In War There's Love, Part 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Ashton has found out more about what Autumn knew of the A.G.R and he didn't like it. In this part we find out how they plan to get to base, If they get back at all.

Submitted: September 03, 2014

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Submitted: September 03, 2014



In War There's Love 

~Part 3

Ashton's POV

Autumn had really eased up and it was cute. I was glad she finally trusted me. Or I hope she trusts me. 

I closed the door and sighed peacefully. 

"So what did you two get upto?" Ryan smirked. 

"Nothing, she asleep" I grinned. 

"Come on dude, I mean Im no girl but your 'questions' wouldn't have taken that long!" He said. 

"You suck, Fine I kissed her" I said heat creeping into my face, "I hate you Ryan" I laughed. 

"See, She's a lucky girl" Ryan said slapping my back. I didnt really feel anything with my uniform on.

"We are not going out" I said, although I hoped that would change. 

"So that was just a one off thing?" He asked

"Secret" I winked. 

He laughed. We got out pillows and cuddled into our mountains of duvets. Ryan instantly fell asleep and the faint sound of his breathing filled the quiet room. I was tired but I couldn't sleep, knowing Autumn was in more danger than we first thought. 


I shot up with the sound. I heard a little wimper and knew exactly what happened. I got up and quietly open the door and found the problem. Lying on the floor fast asleep was Autumn. I smiled. I crouched down beside her and stroked her face. 

"Autumn" I said. She never stirred. I tickled her neck gently. Her eyes shot open and her muscles contracted so her hand connected with my shoulder. She knocked me down and I lay stunned. 

So much for being in the military

"Oh god, Im.. Im sorry Ashton" She gasped as she crawled to my side. She patted my face. "Ashton Im so so sorry" She sobbed. I started laughing. She was stronger than we both thought. 

"It's okay Autumn I promise" I sat up and let everything come back. I was fine after minute. We sat on the floor waiting for me to regain sense. 

"You okay?" I asked her. She nodded. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit you, When I get scared when I'm sleeping I do that" She said "When my brothers pissed each other off they would make me hit them for the banter, although it was funny then, but yeah"  She smiled. "Im so sorry I hit you" 

"It's fine," I said lifting her to her feet. She slid under the duvet and disappeared. 

"Autumn?" I asked pressing the mountain. She never answered. I picked up the duvet and shook it a little. Nothing happened. I got confused. "Autumn?" I said. The duvet moved and out popped her head and she kissed my nose then disppeared back into it again. I unravelled it on the bed and she appeared in a ball. 

"Hello" I smiled. 

"Hello" She answered staring into my eyes. I did the same and we studied each other for a minute. The she blinked and distracted me. She laughed before being interrupted by a yawn. 

"I think it's bedtime" I smiled sitting down next to her. 

"Well I don't" She challenged. 

"Well I am going to sleep, Goodnight" I smiled, getting up and walking away. 

"No stop" She said quickly. 

"What?" I asked leaning in the door frame. 

"Can you stay here I don't want to sleep yet, I want to get to know you" She said

"Do you?" I asked. She smiled sweetly at me and nodded. "You sure?" I asked wondering how she would reply

"What do you mean?" She asked 

Wasnt the answer I was looking for

"Well, 5 hours ago you were positive I was A.G.R, Why do you want to know me?" I asked, screwing up what could have been a perfect moment

"Well, it's okay but can I tell you something?" she sighed


"A.G.R are horrible Im glad your not one" She said before going to sleep. 

Well done Ashton.

I had realised I had just upset her but I knew she would be fine in the morning


I woke up to the sound of Ryan cooking something. 

"Morning Ash" He said with the biggest grin ever. 

"Morning, what are you grinning at?" I asked yawning 

"We can go home today, I get to see Emery" he smiled. 

Forgot about that 

"Oh yeah" I smiled throwing the duvet ontop of Ryans. I walked into the room I had left Autumn in after upsetting her. 

"Morning sweetheart time to get up" I said loudly into the room. 


"Autumn" I said pulling back the straight duvet. She wasnt there. 

"FUCK!" I screamed. 

"What?" Ryan asked running in

"Autumn's gone" I said. 

"SHIT!" We screamed in unison.

Autumn's POV 

I woke with a pounding headache. "Oow" I moaned. I felt dizzy and the lights were blinding. 

"Hello Autumn" A voice said. I tried to focus beyond the light to see who was talking to me. The lights turned down and I saw people standing before me. 

"Who are you?" I asked, adjusting to the now dim room. 

"It's me Ashton," He said. I gawked at him, then confusion hit me like a ton of bricks. 

"How? This isnt where you left me last night?" I said. 

"We had to move quickly, You were asleep when we left" He smiled. 

I wasn't buying it. 

"Your not Ashton" I said bluntly. 

How stupid did they think I was 

'Clever girl Autumn, thats definitely not Ashton' The voice said 

"Try me little girl" He said. 

"Well for a start he didn't call me little girl you failure to life" I said

"I am not a failure to life, Im the new techonlogy to the world" He said 

"Gotcha, you FAILURE!" I screamed. 

He was A.G.R and admitted it. He taped my mouth shut to keep me quiet. 

"Okay you smart little girl, You know about us but who cares I have you, Your a threat to us and soon your going to be no more." he said

Hadn't thought that far ahead yet

I screamed and screamed and screamed, until my throat gave in.He punched into me a couple of times before he left the room. The room was kinda pretty but still had that dingy gray concrete walls behind it. Looks are deceiving. I was taped to a wooden chair that was just able to support my weight. 

'Smash it' 

"Mhm?" I asked. If anybody saw this I they would have me tested for insanity. My face hurt and I was sure I was bleeding from somewhere

' Concentrate, smash the chair against the wall, it can just hold you. Hit it hard enough it's going to collaspe' The voice told me. 

It had a point. With all the strength I had I shuffled the chair to the nearest wall and stood up, lifting the chair up behind me. 

'Autumn this is going to hurt and bits are still going to be attached, Like the handles taped to your wrists, Use that to break the window' It said. 

"Wow voice your smart today" I smiled through the tape. I took a deep breath and threw myself into the wall. I held in a scream. I had no idea how much concrete walls hurt. It was like my wrist getting reset by Ashton. 


My heart melted as I remembered his voice. I could still remember the taste of his lips. I missed him. I felt horrible for going all bitch on him last night. I peeled the tape off my mouth and tried not to scream at that too. 

'Autumn RUN!' The voice screamed. 

"Oh yeah" I said quickly. I hobbled to the nearest wall and being small started to have it's downfall. 

"Fuck Im tiny" I huffed. 

'Autumn MOVE GOD DAMNIT' the voice screamed. I looked around and scanned the room. Then it clicked. 

Do they want me to try and break free?

'No time if you can, GO!'

I found a chair and pulled it up and climbed up. I had a better view of the room. I scanned every nook, corner and crack and as it happened I found a lens watching me. I smiled deviously and stuck up my middle finger at it. I quickly looked on the windowsill and found a vase and it threw it as hard as I could towards the lense. It cracked in the middle then outwards like a firework. I was impressed. 


I threw my fist at the window and with the wood attached to my wrist it shattered. I was so happy with my work today. I pulled myself onto the windowsill and swung my legs out. I placed my hand down and screamed. Pain seared through the palms of my hands. I looked at them. 


Glass was sticking out in little shards in my hands. I didnt have time to pull them out when I heard a voice. 

"Get her!" They said. I didn't turn around. I jumped out the window,landing on my hands. I screamed.It took a minute for the pain to settle down. I had pushed the shards in but something was also tickling my hands. Grass.

Wait grass?

I knew exactly where I was. Grass wasnt something you saw on a regular basis. If you found grass you were North. I stayed South of grass. Hope surged through me but not for long as I was being hunted. I had to think.....and fast. 

'Go left NOW!' 

I turned left and ran. I took my fathers advice this time and took to the sprint. I ran as fast as I could and as far as I could. 

I hoped Ashton would find me before they did

Ashton's POV

I paced the room. I felt terrible, If I had stayed with her this wouldn't have happened. 

"Ash, there is a block of buildings North from here, If we have a stroll up we might find her" Ryan said 

"Why stroll, she could be in trouble" I said angrily. 


"Oh" I said he had a point. "Im sorry Ryan " I sighed. 

"It's fine, Let's go get Autumn back" He smiled passing me my rifle. I felt like something out of 'A Good Way To Die Hard' I smiled having a feeling of power surge through me.

We headed North and hiked a for a while before hearing gunshots and stuff. We stood trying to figure out what to do. 

"What do we do now?" Ryan asked

"We go see what's happening" I smiled. Ryan shivered. "The quicker we find her the quicker you get to see Emery" I said knowing I hit the Let's-Fight-I-Want-My-Girl string Ryan had. We jogged up towards the sounds and quickly we were greeted by the sounds of war. Only to find it was a fight that had what we needed in the ring. 


© Copyright 2020 ChloeLMcgarrett. All rights reserved.

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