Carla Haul is a 14 year old girl with friends like no other. All is well and good until her closest friend Sara falls for a boy named keenan. Neither of them know that things may get nasty...

What will they do?

Based on my experiences...

It arrived, the first day of year 10. A year were Carla had to keep her head down and concentrate. She wanted to be a fine educator. She had the help and support of family,friends and even the teachers. Carla wanted to go far in life and believed she could do anything if she set her mind to it. Everything was important to Carla. Especially her friends. She has amazing friends. 7 in total. Sophie, Elizabeth, Erica, Apple, Gigi, Holly and Nancy. They were all pretty close. Sophie was her bestest friend. They did everything together. EVERYTHING. Little did they know a storm was about arrive.

Later that day Sophie told her she had some news. Something they both would be excited about. \"Carla, I've been speaking to this lad.\" \"Who? Oh my gosh, you have to tell me!\" \"You know keenan?\" \"Yeah.\" \"Him. He asked me out, I said yes!\" \"How exciting, I'm so happy for you.\" They both were thrilled and spoke for hours about boys.

The next few weeks went by and things were great for everyone. Keenan and Sophie were getting on great and there friendship group was getting stronger. Half the group went on a trip to France with the school and the rest stayed at school. Carla, Sophie and apple had been spending the week together. Keenan had been keeping his distance because Sophie had broke up with him. Something about him always going on about the same thing and them having nothing in common.

The girls were still in France and things started to get weird. Keenan started to follow Carla and Sophie around. Thinking nothing of it they just ignored it. They didn't listen to anything her said so he started spreading rumours about Sophie. Two of there friends Kayla and Toby told Carla about it. Carla confronted Keenan about it. He denied EVERYTHING.

The next day Frightened Carla and Sophie too much. Carla and Keenan were in the same geography along with Kayla and Toby. The class of 30 were aloud to do anything they wanted as it was the last day of term. There was 4 classrooms they could go in. Keenan was in one of the classrooms and Carla, Kayla and Toby were in another. Carla walked into the classroom with Keenan in. No teacher was supervising them. He shut the door behind her and wouldn't let her out. He started tickling her, digging her hands into her waist. It felt like she had her insides ripped out. She tried to escape. He gripped her arm. She didn't know what to do.

She eventually got out. She had marks all over her arm and she ran and told Kayla and Toby. The class joined as one again and keenan kept trying to talk to Carla. Toby wasn't having none of it and screamed at him. Keenan told the class that gays annoy him and he doesn't like them. Carla and Toby were all in shock. Kayla had had enough and needed to tell someone. Kayla decided it would be best to go to Mrs Shakespeare. They told her everything, breaking down in tears clutching on to one another. Mrs Shakespeare had had enough. She told them to walk across the court yard to see weather he followed them. He did. Mrs was fuming.

He now has 10 weeks of lunchtime detentions and isn't aloud no where near them!

Thank you for reading. This is based on a true story. Carla was me (Chloe). All names have been hidden apart from keenan. Keenan is a horrible person who I am dreading to see every day of my life.

By Chloe-jane Hodgkinson (Aged 14)

Submitted: August 12, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Chloejane721. All rights reserved.

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you've been through a lot
i hope you and you're friend keep that relationship
be careful from that guy
what a stalker
i really really don't like these type of guys
it freaks me out

Tue, August 12th, 2014 11:40pm


Thank you :) He is still contacting me through Facebook even though he has been told to leave me alone.

Wed, August 13th, 2014 8:49am

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