A girl called April.

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April is just a young girl trying to get through her day's s having an abusive farther. Sad yet brave April finally speaks out, but was this the reaction she hoped for?

Submitted: April 08, 2018

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Submitted: April 08, 2018



There she sits again...alone twiddling with her fingers and aware of all her surrounding's, aware of the other children laughing, aware of friendships she does not have and aware she is alone. "April?"...."April?" whispered a voice from beside her, "April the bell has gone sweetheart you have to get to class." softly said Mrs Lewis. She heard what was said yet couldn't open her mouth, she wanted to but she just couldn't it was like her lips were glued together. She slowly looked up and nodded her head at Mrs Lewis who could see in her eye's they was something she wanted to say but just couldn't. "Is everything okay sweetheart?" soflty said Mrs Lewis, again a small nod was the reply she got from April. Slowly she walked to her class looking down at her shoes which were no longer shoes, but peices of fabric which barley held the shoes togther. "Nice of you to show up April, how come your late today then?" firmly said Mr Keys, April's mouth opened she was about to talk but it was to late, the other kids spoke for her "She was too busy trying to fix her shoes sir, have you saw them? They look like she stole them of a homeless person!" shouted Liam "Homeless person, more like a dead homeless person!" laughed Hannah. Majority of the class began to laugh and giggle while April stood there, tears filling up her eyes and becomeing so red from embarrassment it was upsetting. "Liam and Hannah go to the head teachers office now, we won't be having that behaviour." demanded Mr Keys, "April could you please take a seat?" carmly said Mr Keys. The empty seats in the class were rapidly filling up with bags and books of the other students, so qucik that the time she got to the back of the class all seats were full. Looking around for a seat when she knew there was non spare, left her in an another embarrasing situation. Looking up at Mr Keys she hoped for him to help her, just to tell one of the students to put there bag down or to take there legs down. But they was no sign of that happening, April qucikly grabbed her bag of the ground and ran out off the class room, she just kept running nothing was stopping her, she was free. The fact she would rather go home then stay in school was a massive issue. 

April stood outside of her home, staring inside the window to make sure her dad wasn't drinking but that would be a dream come true. Thinking of the quickest way to get to her room was running through her mind, up the stairs? Through the back door? No matter which way she went she would have to walk past her dad, As she opened the door she could already hear him yelling at nothing. She placed her bag on the floor and qucikly took off her broken shoes, "April..April..get in here now!" Yelled her dad from across the room. Her face slowly dropped and again the slow walk began to happen, " what's takeing you so long?, HURRY UP!" again yelled her dad. She finally reached him, her hands were shaking you could see in her eyes the fear she had for someone she was supposed to love. "How was your day sweetheart?" Her dad gently said while stoking the hair from out her face, silence. "I said HOW WAS YOUR FUCKING DAY?" a tear dripped from the side of Aprils cheek, "it was fine daddy." April wisperd. "Now was that so hard?" replied her dad, he turned around and grabbed a small shot glass of the table, "hold this for me now blossom!" he placed the glass in April's shaking hand, "steady now, this bottle has to last me the next three days" her dad firmly stated. He pulled out the bottle of whisky from his belt, and rapidly pulled of the lid. "Stay still now sweetheart!" his hand slowly tipped the whisky into the glass that was perfectly still, to busy having his eyes on April's hand he overfilled the glass. "look what you just made me do April!, it's all over the floor.. YOU STUPID BITCH!!!" what was a hand turned into a fist, she tired to run but the grasp on her farthers hand pulling her hair pulled her back. "Where do you think your going then eyh? April was helpless she couldn't do anything about what was about to happen, as April lay there on the floor her dads fist smashed againt April's face, again..again...agian and again. "Daddy, please stop!" his fist's slowly unclenched and he stood up from upon her. "April hunny, why do you make daddy do this?, you see i love you April but you just piss me off!" her dad said to April as he lent out his hand for her to get up. Slowly and in pain April grabbed her dad's hand, "now common let's put some ice on that cheek" he stated to April. Tears were running down her beaten face, no longer were they clear tears but they were red, red from the blood on her face. Her dad sat her down at the table as he grabbed some cloth and ice, "here you go baby girl, this should help the pain and if anyone asks at school tmorrow you say you fell off your bike!" her concerned dad said. April looked up at him and nodded her head, "good girl now, how about we get you to bed?" Although not have eaten all day April just accepted what was said and went upstairs, she got into bed and lay staring at the ceiling, her vision blurred from the beating she just had she could see her dad lean over her and say "tmorrow baby, im gonna change for you okay, im going to change."



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