Christmas At The Fun Fair

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Nicola was always a big kid at Christmas time and to spend the running days up to Christmas babysitting children gave her a reason for acting all childish.
Taking Elsa to the funfair at Christmas was exciting. I was ready to take on the challenge of looking after a child at a busy public place. Yaay!
Although Nicola thought her Christmas with the children she babysat was the best ever, She was in for a big surprise

Submitted: December 10, 2014

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Submitted: December 10, 2014



Christmas At The Funfair<3

"Elsa...ELSA!" I said grabbing the little girl's reins on her jacket

"But loons" She said pouting, pointing at the balloon stand

"Okay, but no running off, that's bad you hear me?" I said with a motherly voice

"Yes Icola" she said. 

I smiled as she walked by my side. Pardon my manners, I'm Nicola and I'm a babysitter for parents who work during the day. Elsa is one the regular girls I babysit during the week. Some weeks can be crazy with not one not 2, 3, 4 but 6 children all different age ranges too, but today I was lucky it was just Elsa. 

"Icola can I ave dat one?" She asked pointing at the pink teddy bear shaped balloon. 

"Magic word"

"Pease can I ave dat one" She asked. 

"Yes you may" I said handing over the money.

"Here," the man smiled handing over the balloon. 

"Tank you" She replied with a smile, I smiled too. 

"Thank you very much sir" I said as he gave me my change. "Here, Merry Christmas" I said handing him a tip. 

"Thank you Miss, Merry Christmas" he replied back. 

I felt all warm inside, I loved the good deed thing. I took Elsa's hand and continued round the fair with her, pointing at the Christmassy things that was pinned all the around us. 

"Soman Soman" She beamed. Elsa was 5 and Christmas like for any other child was a magical time, unless your me Im 19 and still adore Christmas, kids opening gifts, the Christmas shopping, the lights, decorating the Christmas tree. It all made me feel childish again. I smiled. 

"A Snowman Elsa, snow-man" I repeated 

"Sowman?" She asked 

"S-nowman" I replied bending down to her height. 

"Ssnowman Snowman" She grinned getting all giddy at pronouncing her words. 

"Yay, well done Elsa" I said swinging her into my arms. 

"Ell Done Esa" She smiled. I laughed. 

Walking around a little more she pointed at a ride. 

"Can we go on dat?" She asked pointing at the tea cups. 

"The tea cups? Of course" I replied putting her down. She let go of my hand and sprinted. The tea cups were on the other side of the ice rink and Elsa ran straight for it. 

"Shit" I mumbled before running as fast as I could. Lucky for me my path was clear. "ELSA!" I shouted as I ran. 

Nearly there

"WOAH!" I screamed as I dodged little kids running in front of me. I ran again and just caught her as she slid on the ice. Her eyes welled and her screaming began. 

"Elsa sssh shh" I said holding her close to me. "You are alright, you are" I said stroking her hair. She soon quietened down and just sniffed. I put her down on the bench and check her hands, head and knees. Her hands were just red from the cold. 

"What will we do with you?" I asked her. She looked at me, her eyes still watery. I checked my bag and found her gloves and hat. 

"Will we put these on?" I asked. She nodded. I gave her the hat an she put that on herself and I helped her with the gloves. I zipped up her jacket and tucked her trousers into her boots. 

"Right you still want the tea cups?" I asked, she shook her head. She pointed at the little play park. 

"You sure, your bum will get cold" I smiled. She smiled back and nodded. 

"Okay then, But keep a hold of Nicola's hand okay?" I said. She nodded and gripped my hand and kept close to me. Slipping scared her so much she ended up attaching herself to my leg. 

Reaching the park I pulled her off my leg and she scrambled to the swings. Ater the hassle of her trying to get herself into a swing I helped her in and pushed her gently before my phone rung

"Hello Nicola is that you?" A voice asked 

Well nah

"Yes speaking?" I asked 

"It's Mrs Elton, Hows my Elsa is she alright?" She asked distressed. 

"Yes she is fine, may I ask why you think she's not?" I asked 

"Well.." She said almost sternly "I had one of my friends text me saying she saw my daughter crying all by herself..." She trailed off

"Ah well as you know Elsa has a habit of running off, Thats what happen and I chased after her, just not reaching her in time before she slid on ice, She's fine now nothing broken or strached, I assure you she's fine Mrs Elton"  I replied as I continued to gently push Elsa in a swing 

"I hope so Nicola, I will be late working if that's alright" She said.

"Yes that's fine Mrs Elton, Please trust me, She is perfectly fine, would you like to talk to her?" I asked 

"Yes please" She replied. 

Some days Mrs Elton has trust issues and she can down right wicked-usually to me- Today was one of those days. I passed Elsa the phone. 

"Mummy!" She said in cheery happy tone

"Yes, Im oookay" She smiled

"Bye" She laughed before passing me back the dead line. 

"Bye Mrs Elton" I replied smuggishly to the dead line

"Icola" Elsa said trying to push herself out the swing. 

"Yeah Elsa?" I replied bending down in front of her swing

"My um urts" She replied

"A numb bum?" I asked smiling. She replied with a nod and a giggle. I lifted her out and she asked just to have a quick slide on the chute or a slide whatever you would like to call it. I nodded and she climbed up the slide and sat scared stiff. 

"Come on Elsa, other kiddies want down" I said as I stood at the bottom. She shook her head. 

Lucky for me the slide wasnt that tall and I managed to take her hand as she slid down. I also apologized to some short tempered mothers who got annoyed that their kids were held up. I got glares that if looks could kill I would have died. 

"Do you want some hot chocolate Elsa?" I asked, seeing a cafe not to far away. 

"Yeah" She said all excited. I smiled. Hot chocolate on a cold Christmassy day was ace.

Walking along Elsa pulled my hand "Atta boy crying" She said pointing at a little boy who was sitting on the ground crying. I picked Elsa up and ran over. 

"Hey..Hey where's your mummy" I asked

"Mummy gone ero gone!" He screamed. 


"Where was they last" I asked as he stood up 

"ERO!" The little boy shrieked. 

"Come on let go find Ero" I replied. Still puzzled over what mother names her son Ero but never mind. 

Following the little boy in circles, I spotted a guy screaming Jack

I bent down "Are you Jack?" I asked. He nodded. "Is that Ero?" i asked pointing at the tall guy that stood on the other side of a fountain. He nodded and his eyes glittered. I walked over with Elsa's hand in one of mine and Jack's in the other. 

"Excuse me sir, Is this who you are looking for," I asked. He turned around and his face lit. 

"Oh my god thank you so much," he said quickly pulling me into a tight hug. After a good minute of a loving feeling. He let me go. 

"Please excuse me, I apologise for my behaviour there, I am just so relieved to find him, He's been missing for 10 minutes. His mother would have had my head on a pike with an angry mob with a massive sign "Never trust male babysitters" He said laughing. I giggled. 

"Oh me, I fear for that too, males are just as good as females," I replied. 

"You a mum?" He asked motioned towards Elsa who was happy eating snowflakes that had started falling from the sky. 

"No, no Im a babysitter too, Im Nicola" I said holding out my hand 

"Nero, pleasure to meet another person like me" He said shaking my hand. His hand was warm and soft.

"Nero?" I asked 

"Yea why?" he answered with a question. 

"Oh nothing, Jack was screaming Ero and I was puzzled," I replied 

"Ah wee Jackson can't get that N part yet, My name is Nero" he laughed. I giggled and looked down at Elsa who surprise surprise had wondered off. 

"ELSA!" I screamed fear flooded me as I couldnt see her. Nero had disappeared too. I wanted to scream.

I started to jog in a direction to find her. 

"Look there's Nicola" A cute voice said behind me. 

"Icolaaa" Another said.


I turned

Nero had came back with Elsa in a bundle in his arms. I was relieved. I ran over and hugged him too. 

It kinda was a return, He hugged me I hugged him type thing. 

"Thank you ever so much, Her mother would have killed me several times over, Thank you so much, You have saved my life" I said almost sobbing. 

"Your welcome" he said before whispering "You've got such a quick heart beat"

I looked into his face and he winked. I let him go and tried to contain myself. 

"Hey, would you like to come with me and Elsa to the cafe for a drink of hot chocolate or something" I offered. 

"Erm, sure why not" he smiled. 

I like you

I was so tempted to take his hand, but I resisted the urge. 

"Jack!" Nero shouted with a fatherly tone as Jack ran in the direction of the cafe. 

"Ama good?" Elsa asked looking into my face. 

"Your an angel" Nero said with a sweet smile. 

"Fank you" She said going all red. We laughed. 

"I will meet you in there since Jack is not stopping" And with that Nero sprinted in pursuit of Jack. I had that girly love smile girls do when they like a boy. 

"You ike him" Elsa winked. 

"Pardon?" I asked shocked. 

"You.. Ike..Him" She repeated. 

"That's absurd, Of course not Elsa, that's grown up talk" I said realising somethings I might have said she might not understand. 

"Oka, but you ike him" She replied and with that she was skipping along again. 


I tried my hardest to ignore her comment and walked on. Nero and Jack had just went in and held the door open. I jumped in and shivered with the cold. 

"YAY!!!" Voices on the inside of the cafe shouted. 

"How lucky are you two" Another shouted. 

"excuse me?" I retorted. 

"MISTLETOE" The people behind the counter smiled. 

I looked at Nero before looking up. Unfortunately I was caught under the mistletoe. 

"Oh but we are not dating, we hardly know each other" We both explained quickly. My face going red and Nero rubbing the back of his neck. 

"KISS KISS KISS!" The cafe chanted. 

"Oh no!" I whispered. 

"Permission?" He whispered back. 

"Just do it" I whispered back.

He leaned in quickly and his lips caught mine. The chanting turned into cheers as we pulled away. I smiled and giggled with a pure red face like a school girl who got her first kiss. 

He took my hand...."I love you" He whispered. 

"I love you too" I replied with the biggest grin ever


Hey something Christmassy since I was in a good and christmassy mood when I thought of this

ENJOY!!! :D x 



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