In War There's Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Commander Ashton Stewart patrolling a little island in the middle of nowhere. Looking for survivors from the last war, Which destroyed everything to be interrogated for terrorism. After finding Autumn- Alive, scared cut broken and bruised he is determined to help her, He is determined to prove a lot too. To keep her from being interrogate by his people. Will he succeed?

Submitted: August 28, 2014

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Submitted: August 28, 2014



   In War There's Love

~ Part 1

Ashton's POV

"How much longer Ash?" Ryan whined behind me

"When we find somebody" I said making sure my AK-47 (Assualt Rifle) had some ammo left. 

"Why you checking for ammo?" Ryan asked as he ran up beside me. His combat uniform you heard from a mile away with all the things that jingled and what not. 

"So I can shoot you and then myself" I said. I looked at him and his face dropped. I smiled at smacked him in the back. "Ryan I wont shoot you, nor myself Im kidding" I laughed. 

"But your not meant to joke about that, Not fair" he whined. 

God where we 7 year olds playing army, following a story line?

"Yes Ryan I know but Im kidding it's a joke, Can you take a joke?" I asked

"Yes sir" he said in his battleground voice

"Good" I said the exact same way. He smiled. 

We trekked on for about another half an hour. Ryan told me all about his girlfriend back home. 

"She sounds very lucky to have you" I smiled. I will admit I was kinda jealous of him. I felt lonely after my girlfriend Rabecca left me for my cousin. 

Bitch or what? 

"Have you had a girlfriend Ashton?" He asked

"Yes I have" I smiled. 

"You not going out with her now?" He asked with sadness in his voice

"No not now" I said, It killed me to think about her. I know have no contact with my cousin and what sucked even more, I really liked my cousin, we got on so well. I sadly waved goodbye to that. 

"Oh Im sorry Ash" He said wrapping his arm round my shoulders. 

"Nah it's fine she was a bitch" I smiled trying to myself that was easy said than done.

"Hey house that is still standing" Ryan pointed out. 

"Let's check it out" I said. 

Autumn's POV

I woke up still alive. I groaned. I wanted to die no matter how horrible that sounded. I was sick of living with nobody plus being under constant fear of troops coming to get me interrogated. I wondered through the house that I occupied. It wasn't really my house but it was the only building that was still standing, well apart from a couple of half standing buildings round the back of here. I looked at the cracked mirror on the wall, Bruised still. Cut still. I was positive, I had a few broken ribs, fingers, wrist and ankle. I hobbled to my now soft pile of rubble where I sat resting until my brother got home. 

'He's dead Autumn, He's not coming back'  My head told me, The voice soft and sympathetic. I ignored it. Miracles happen.... Right?

A sound from the front startled me, took me away from my thoughts. I crawled from my soft patch to the window. With the remaining lot of strength I pulled myself up the window pane. 


My heart started to pound, My body ached and my breathing quickened. 

'Well you can always hope they will shoot you' The voice commented

"Not now" I growled. Sometimes that voice helped, Other times it mocks me. I ducked down and crawled back to my patch and pretended to be dead. This wasn't as easy as first thought. I opened my eyes and saw them ducking and one of them doing hand gestures, a small smile crossed my face. It was kinda cute. I wiped the smile quickly off my face and closed my eyes as they kicked the door down. 

"Hold fire Ryan" A voice said,

"What she could be a terrorist, faking death" Ryan said. 

"Dude she looks like she's asleep and I dont think with the state she is in, she will even think of killing us" The first said. 

"I think you should check to see if she's dead or not Ashton" Ryan said quickly

"Aww is private Ryan a pussy?" Ashton commented

'Ain't he a nice guy?' The voice said smugly. I surpressed my smile I felt coming on.

"No Im not, she might bite me" Ryan whined. 

"Ryan, If she's alive the first thing she would probably do is sit there, I have been in this kind of situation before, She won't bite you" he commented. 

Well I might

I felt one come closer, I was kinda hoping it was Ashton. My hair had fallen over my neck. I felt his fingers gently press my neck and my wrist. My breath hitched in my throat. He let go quickly. 

"What's happening?" Ryan asked. 

"She has a broke wrist and probably my other broken bones, She's alive though and that's all we need" he said.

"She looks really young Ash" Ryan said

"Yeah she does, Like what 5 years younger than me and you?" Ashton said.

They were standing discussing me?

"So 15?" Ryan asked

"Well done captain obvious" Ashtons words dripped with sarcasm

I made my eyes open like I had been asleep. 

"Hey sweetheart" The first one said. He walked over and crouched down beside me. 

"Why sweetheart and careful Ash she might bite you" 

"I will tell you later and she won't bite me Ryan" 

Ashton was a perfect human but I didn't want to trust him, He was one of them. His kind wanted me dead. I just wished I was, just not this way. Ryan was really cute, tall and unsure of his duties, whereas Ashton was slightly taller and knew everything of his duties. 

"Watch and learn, Hey Im Commander Ashton, You won't bite me right?" He asked smiling, Showing not pure white teeth but white enough.

Dude if I had the strength I would run away never mind bite you, although I wouldn't mind 

A quick smile appeared on my face

"See she's contemplating biting you" Ryan puffed, pointing his gun at me. I covered my face with my hands and coward down. 

"Ryan HOLD BLOODY FIRE" Ashton screamed. 

"Sorry sir" 

"Are you going to bite me?" he asked again 

I shook my head, I wasnt in the mood to bite anything. "See Ryan we are safe now go and stand outside and let me speak to her" Ashton said 

"But, Colt-"

"Ryan we are not at base, fuck what Colten said your listening to me, Go check the other houses." Aston growled. 

"Yes sir" Ryan stood at attention before then marching out. 

I sat watching how they acted. Not robotic like I was told by my family. They would kill me if the knew I was even in the same room as a A.G.R. Armed. Government. Robot.

"So hello?" He questioned. 


"Right my baby pudding, This is my wise words to you" My father explained as he sat me on his knee's. "Never be cornered by a A.G.R okay they want information about us about you, information they dont deserve. Don't tell them anything about you, Name, Age etc. Get away and run as far away as you can. Don't worry about food and shelter just run, Don't trust them. You hear me?" He asked 

"I hear you daddy" I smiled wrapping my tiny arms round his neck


I was about 10, 5 years on and I didn't think I would come in contact with one

"Hello?" He asked. I jumped remembering what was happening. I stared into his green eyes. "Can you talk to me please?" He asked sweetly. A little smile appeared on my face. "Okay smiles I can check off, What's your name?...You either tell me you name or I give you a code name" he said

"Autumn" I whispered. 

Ashton's  POV

Her name was just music to my ears. It was beautiful as was she. "Hey Autumn can you answer a few of my questions?" I asked "The more you help me now the less scary it will be, I need you to trust me,"

"I have been told-" She stopped. She was contemplating where to tell to me and I knew why. 

"What? You were told what?" I urged, although I have a very funny feeling I knew. 

"A-" She choked

"I get it, an A.G.R right?" I let out an angered laugh. 

It was crazy but right

"Okay you could say Im an A.G.R- " I cut my sentence short as she tried to get up and run and she was amazingly quick for her condition. She was out the door before I had time to blink. I took my gun off and ran out after her. Ryan was standing outside. 

"Here!" I said throwing him nearly everything, Gun, Ammo, Grenades Etc.

"Ashton?" he asked confused. I rolled up my sleeves and took off my helmet and ran. "ASHTON" Ryan screamed at me. I ignored him. She was quick but her broken bones were starting to hit her like 10,000 bricks but she kept going. I could hear her moaning in pain as she tried to keep running away from me. 

"Autumn stop running your hurt it's only going to make it worse" I said as I was about a foot behind her. 

"Noo!" She screamed. I couldnt standing seeing her like that. I let her run a wee bit further before I took to the sprint and took her down. She screamed in agony and I felt so bad. 

"Hold her still Ash" Ryan said as he pointed his gun at her

"RYAN!" I screamed. I had her hands pinned to the ground and I had myself balanced over her. My other hand was checking her pulse. 

"Is she dead?" Ryan asked. 

"No but your going to be, Stop trying to shoot her" I urged. "we need her alive" I added.

We didn't 'need' her alive, I wanted her alive

"Im sorry sir, Colten drilled that into our heads you know" he sighed. 

"It's fin-" I was cut short with Autumn letting out an ear-peircing scream. I jumped off her and it settled down-slightly.

"What's wrong with her?" Ryan asked. 

"Right Im not going to be mean but here some words to help you, Broken, Bones, Survival, War" I said 

"Oh, She is screaming for her family?" Ryan asked. I smacked my face with my hand, A.k.a facepalm. 

"No Ryan she is in pain, she's broken, hungry, dehydrated and tired" I exclaimed. 

"And misses her family" He added 

"Ryan.... I dont think that has settled with her yet" I sighed, looking down at her. The pain had knocked her out. 

"Bring round the truck with out supplies we will set up camp in the house for the night and figure out what to do from there" I said picking Autumn up into my arms and carrying her back. 

"Yes sir" Ryan chanted. I held her close and walked back to the house. Ryan had beaten me there and already set up duvets and pillows and even had food on the stove/mini fire. 

"Wow, Emery is a lucky girl ain't she?" I smiled. 

"Shut it Ashton, If Autumn wasn't asleep she's a lucky girl being cuddled up with you" he laughed. I felt a pathetic smile plastering my face.

I put on her down the massive duvet that sat in a heap of the floor. It was coming into the evening and god was dark here quickly. 

"Where's the lamps Ash? I cant see what Im cooking" Ryan said. He had a point it was getting pretty dark and Im sure he was burning the soup.  After lighting a lamp, Autumn starting stirring on the soft white mountain. 

"Just keep doing what you are doing don't stop, ignore her she might stay put" I whispered. He nodded and continued to stir the soup. She opened her eyes and froze. 

"Hey sweetheart you want soup?" I asked. She was up like a shot again and ran for the door. I stood in her way and she ran into my chest. A little grin came on. She sat in a heap at my feet. I picked her up and stood her in front of me. "If I ask you questions will you answer me?" I asked, keeping her in my grip. 

"Depends" She whispered. 

I pushed her into the room in front of me. She struggled and pushed against me sobbing no. I closed the door and she backed herself up to the wall. 

"Im not going to touch you, I need to know a few things" I said 

Tonight was going to be a long night 

Autumn's POV

Ashton had pushed me into the next room away from Ryan and I was bricking it. I tried to push against him but it was no use. I backed myself up against the wall and feared the worst. 

"Im not going to touch you, I need to know a few things" he told me. I knew tonight for him was going to take for ages because I was going to give up nothing.

'Speak to him, running got you nowhere' 

I bit my lip. The voice was right but I told my father I wouldnt. He would be upset if I did. 

"Listen to him and answer carefully, Lie if you have to' 

Okay the voice was kinda helping, (Not my point). I sniffed and wiped my eyes. 

"Is that okay?" He asked. I nodded my head slowly. 


"Autumn" I replied. 

"Full name Autumn" 

"It's just Autumn" I replied. That was a lie 

'Nice move' I was happy the voice thought so. 

"Okay, Who told you about A.G.R" He asked 

"Your not exactly a secret are you?" I asked 

"You tell me, they are meant to be" he answered. 

"They? You mean to say your not one?" I asked 

'Autumn stop you dont need to know that' I maybe didn't but I wanted to know.

"No, baby Im not, I work for the military" He smiled. 

'Military is part of the government Autumn, tell him he's a liar' The voice said. I didnt want to, I was starting to like him. 


'Liar Autumn tell him he's lying, He's an A.G.R' 

"Me what? Tell me" he said softly. 

"You...-" I couldnt bring myself to tell him.

"Nothing it's fine" I said quickly. 

"Come on Autumn I might be able to help you" He said. 

"You work for the government, Your A.G.R" I said. 


He laughed. I was confused, I thought he was going to blow a fuse and attack me, shoot me even kill me although I kinda wanted that. 

"I'm not an A.G.R Autumn I promise okay im not going to lie to you" He told me

"I-" I was saved by the bell. The bell being Ryan who told us food was ready

"Okay Ryan" Ashton shouted through. "Let's go" He smiled holding at his hand. I was confused. 

'Don't take his hand Autumn' 

"Take my hand and I will help you up" he smiled 


I took his hand and he pulled me up motionlessly. He quickly slid his arm behind my back and he held me up. My whole body felt weightless and the pain had disappeared. My hand (the one not broken) was on his arm. It all felt strange but I liked the feeling. I looked into his eyes, green,vibrant and I was melting under them. 

"Guys...." Ryan interrupted our moment, although Ashton never moved. 

"Yeah Ryan?" He asked, keeping his focus on my eyes, on me. 

"Soup is ready and getting cold" He giggled

"Okay" Ashton replied, smiling as he knew why Ryan giggled.

Ryan closed the door and left us alone again, "Do you like soup?" He asked. It was something I never had, I didnt even know what it was. We never ate anything like that, just starchy foods. Never used cutlery either only twigs. Yuck I know. 

"Never tried it" I whispered, I felt the heat quickluy creep into my face. 

"It's fine, there's a first for everything" He said, grinning softly. 

I knew exactly what he meant, I put on a soft smile. We walked through, I hobbled and we sat on the duvets in a circle with the little wooden table. This brought back memories of times I ate with my family. My mother and father in front of me and my 4 brothers, 2 placed at either side of me. River, Tate, Romero and Blake. River was the oldest, then Romero and twins Tate and Blake, I was the youngest. It killed me to know they were dead and I wasnt with them. It was River who told me how to live for a while whilst he was gone. A while beig a week, Its been 2 months. 2 months I told myself the same thing and it killed. 

"Autumn..." Ashton sang waving his hand in front of my face. I was pulled back to reality


© Copyright 2020 ChloeLMcgarrett. All rights reserved.

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