illegal Romance

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Emma thought is was love,but she realizes it's illegal pleasure...

Submitted: October 09, 2011

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Submitted: October 09, 2011





Emma was the type of girl who was nice,but some kind of weird evil in her. With her friends she was always a honest,sweet girl who had a bitchy side,but with her parents she was a sweet angel. Emma had long,jet black hair that was silky.She also was incredibly thin,with a good sized ass and to top it off, she had baby-blue eyes,Angelina Jolie lips and 38C breasts.She was still a virgin,but she had a few boyfriends already,and she was barely in 9th grade. 


Emma always lived with her mom.Her mother and father got a divorce when she was about twelve years old.Every 3 weeks she goes with her father and stays there for a about a week.She always loved her parents equally,but she loved her daddy in a special way,a way nobody else in the world could understand.Now her father,Patrick Jones loved Emma too,but not in that way.


On a breezy, Spring morning Emma was leaving her mother's house to stay at her dad's apartment.Her dad lived in a 2 bedroom apartment by the pacific beach.When Emma finally got there she felt this weird excitement that she never felt before. "Emma I have great news!" "What is it?" Emma asked. "I found a new girlfriend". Her father showed Emma a picture of his new girlfriend. She was obviously Hispanic,slightly fat,pretty eyes,drawn eyebrows,and a hideous mole by her chin. When Emma saw that picture she almost threw up,but instead she burped but it tasted like vomit!Yuck!!She seen worse,but that girl wasn't even cute!Frome that point on Emma knew what she had to do,she'll never forgot or regret it.Never.


That same evening while Patrick was in bed,Emma was putting on her pajamas.A white, silk, see-through robe and ice-white pumps.She then walked slowly to her dad's room.As she walked to her dad's room,she was in a panic,but then thought "He'll fall for it,he wants me".She silently opened the door,there was her dad.In bed,sleeping.When Emma saw him,she got under the covers and slowly started pulling down his boxers.When they were up to his knees,she grabbed hold of his thick,juicy cock and jerked it a couple of times to get started then she slowly put it between her full wet lips. "mmmmm" she mumbled.Patrick suddenly awakened,but Emma didn't care and just continued to suck on his juicy cock.Patrick then realized somebody was sucking on his dick.He pulled the covers and saw his own daughter performing oral sex on him. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR GOD DAMN MIND!?" "HUH?".She stopped sucking,and met her eyes with his eyes and calmly said "Shhhh.You know you want my juicy tits and big ass!". Emma got off the bed,removed her robe and heels,then she repeated "YOU WANT IT! Don't lie daddy".He just sat there in silence gazing at her juicy,plumped breasts bouncing as she walked to him.Emma got on top of him,and felt his thick cock insert her wet cunt.Then Emma went up and down,up and down,up and down.She loved the sound of her dad's dick pounding her pussy,then they switched positions.All of a sudden the dad jizzed all over her tits,she didn't care and they continued fucking.When they were humping all night,Emma's perky tits were bouncing up and down,and up and down.


The next morning they woke up in bed together.Emma was happy in an unusual way.Patrick didn't really care,as long as he fucked her pussy good.While they were watching the news,Emma bent down and gave her dad a relaxing blow job.They started fucking on the couch,then on the ground.Ooooo,the dad felt an urge and he burst his cum into her cunt,but she didn't feel a thing.A few weeks later Emma found out she was pregnant... 

To be Continued....


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