

“Of course I will Chad. I love you,” I said blinking back tears. Weather that was from water falling from my hair into my eyes or honest to god tears was beyond me. All I knew was that I was marrying the man of my dreams and the only person in the entire world I could picture spending the rest of my life with. My fiancé.

Now all I had to do was make it threw the wedding. without rain.

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